Bright Colors in Winter

All About the Outfit:  Greetings from a very snowy Denver!  These photos were taken a week or so back, ha.  I actually take photos a bit in advance (typically) so I can style my favorite pieces, especially since my audience wildly prefers me in dresses and skirts (though that is changing, thank-you Instagram followers!) and unpredictable weather can hinder my ability to do so!  I admit that I push dresses in chillier weather than most, but not on a 19 degree day like today ha!  But today I wore something similar to this, if you want to see me in a jean based outfit on Insta!

ANYWAY, I got this skirt over one of the ModCloth Black Friday sales.  I was nervous about the sizing as they only had a small option and these days I float between small and extra small, but I feel like skirt fits pretty well!  (I'm roughly a 25 inch waist these days, for measure).  Since this skirt is so summery and festival appropriate, you probably won't see it again until at least spring!  But for now I tried to winterize it a bit!  Honestly, winter is not my jam!  Not only do I detest being cold, but I'm never truly on my A game in the fashionista department in the colder months.  I feel like whenever I wear tights and sweaters I end up coming across frumpier the way I style a whole outfit, regardless of how chic each individual piece is.  One of these years I'll figure it out, ha!  I'm only luke warm on this outfit (I next to never like myself in tights unless they're black tights for some reason...) but I liked it enough to not scrap the post and share it with you guys!  Anyone else have issues dressing themselves in the winter?!

New Years: In case you missed it, I had a New Year's post about the changes (via resolutions) I wish I could see in the world.  CLICK HERE to read that, as well as my first ever Behind the Memes post from a few weeks back (a new monthly series trying to humanize viewpoints because the world has become batsh*t and we all look at each other like caricatures) as my New Year's post is sort of a supplement post to the new series.  Also, Just Shair did a New Year's video (and have a fake resolutions one coming), so watch below please if you're up for some laughs!

Style Details:  I'm obsessed with mixing prints, y'all!  I think I'm mildly addicted, haha.  I also mixed accessory themes, with planetary and elephants!  Sorry, not sorry 😜

Cardigan- J Crew Factory
Shirt- Gap (similar)
Necklace- Erstwilder
Skirt- ModCloth
Bag- Kate Spade (similar)
Tights- DSW
Shoes- G by Guess

I hope everyone is having a great (and warm!) week!  The bad news about this time of year (for the northern hemisphere, at least) is that it's chillier and darker than usual.  The good news is that from each day forward it gets darker out a bit later and we are that much closer to spring and summer!  Ha, hope that helps a little if you're miserable!  XO
~Lauren-Blair Donovan


  1. I saw this outfit on Insta and I needed to see the post immediately! Haha. LOVE it! (And loved your pants outfit too!) I love how well the purple cardigan and heels match and the white tights are so cute wither your skirt. I feel the exact opposite, actually, haha...winter is my jam for styling.. summer.. not so much. Which is unfortunate, as I've had a lot of summer this year! Haha.


  2. Looooved that skirt, looooved it really! And the shoes, and cardi, all so well matched, so beautiful! The bag is adorable too, and you look always fantastic! The video is so funny - everybody knows the song, but nobody knows, hahahaha! :) Well, when I heard "remember you promised to lose weight next year" I thought of myself; I lost some weight, but I seldom make promises :) Actually, I was so Ok 5 years ago, and then my parents passed away and no wonder I put on so much weight. Then it's not really mine now, it's because of that certain circumstance. I just want to be myself again, and I will try that this year :) But no pressure, otherwise life turns into a race :) Hope you have a very nice year, dear Lauren-Blair! Go on with the videos, they are so funny!

  3. Like I said on IG, I absolutely LOVE this outfit! But I feel you on having a hard time styling things in the winter. It's such a struggle to stay warm but not fall into the cycle of #allblackeverything because that's the most common color for warm layers. I'm super bundled up right now because Chicago is Chicago, and it's a little sad.

  4. I love that your shoes match the sweater! I totally get what you said about shooting before the cold... I wish I had been that smart!

    xx, Pia

  5. Love your sweater..very funky and a great winter color..I have a winter dress in the same color..cheers!

  6. That's so funny you said that about it getting lighter now---that's exactly how I look at it now!
    I love this combination---the lighter colors are so nice this time of year!And your print mixing is the bomb!

  7. I think these tights look great on you and I really really love this shade of purple on you. So pretty!!! Love this skirt too. You are completely right, this is a perfect festival skirt <3 Ah dreaming of warmer days. I'm with you though on it being challenging to dress in winter. Tights are a must for me but they are so hard to match with I feel... :/


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