New Mixed Print Retrolicious Dresses

My friends and my readers: you all know by now that I do love to mix prints!  It's fun to do that on my own, but imagine how much fun it is once your favorite vintage repo brands start mixing and matching prints on their dresses?

Enter Retrolicious' new dresses that are a mixed print in of themselves and color me in love!  I was obviously intrigued so I had to check these out!  I found a great deal on them from Retro Glam  and I decided to try these out.

Both are even more impressive in person for sure!  The green squirrel prints on the green and grey mix are amazing.  And the teal and pink number is like wearing art in real life.

If I had to pick, I'd say I love this one more.  It's classy yet quirky, and I've never seen greens be used in such a fun way!  I'm also more into sleeveless dresses than I am dresses with sleeves, so that may be making me a bit bias as well!

Because I love you, I took off the layers to show the full integrity of the dresses.  (Related side note: anyone else in the northern hemisphere hate that the best sales of the year happen in winter?  Being a dress girl I want to wear ALL the dresses right away and not necessarily bundle up while doing so.  Le sigh!)

I am very eager for spring and summer though to play around with this a bit more!  What's interesting about this dress to me is that it does not feel like a Retrolicious dress somehow.  They have such specific cuts and prints and this one is ever so slightly different.  Maybe that's what's throwing me off and making me love the squirrel dress more?  Either or, again, I do like this dress!  I'm just stuck in the process of muling it over how to make it pop in a way that feels like me!  Below is a detailed shot and and one without the cardigan!
I hope everyone is having a great week!  I can't believe January is almost over!  Once February hits I feel like spring is basically in sight!  Speaking of spring, that'll mean it's just about baseball season!  Speaking of baseball season...I have a bitchin' throwback photo of me from Little League today on Instagram...  And while we're on the topic of #TBT, we at Just Shair did a Throwback Thursday video on school dances that you can watch HERE!  Have a great evening!
~Lauren-Blair Donovan


  1. Lovely skirts!!

  2. I normally don't know when sales come, but I would also be upset if they came all in winter :) I loved the Retrolicious dresses, both of them - if I had to choose one, then the second, because of the colors and stripes. But I also loved the first one and the bag :) And yay to baseball season, hope you have a lot of fun in spring - OK, first, let's wait for February to end :) Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  3. Your style is just so cute! I love it! That green floral printed skirt is gorgeous x

  4. These are both super cute! And yay for spring being on the horizon! I'm still trying to wrap my mind around fall being on the horizon here, haha. And I LOVED your Little League photo! :)

  5. So fun to see that retrolicious is doing mixed print dresses! They seem right up your alley! I can see why you say the last one seems less retrolicious. I do love the cut and prints together a lot though <3


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