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Award Winning Horses

Hey, all!  How awesome is this horse dress from ModCloth?  (It's called the Broadcast Coordinator Sleeveless Shirtdress in Horses).  The color scheme is rare with the background being a salmon pink with tons of other pinks, mustard yellows, and deep teals being on the print.  I wore this dress to a comedy sketch group meeting two or so weeks back (I'm behind in posting, as you can tell) and someone there pointed out that there are ribbons on the dress as well, thus ensuing lots of jokes about how if you're going to wear a dress with horses on it that they BETTER be award winning horses!  Oh, comedy life!

This dress is great, but I almost wish I got a small over an extra small.  The middle button is difficult to button even when on a hanger and trying to button it on me is an almost impossible task.  The waist also runs small, making this challenge even harder.  So if you get this Broadcast Coordinator dress in this print or other prints, consider sizing up!

I'm obses…

What I Wore to Improv #2

Is this the most "normal" outfit I've ever worn on Grace Rock Kelly Roll??  Perhaps!  As I mentioned last week, wearing pants/shorts and sneakers has become a huge must in my world!  I'm taking improv classes at the Upright Citizen's Brigade and wearing 1950s dresses is just not conducive to being lost in a scene if you end up on the floor or something!
I've always maintained that I love pants despite being more of a dress and skirt girl, but often I mean fun 1970s denim (thanks, Wrangler!) or literal crazy pants with fun patterns and colors.  These skinny jeans from Gap Factory are definitely all-American but I totally love them.  They're comfortable as they have a bit of stretch (size 2 for measure.  Full disclosure: they are slightly big on me but a size 0 was not available.  I almost think 0 would have been a bit too snug) and go with everything.  They're also perfect for learning and perfecting the art of improv!
I'm obsessed with these pink…

Virgin Suicides Chic

On one of my last days in Denver I walked up and down the strip of the Baker neighborhood--my personal favorite neighborhood and where I was living the last year of my tenure in Denver--and did some shopping.  There's tons of vintage stores and other random novelty stores.  Not knowing when I'd be back in Denver I wanted to soak it all in.  At the Buffalo Exchange in the Baker neighborhood I found this lovely 1970s vintage maxi dress and it fit me to a tee.  Vintage shopping is tricky because you never know what you will find, and out of all of the actual vintage clothing stores in the hood, plus the Good Will and Buffalo Exchange, I only found this dress.  I was happy to have found something oh-so-70s as a parting gift from Denver.
Part of why I love 1970s fashion so much is because there's so much dichotomy in it.  A gown like this is simultaneously glamorous and yet a little frumpy.  I love dressing up for life, so the glamour part appeals to me.  But sometimes being u…

Trashy Diva Mahjong Skirt

Trashy Diva may be my favorite brand of 2017, or at least they're the brand that rose in the ranks the highest this past year.  I've been a fan for 3+ years but I wasn't as rabid as many other ladies.  The switch got flipped this year and now I'm just gaga for all things Trashy Diva.
I got this Mahjong skirt last year and it's easily one of my most worn pieces.  (This Mahjong Collection was also featured in one of my Twinsie Tuesday segments, which I'm hoping to bring back in 2018--moving across state lines and all of the prep work that came into that killed the series...temporarily).  
This is one of my favorite ways to style this skirt: this ModCloth Miami Moments red keys top, black Chuck Taylors, and my black and grey Kate Spade Ivy Street bag.  I've worn it this way several times and I took these photos after having a Denver in California reunion with one of my Denver best friends and his family over the Thanksgiving holiday. I hope everyone had a goo…

What I Wore to Improv: #1

Top: ModCloth Bag: Dooney and Bourke (vintage) Pants: Nasty Gal Shoes: Converse via DSW
Hey!  First things first: I am okay and away from the fires in Los Angeles and nearby parts of southern California.  Thank you to all who asked!Sorry it was a slow posting week!  I can't seem to find a rhythm with my new schedule and blogging, but I am working on it! When I moved to California I expected to finally be able to wear dresses and skirts everywhere!  I'm not someone who hashtags #alldressalways as I do wear shorts and pants occasionally, but I figured with the weather I'd have a million more opportunities to wear dresses and what not.
HOW adorable I was!
Though I identify as a writer/creator, I have started taking some performance based classes to not leave stones unturned.  I very quickly realized just how physical improv is and how wearing a skirt/dress is generally a terrible idea.  For those who may not understand, you can never predict what you'll be doing in improv…

Taste the 1970s Rainbow

Why, hello!  Lately I've been wearing a lot of maxi dresses/skirts and pants.  More on the pants tomorrow, but I'm wearing a lot of full length bottoms because it gets kind of chilly here at night!  Obviously LA isn't cold but if you're outside for a few minutes in shorts or a sundress you suddenly feel pangs of regret.  Most of my classes are currently in the evening and part of the curriculum is to see shows at Upright Citizen's Brigade.  Standing outside in line is part of the routine of going to shows (last night I was outside for an hour with my friend Shawn so we could see Assscat since a few weeks back we came too late and got turned away) so practical dressing for winter(ish) nights have become necessary for me.  
This true vintage 1970s skirt I got about a year ago and have worn it a few times but have only photographed it once.  It came with a matching blazer that I have yet to wear because it is slightly oversized and feels "clownish."  I have…

Puppies, Chucks, and Faux Leather

Jacket: TJ Maxx find Dress: Retrospec'd via ModCloth Bag: Kate Spade New York Shoes: Converse via DSW
Happy Friday!  In today's post I'm wearing this oldie but goody by Retrospec'd via ModCloth (I don't think ModCloth carries this brand anymore).  It made it's way out of the moving boxes faster than most of my wardrobe and I saw it as a chance to style it in a fun new way.  I'm in a few performance based classes at The Second City and Upright Citizen's Brigade so my sneaker collection is coming in handy.  Some classes require pants/shorts, so don't be surprised if I have more of those posts coming your way!  In fact, I promise you there's a new series coming out next week that explains this ;)  
I personally love the black Converse shoes with this Retrospec'd puppy dress.  They're opposites that play so well together and yet the black in unifying.  It does get a little chilly at night in LA, so I find myself bringing a light jacket everywhe…

Thankfulness 2017

Happy Thanksgiving if you're in the states!  Otherwise, happy totally normal Thursday!  I decided to do a compilation of some of my fave clothes from this year (this is a VERY incomplete list, mind you) and explain why I like them, nay, why I'm THANKFUL for them.  And because clothes are not the most important things in life (WHAT??) I also list something I'm thankful for in my general life, as I've had a pretty great year!
Clothing Life: I waited with baited breath for this octopus printed skirt from Unique Vintage to come out.  Seriously, this is one of the coolest novelty print skirts EVER!

Real Life:My move from Denver to Los Angeles itself went pretty seamless.  Yeah, a lamp broke and whatnot.  But nothing got too delayed, the drive was flawless, my dogs stayed calm and are obsessed with our new balcony. They usually needs tons of time to process a new place, so them acting like well adjusted pets has been delightful.  Seriously, things were damn near perfect--all …