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All About the Outift:  I apologize for the accidental groundhog's day!  I take photos in advance and try to be mindful about spacing, but I totally failed all around this week!  I wore this shirt in yesterday's post and I'm rocking these shoes in Monday's post (and will again tomorrow in at least one outfit pic for my second part of the Most Worn Vintage Brands of 2016 post).  Whoops.  I suppose this means I'm off to an absent minded 2017, no?  Ha.  

ANYWAY, blogger friend Camilla of Miss Milla Cherry posted a preview of HER blog post on this Barbie skirt a few week's back and I immediately began foaming at the mouth.  I not only love Barbie, but anything vintage Barbie grabs my heart pretty quickly!  I immediately bought this piece from Dazey LaRue and to my surprise, it came lightning quick!  I should explain my surprise; Dazey LaRue makes custom sized skirts on Etsy, so I believed it may come after a few weeks or so.

I have to admit that I am MEGA impressed with this skirt!  It's not only well done, but the fabric reminds me of vintage fabrics in the touch and the weight of it.  As you all know, vintage skirts are kind of my favorite thing ever so this was a pleasant surprise.  Vintage fabrics are also somewhat better quality, so there's that too!  The second the weather gets consistently pleasant around here I'm going to be wearing this bad boy full time!  (These photos were aken on one of Denver's "unseasonably" warm days).  

Style Details:
Necklace: Erstwilder (similar)
Shirt- Gap (similar)
Skirt- Dazey LaRue
Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell (similar

I hope everyone's been having a great week!  This week has been kind of flying by for me, personally.  I think it's because my to-do list is a mile high despite finally being all moved in.  Anyone anxious for the weekend or happily trucking along?  I have a big post coming tomorrow, so please stay tuned!  XO
~Lauren-Blair Donovan



  1. Never worry about sharing things close together. That is real life and totally happens to me too! Loving this fun skirt on you. Anything Barbie brings back memories from childhood for me.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  2. Omg, I need a closeup of those shoes!!!! This is amazing!

  3. Don't worry about the T-shirt and shoes, I am in love with these shoes, so I would love to go on seeing them :) And the skirt is really really amazing! I love dolls, Barbie included, so I loooved your outfit! And you look always very beautiful! Hope you have a nice weekend!

  4. The shoes!! SO cute!
    Love the whole look!

  5. You look so cute

  6. That skirt is too cute! Do vintage fabrics feel heavier? Those booties are pretty cool too and add a nice theme to the overall look! Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you have a great weekend ahead!



  7. I'm so happy you end up ordering this skirt too from Dazey LaRue! Loved how you styled it, especially with those boots! :)
    Thank-you for mentioning my blog on your post! xo

  8. I want to wish you the best of luck moving in to your new place. I know how daunting that can be. I think that it is okay to repeat stuff no matter what day it is. Seriously. I don't mind it. Also, those items show your signature style and it's a fantastic style. Have a great week Lauren:) Love your posts, you are always positive and inspirational and everyone needs that in their lives.

  9. <3 This skirt and those shoes together! So perfect!


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