ModCloth Vintage Inspired Jeans

I recently invested in some jeans from ModCloth for a few reasons.  For one, my size has been flocculating due to health issues and I needed to size down because most of my pants don't fit right currently.  If this was happening during the summer months, meh, I wouldn't have bought new pants.  But it's cold and pants are freakin' needed some days (especially at night and on windy days!) so I decided to go for it with Black Friday sales.  If I am wearing pants as of the past few years, it's usually in a way that's some kind of homage to vintage and retro fashion.  High waisted, front pockets, etc...they have me at hello!  Here's a review of my purchases!

Weekend Folk Festival Jeans in Mid Wash:  I'm totally in love, but we had the equivalent of a confusing first date when I first tried them on!  You guys ever have the experience of something technically fitting but the zipper really doesn't wanna zip up?  It's not that the zipper is low quality, but it's a tight fit and gravity is a thing, so meh.  I almost returned them immediately but I tried it again and after successfully zipping them up I fell in love.  (Sometimes we need the second date to make a decision, y'all!)  And then I broke them in a bit and they were beyond perfect.  Of course I took these photos immediately after a wash and they're a bit shrunken again, but the zipper issue did not return!  

Worth Noting: I had the same jeans two years ago in a darker wash.  They look identical and had the same name, so I sized down (size 25 for reference; before I had a 26) and figured it would be the same jeans in a different color.  This fabric is way thinner!  It's not a bad thing, but for anyone shopping looking to compare and contrast while owning one pair already, this is worth noting.  Sadly I can't compare brands to make sure ModCloth didn't name similar jeans the same thing because one of my dogs ate the inner thigh of one side of my old pair.  Yes, the inner thigh.  Anyone who's a dog owner knows dogs love to eat the crotch out of clothing, but whichever dog of mine ate the old jeans was in the mood for thigh denim...IDK.  Lol.

Because these are meant to be a tight fit and are thinner fabric, I would highly recommend wearing either a thong or seamless underwear to avoid visible panty lines...just an FYI!

I took a few shots of me in the jeans from varying angles as I feel many women get nervous about how high waisted jeans fit!  These are a little tighter on me because I just washed them, but I don't mind because they give me some curves that I don't necessarily have currently!
I've been wearing these a lot at night and on freezing cold days, and I got some proof of wearing them recently for a Just Shair shoot!  We did two videos back to back, so it was easy for me to just wear jeans and bring an extra shirt!  Below is me in both outfits that I shared on my Insta

Karaoke Songstress Jeans in Dark Wash: My second pair was of the skinny jean variety because I made the discovery that most of my skinny jeans were a touch too big on me, which is so not the look one aims for when wearing skinny jeans.  And for taking dogs out in boots in melting snow etc, skinny jeans are secretly the most practical of all the pants!  So I purchased these button up numbers in a dark wash to have some variety in colors with denim that fit.  

These have also become a staple, but it wasn't without it's initial confusion either.  They fit perfectly from the get, but I had two points of concern: 1) One of the buttons isn't on straight making it look wonky and like they don't fit.  This is ironic because the fit is perfect, so it looking like it doesn't fit is weird.  2) The back pockets sit very low and I'm very not used to this.  One of my girlfriends came over not long after I first tried them on, and before we trekked down to my hot tub I made her wait for me to retry them on to get her opinion.  We searched ModCloth's website and looked at the model photos and saw they sat low on her.  And then in the Style Gallery photos I saw my blogger friend, Lindsey from Have Clothes Will Travel, in these bad boys!  I knew she had either similar jeans and/or shorts, but I wasn't aware that they were the exact same model.  Knowing that she wears them a lot was of a great comfort, because that's almost better than any review of an item because it's a living action testament.  

I had trouble figuring out which should be my size, but I went with a size 1 and feel like that was the right choice.  I think I would have fit into a 0 but it would have been a tight fit and a size 3 would probably only fit right for one wear and then get baggy.  These have more stretch than the first pair I showed.

I totally spaced on getting shots of me in all angles in these jeans, but I have some variety and close-ups below!

I've gotten a ton of use out of these over the past month or so as well!  Most notably, I wore them out to a bar with some friends who were back in town.  My friend Jim and I enjoy an inside joke of attempting to take photos of ourselves together in men's rooms together without getting kicked out of places.  (Don't you do this with your friends??)  Naturally I changed the "innocuous" photo of us to a holiday card on Christmas/Chanukah for wishing people well during the holidays....#NeverADullMomentInMyWorld:
Being a comedian gives you license to be silly all day every least in my world!

How do you guys shop for jeans?  Do you guys only do in-store purchases or do you risk online?  I used to do in store only but it's been forever since I've liked a pair I've found in a brick and mortar store, so I'm somewhat forced to do online pants purchases only.  I hope this helped some people and I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!

~Lauren-Blair Donovan



  1. Loving both looks! I'm a sucker for a graphic tee!

  2. You look amazing in jeans and it's so strange to see, but you are killin' it. If I were tall like you, I would 100% give bell bottoms a chance, but alas...

    PS thank you for your kind comment on my blog about that whole getting shot thing. I wrote about it on my personal Facebook as well as on Twitter. I wasn't really too sure how to bring it up on the blog. So, no worries on not knowing! xoxo

  3. I think you are so brave to just order one size of jeans. Usually if I'm doing an online order, I'll get a couple of different sizes to compare (as long as the return is free!!)
    Really, both pair are great! Sometimes I think we get a little too concerned about some of the details, because I can't imagine anyone else noticing certain aspects. I feel like when I see someone in an outfit, the first thought is either---that looks great, or it doesn't!!

  4. I hope that soon your health is fine again! Fluctuating sizes happen, of course, but it's good when we have just one size - though each brand has different ways. If I buy a size 10 (UK) at Topshop, sometimes I have to buy a size up at another store :) Anyway, I loved your jeans, I love high waisted jeans - and the second one, with buttons, are my favorite! I never had a dog :( but one of my brothers does, and he reports some "eating" at home, especially sofas, but clothes too :) By the way, you look really amazing in every picture!

  5. Ok, I'm going to need to get the first pair of jeans. I love the way they fit! And they look so comfy. And as for the second pair - yay! So glad I could help! And thank you for the shotout. :) The pockets do sit low on me too. I didn't know how I felt about it at first either, and almost returned them! But now they're the only jeans I wear, and I also bought the shorts version, which fit the same way. I'm tempted to buy the capris too. Haha.

  6. I love both these jeans on you! I am so excited that it's becoming easier to find high waisted jeans. Low waisted jeans in the reason I wanted to give up on pants completely and hate mon-fri clothes when I have to go to work and can't wear dresses. High waisted jeans were such a game changer for me! I hope they never ever go away again. I definitely find that for most high waist jeans I have to buy them online though sometimes I get lucky with jeans at Macys or Old Navy (high waisted but not retro).


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