Trashy Diva Victory Floral Wrap Review

All About the Outfit:  One of my favorite purchases of 2016 (and one of the luckiest) is this amazing wrap dress by Trashy Diva.  It's still on their site (and on Pinup Girl Clothing in a few sizes) but I was able to nab it for half price in an eBay bid in a strange twist of luck!  I had wanted it since it was released and would have been so sad had this slipped between my fingers.  Over the past year I've read up more on Diane Von Furstenberg and her wrap dresses, so I've been a bit more inspired by this classic look because I understand it better than I have in past years.  This dress reminds me of those classic DVF dresses, as well as anything an effortlessly chic woman from any decade would have worn.

I received this dress over the summer and wore it a little bit immediately as Denver had some fluky and short lived chilly days in August, but never got it properly photographed for a blog post because this was the exact time my health started crashing like the 1920s stock market.  Luckily it's a year round dress with the style it's in, so now is as good a time as any to share this with y'all!

If you follow the Trashy Diva size charts (each item has it's own, which is so much nicer than across the board ones for the brand in general) you should be good!  Because this is a wrap dress, I was less worried about it knowing it was adjustable.  That said, this is the first time I've worn this since losing a few lbs from illness and it felt a little baggier up top than I remembered from wearing it over the summer.  But as my appetite has 100% returned, this too shall pass!

Style Details:  I feel like this dress is a classic statement piece so I wanted to keep things relatively simple, as well as practical for what you could wear on a balmier winter day (it's going to be in the 50s+ this weekend here!).  I added some pop with a shiny necklace and mixing of prints in my purse, but that's it.  I chose no other accessories and picked matching shoes to finish the outfit.
Dress- Trashy Diva
Necklace- J Crew Factory
Purse- Kate Spade
Shoes- Chinese Laundry

I have two other posts more or less ready to go, but I may save them for another week as this week is killing me with finishing my move.  I am SO ready to be settled already, yikes!  I'm planning on next week only doing a few posts as people will be traveling more and not ready blogs as much.  In theory I have some count down posts of my most worn looks via brands coming out, but I'm a little worried about getting everything photographed.  I personally cannot wait for 2017, as I will be finally and officially settled and can give blogging 100% again.  In case I do not post tomorrow, if you are celebrating I hope you have an amazing holiday weekend and stay safe!  And if you missed my last post, I have a Just Shair video out all about the holidays so please watch it if you're feeling festive!  XO

~Lauren-Blair Donovan


    Mónica Sors

  2. I loved this wrap dress and the necklace!You look amazing! Moving is really stressful, and I am glad that soon it will be all settled for you! I hope you have a fantastic new year's eve and a lot of happiness in 2017 and always! Hugs!

  3. You look so cute!! And just like the actress Felicia Day!! <3 -

  4. Happy Holidays!

  5. You style everything so well! I love the white background for your photos lately. It makes it easy to focus on the outfit :)

  6. That dress is BEAUTIFUL on you! And your bag and necklace are incredible! I hope you're getting all settled into your new place and had a wonderful holiday!

  7. Everything about this look says spring and I cannot wait for that to get here! You look absolutely beautiful!! I'm happy to hear that you're getting settled in with the moving process too. That's still so exciting that you got to move into your dream place!! Cheers to 2017!!

  8. Trashy Diva? You are hardly that. You look absolutely Stunning in this wrap dress. They look great on you. This dress is so classy and I am truly in love with your bag. It's so summery.

  9. This dress looks so great on you! I love it with that purse too! <3


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