I'm Such a Jan Brady

 It isn't new information when I say that I LOVE The Oblong Box Shop!  Or specifically, I love their original novelty print skirts.  Denielle Von Fitch, owner of the shop, designs all the prints on their skirts and a few other items and truly does a beautiful job.  This skirt, based on mid-century furniture was released earlier this year and I finally got my hands on it over the summer.  I more or less love all the prints she does, but this was my most coveted piece from TOBS of 2016 for sure.  I did a 'Gaga for...The Oblong Box Shop' last year and if you want to read more about these amazing skirts, CLICK HERE!

There's a green mid-century house skirt that she did a few years back that I own and love and wear a ton.  That one specifically reminds me of the Brady Bunch, but this orange mid-century furniture one does too!  I don't care how old I get or how I should be WAY too jaded to appreciate a sugary sweet shoes like The Brady Bunch, but I can't shake being a 12 year old and in a cliche way wanting a family just like the Bradys.  (PS- How about Florence Henderson, aka Mrs. Brady passing away last month?  And now Alan Thicke from 80s family show, Growing Pains, just this week!  Ugh...so sad.)  I remember loving all of the 70s fashions on the show despite the fact that my own mom kept insisting how "ugly" all the clothes were.  Ha.  If I had a gun to me and had to state what first made me appreciate vintage clothing, I'm pretty sure I'd state that the Brady Bunch was my ultimate 70s style gateway drug!

Every time I state this people write to me and insist that I'm actually a Marcia, but I've always identified with Jan Brady and likely always will. I thought her hair was super underrated and was just as gorgeous as Marcia's, for one.  I was also way more of a tomboy when I first started watching the show, so I think Jan's style appealed to me more than Marcia's overt feminine style.  Plus, I've been something of an underdog my whole life, ha!  I think Internet bandwagon trends are stupid, but the comedian in me had to do the three fictional characters challenge a few months back by not taking it seriously at all.  By stating that I do in fact identity as Jan Brady maybe takes away some of the credibility with how much I was kidding with this challenge, but in my defense I chose the psycho version of Jan Brady from the parody Brady Bunch movies circa the 90s (which are totally underrated and hysterical, mind you):

Style Details:  You know that I totally am addicted mixing prints!  I did that again today with the shirt, but it's a lot more subtle than yesterday's mixing and matching ;)   And this Dooney and Bourke purse was a gift to myself during a Black Friday sale, as I've been drooling over it for almost a year!!  And this atomic clock brooch (Erstwilder) matches the atomic clock near the top of the skirt PERFECTLY, so naturally I had to pair it with this skirt!

Cardigan- Target 
Brooch- Erstwilder via Unique Vintage  
Tank- Ann Taylor Factory
Skirt- The Oblong Box Shop
Bag- Dooney and Bourke (Pebble Grain Sawyer in pale blue)
Shoes- Nine West
Hope everyone's week is going great and if it's not, I hope you're looking forward to the weekend as it's just around the corner!  As I mentioned on Monday, tomorrow I'm debuting the prequel to a new series where I try to humanize some hot button issues as a response to how appalled I feel as this country gets more polarized and we as individuals become caricatures as opposed to human beings.  Please come back tomorrow and ugh, #WISHMELUCK!!!! 
~Lauren-Blair Donovan



  1. Oh my gosh this skirt is the cutest. I love these colours so much. Great outfit dear. Love it.


  2. Such a beautiful skirt. It's so cute!


  3. What a unique skirt!


  4. loving that skirt


  5. I love the look and am so happy to see you're back to posting outfits :) I've admittedly never watched the Brady Show but have seen many jokes about Jan Brady so I think I have an idea for her character lol. Anyways, love the look! The skirt is so pretty and very you :) Good luck on the new series!

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  6. I have this skirt too, and really love it! Aren't the colors amazing, too? It's hard to find clothes with a lot of orange in them!
    You're right, that brooch is perfection with the skirt!

  7. You look lovely! I really loved the post :)

  8. This is so colorful and your outfit screams happiness ;)
    Nati xx

  9. I really love how bright and playful the skirt is!! Thank you for sharing. XO, Ellese


  10. Love your style! It's always so playful and chic!

    Happy Weekend, babe!!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  11. I just love this skirt and It's been on my wishlist for quite a while but just have never got around to purchasing it! Looks great on you and I love how you have styled it! :)

  12. Absolute perfection Lauren! I really love mustard and orange tones on you. <3 I also love your three characters thing. I actually really love playing along with those kinds of games. For my three I picked Willow (both bad and sweet Willow)from Buffy, snoopy, and C3PO ;)


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