Folter's Zombie Brain Burger Dress

 All About the Outfit:  I knew I had to have this Folter dress when it debuted on some boutique site back in September or so.  I almost got it several times but didn't for various reasons and then it sold out!!  Luckily it finally appeared on Folter's website earlier this month and I got it immediately.  I love how detailed the print of zombie's at a drive-in is, and how it plays with a spooky meets Americana theme.  Instant. Favorite.  

Style Details:  Though these colors are a bit more fall (I so don't care about dressing seasonally, in case you haven't noticed...) I decided to continue to play up the fall motif with orange cardigans, a fall colored brooch, and mustard yellow shoes.  I'm thinking reds, greys, and blacks may be fun for future styles!  

Earrings & Bag: Kate Spade
Cardigan- Banana Republic
Brooch- Luxulite
Dress- Folter
Shoes- Nine West

I want to take a special aside to talk about my necklace!  It's from DesignosaurYEAH  via Coconette-Oz and being that it's clear it blends in.  It's an iguana, and not only am I a lizard lover (I had two as a kid: Green-Greenie and Liz-Lizzie...#AmazingNameChoices #iKnow!) but I love that this necklace blends in with everything that you could wear!  It's fun, quirky, and yet literally goes with everything!  #dreamcometrue!
How's everyone's week going?  I have no concept of time this week at all, ha.  Each day this week I have thought it was at least 3 different days than the correct days, so I'm out! Today is supposed to be pretty warm here, so I'm psyched for that since it snowed two days ago!  Being from PA where it was cold most of the winter, I gotta love that Denver is surprisingly mild (or at least back and forth) this time of year!  Have a great day!
~Lauren-Blair Donovan


  1. This dress looks so lovey on you, babe! Great styling!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  2. This dress is so fun!! So glad you managed to snag it. I also like that the iguana necklace is clear and can go with nearly anything :]


  3. Oh that is such a cool print, I really love the vibrant colours of this outfit x

  4. Hey Lauren-Blair! I've missed you too and your colourful outfits! :D (I've MIA for awhile hahaha) Happy New Year! How was your Christmas?. You are so beautiful and ahhh the orange cardi with the dress and your hair YES!!! Slaying it and I love your brooch too! <3

  5. This dress is awesome! And oh my gosh, an iguana necklace?! That's even more awesome. Oh, and I am completely jealous you had two lizards growing up. I begged for a pet lizard but my mom never budged. I even sneaked down one time and wrote a letter to the Easter bunny before he was supposed to come, hoping he'd give me a lizard. No such luck! Haha. (I should've tried Santa! Lol.)


  6. Everything looks so perfect, dear. Perfect styling.
    Liza Corner | Instagram | Facebook

  7. Love novelty prints on you so much! <3


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