San Francisco is for Dinosaur Lovers!

All About the Outfit:  Here's a cheery post to get your Monday started right!  How was everyone's weekends?  Mine was a combo of fun and productive (being in the creative world means most weekends are still some form of work, but I like it that way!!) with a little bit of being allergic to something, ha!  I guess my weekend was par for the course!  

Anyway, though I haven't worn Chicwish as much on the blog over the past year, I do really love the brand.  In multiple FB groups and other blogs I've discussed with some other women that while we love the skirts as they're freakin' beautiful and dynamic, they sometimes get left behind in the closet because of their shiny exterior.  This may sound kind of weird coming from someone who wears dresses or skirts most days of the year, but the satin feel to Chicwish skirts feel too fancy for every day wear.  But I've decided to a) largely not care and attempt to reach for them more in 2017, and b) try to make them more casual.  Here I can be seen doing so with red Converse shoes and a sweatshirt from Naughty Cat Apparel.  I've been getting more and more into novelty sweatshirts lately, which is both practical for winter and fun.  This one material wise is closer to a thicker tee shirt than it is a sweatshirt, but I don't really mind!  Plus, T-Rex's in love?  Considering I do a wicked T-Rex impression, this shirt was made for me!  

I wrote a Gaga for...Chicwish over(!) two years ago HERE.  In that I talk about how I'm wearing skirts in smalls and they feel a little big, but nothing I can't manage.  Since then  Chicwish has added an XS option.  This rocks because they do fit me way better!  (For measure, here I am wearing an XS.)

Style Details:
Skirt- ChicWish
Bag- Kate Spade (sold out but Kate Spade's novelty bag game is on FIRE so check out the site HERE!) 

Truth: I haven't ironed anything in my new place yet.  This skirt was delivered to my new place, so that's why it's wrinkled.  Call me unprofessional if you must, but this is actually a relatively accurate representation of the condition of how your Chicwish skirt will look when you open the package.  Love you, Chicwish...but sorry/not sorry on this one!😘 

I hope everyone has a good week!  Here in America it's a big one for us.  As promised, I will be doing a Behind the Memes post on the 2016 election to try to humanize political opinions.  Originally I was planning on it coming out within the days before or on the actual inauguration day, but in the spirit of trying to humanize ALL OF US and be heard as a human being with a complicated set of feelings and thoughts, I'm going wait until after the inauguration is done.  I did not vote for Trump and both sides are still so fired up; I don't want to be misconstrued as complaining for sake of complaining so I think it's best to wait until next week when what's done is done.  To get a taste for how peaceful I am truly am trying to be, read my New Year's resolutions for the world post I did just after the New Year (it's non-partisan...I promise).  I may be opinionated at my core, but I'm a human first and recognize that why any of us feel the way we feel is really complex.  I never cop a militant attitude with my opinions.  ::pinky swear::  On that note, have an incredible Monday!

~Lauren-Blair Donovan



  1. Aww! Cutest skirt ever! And I love SF too!!!!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  2. love the sneakers with this outfit! so cute!

  3. I really love your look.
    So inspiring.
    Have a nice week.

  4. Ahhh! I love your skirt! And I hear you, I have a few skirts that are shiny...and I always feel like I need to save them for a special occasion. But my more matte skirts get worn every single day. I need to change this! Your sweatshirt is so cute too! (Perfect title!) :)


  5. You have the most adorable style! I absolutely love the skirt, I have a few in a similar style myself, the colors are so pretty!

  6. What a fabulous way to wear a skirt, Lauren!!
    I always feel so silly in a skirt & sneakers, but I just have to try it again! I love the look!!

  7. This outfit is so, so fun, lady! Love that skirt!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  8. Yes, this week is very important for the US< Friday is a biiiig day... on a fashion note, I love skirts and T-shirts and I loved both - the T-shirt and the greeeat skirt, so amazing - and with red Converse sneakers. Loooved the outfit, and that bag, it's lovely! I think you look great and am eager to watch the videos - today I really needed some, not such a good day, but it happens :) Will be better tomorrow!

  9. The converse with this look I adore and that sweatshirt is everything! Gorgeous forever and always Lauren-Blair!!! <3

  10. Such a fun look! Love this with the converse!


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