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Trench Coat Weather!

All About the Outfit: Hey all!  I know January may not seem like the most ideal month to be thinking about light weight jackets, but in my world it is!  Between back and forth weather in Denver and getting prepared for spring (once February hits in a few days, spring is actually on the horizon line, y'all!) thinking about a stylish yet practical light weight coat is a necessity!  Enter this Jessica Simpson navy trench coat I found on Amazon for $30 (though prices do fluctuate a lot on Amazon, so don't hold me to that price!!).
I have several black, white, and brown outerwear but realized navy was sorely missing from my coat closet.  Navy goes with almost everything and can add a pop of color, so I decided that this was a (cheap) investment worth making.  I'm wearing an XS for measure, and I love the quality and the fit.  
I've been itching to wear my Bernie DexterOn the Road Dress from Unique Vintage, and realizing that there's a fair amount of blue in the dress I de…

New Mixed Print Retrolicious Dresses

My friends and my readers: you all know by now that I do love to mix prints!  It's fun to do that on my own, but imagine how much fun it is once your favorite vintage repo brands start mixing and matching prints on their dresses?
Enter Retrolicious' new dresses that are a mixed print in of themselves and color me in love!  I was obviously intrigued so I had to check these out!  I found a great deal on them from Retro Glam  and I decided to try these out.
Both are even more impressive in person for sure!  The green squirrel prints on the green and grey mix are amazing.  And the teal and pink number is like wearing art in real life.
Nutty Squirrel Dress

If I had to pick, I'd say I love this one more.  It's classy yet quirky, and I've never seen greens be used in such a fun way!  I'm also more into sleeveless dresses than I am dresses with sleeves, so that may be making me a bit bias as well!
Because I love you, I took off the layers to show the full integrity of the d…

Unique Vintage 1950s Pastel Beauty Salon High Waisted Swing Skirt

About the Outfit:  I know January isn't even done yet, but I consider this skirt from Unique Vintage to be the best print released so far in 2017!  I usually wait for a million sales until purchasing something, but this skirt was so phenomenal that I had to get it right away!
As you can see, the scene on the skirt is a 1950s beauty parlor.  What you may not know is that this is a collaboration between Unique Vintage and arguably my favorite brooch company, Erstwilder!  There's a beauty salon brooch now available, Rollin' With Katie Brooch, and Unique Vintage designed some correlating clothing pieces.  Because the scene is so dynamic and the colors are so amazing, I knew the skirt was a must have!
Worth Noting:  I have a few other Unique Vintage skirts and I discussed the Flamingo print one and the Haunted Mansion one on my blog in the past.  I had size smalls and found them to run large, even though I had different weights for both pieces.  I finally bite the bullet and trie…

ModCloth Vintage Inspired Jeans

I recently invested in some jeans from ModCloth for a few reasons.  For one, my size has been flocculating due to health issues and I needed to size down because most of my pants don't fit right currently.  If this was happening during the summer months, meh, I wouldn't have bought new pants.  But it's cold and pants are freakin' needed some days (especially at night and on windy days!) so I decided to go for it with Black Friday sales.  If I am wearing pants as of the past few years, it's usually in a way that's some kind of homage to vintage and retro fashion.  High waisted, front pockets, etc...they have me at hello!  Here's a review of my purchases!
Weekend Folk Festival Jeans in Mid Wash:  I'm totally in love, but we had the equivalent of a confusing first date when I first tried them on!  You guys ever have the experience of something technically fitting but the zipper really doesn't wanna zip up?  It's not that the zipper is low quality, b…

Retrolicious Peggy Dress

About the Outfit:  Hey all!  Happy Monday!  How about this Retrolicious Peggy dress??  I've wanted it since it came out close to a year ago and recently I've acquired it.  I read a few reviews on it and read that it wasn't as much white and blue but a blush pink and blue.  None of the photos I saw of women in it seemed to support this, but sure enough upon opening my package I did see that is is blush and blue!  It's really faint and I'm not sure it reads in my photos either, despite trying to pair it against purples to make it pop and a light pink purse to show it's true colors.  This color change is a good thing as I happen to love blush and dusty blue, especially together!  I think it makes the dress more fun!  

I feel the Peggy dress runs ever so slightly big, but that's not a problem my washer/dryer won't fix.  I feel like a lot of my Folter/Retrolicious dresses are a little large to begin with, but they do shrink in the wash.  I'm wearing a siz…

Wonder Dots Are Wonderful!

All About the Outfit:  Confession time:  when this dress (Wonder Dot in Paris style by Bernie Dexter) first debuted on Bernie Dexter's site several months back, I never thought that I would be here typing about how much I freakin' love this dress!  I'm in a Bernie Dexter fan group on Facebook and I saw so many girls geeking out about this dress.  I, on the other hand, shrugged and kind of forgot about this dress.  I've always been a polka dot fan and upon entering the vintage world it was impossible to escape polka dotted items.  Over the years I've decided that I have "enough" polka dots, so upon seeing a dress like this it just didn't do it for me.  But then multiple reports came in about how vibrant the colors were in real life and I started to see this dress with a lot of potential for not only different colors, but for dressing up and down for different eras. During Black Friday sales I took a gamble and got this...and my gawd, I can't even e…

Folter's Zombie Brain Burger Dress

All About the Outfit:  I knew I had to have this Folter dress when it debuted on some boutique site back in September or so.  I almost got it several times but didn't for various reasons and then it sold out!!  Luckily it finally appeared on Folter's website earlier this month and I got it immediately.  I love how detailed the print of zombie's at a drive-in is, and how it plays with a spooky meets Americana theme.  Instant. Favorite.
Style Details:  Though these colors are a bit more fall (I so don't care about dressing seasonally, in case you haven't noticed...) I decided to continue to play up the fall motif with orange cardigans, a fall colored brooch, and mustard yellow shoes.  I'm thinking reds, greys, and blacks may be fun for future styles!  
Earrings & Bag: Kate Spade Cardigan- Banana Republic Brooch- Luxulite Dress- Folter Shoes- Nine West
I want to take a special aside to talk about my necklace!  It's from DesignosaurYEAH  via Coconette-Oz and being…