Denver Vintage Shopping: Boss Vintage + Going Make-Up Free!

All About the Outfit:  It's pretty well documented that I love 1970s fashion (see here, here, and here for more on that!)  I think the maxi dresses and skirts from this era are somewhat the perfect fall into winter looks because they're easy to layer with blazers and cardigans and cover your legs.  Some people think I'm nuts for wearing a maxi dress on a cooler day, but I'm not as convinced as the rest of the population that jeans are even all that warm!

Boss Vintage on Broadway in the Baker neighborhood of Denver (or "South Broadway" or "SoBro" after Punch Bowl Social went in (grr)--excuse the Denver reference! #bringbackbiglots!) is one of the more amazing vintage stores I've been in.  They have everything laid out according to decades and on their tags they list the measurements of a piece.  I found this awesome 70s window scene maxi dress in the spring, and the day before my birthday in September I found this dress here.  It's almost a 70s does 20s-30s dress with the flutter sleeve and print of early 20th century women all over it.  It's genuinely one of the more special pieces I've been able to get my hands on!  I've been wearing it to death this fall!

So, you may have noticed that a lot of my posts have been less made-up than usual.  I got into the habit of always having a red lip with some eyeliner when I take photos.  I've cut back on make-up a bit lately as an experiment.  For one, until last month I wasn't feeling well for a few months there.  Make-up was an extra step that required energy that I simply did not have.  Luckily this coincided with a time that I got to experiment with Glo Minerals skincare line!  Not only do I love the products, but with the help of a tinted sunscreen I feel more comfortable than ever to go make-up free, including on blog posts like this and in various Instagram #ootd posts.  This whole post, the photos and the video below, features me in only the tinted sunscreen.  No lipstick, no eye-make, not contouring blush, NADA!  I'm not going to do every post like this, but I think it's important to be natural and lift the so-called glamorous veil on blogging sometimes.  So please check out the video as this skincare line has been kind of a game changer for me!  (And please subscribe to my YouTube channel!)  If going au natural is not you thing and you want to see a more full on and dramatic make-up look with myself and Glo Minerals, click HERE!

I hope everyone is having a great start to their week!  It's supposed to snow here tomorrow and I'm less than thrilled!  Having Indian summer throughout November spoiled me rotten!!
~Lauren-Blair Donovan



  1. I loove 70s fashion and this dress, you are so right, 70s does 20s-30s with this beautiful cut and style! Loved your dress, the vintage store mist be a great one! I think you look amazing! As per the video, toners :) some do irritate sensitive skins. I seldom use them. But I must admit that I wear makeup - like eye shadows, bold lipstick - just one a week - and then I do go out, travel or whatever AND pose for a blog post. During the week I like a BB cream, nude gloss and brown eye pencil (and not everyday) - not even mascara. And it's fine that way - so I am enjoying seeing you really natural and I agree with what you said - putting makeup on is such a stress sometimes. Hope you are fine, I missed your posts! Take care of your health! Hope you have a nice week!

  2. Oooh that dress is beautiful, Lauren! And holy smokes - you have the best skin! That's awesome that you've been going makeup free! I knew Glo Minerals had a fantastic makeup line, but I didn't realize they also had a skincare line. Neat! My skin has been freaking out on me lately as I can't get some of the same products I've used for years here in Australia. I'll have to experiment with their products next!

    Enjoy the snow! :) And hope you have a great week too!


  3. I really am loving this dress on you, it's such a gorgeous maxi dress! I love the print and those sleeves are so lovely! xo

  4. What a gorgeous dress! I love seeing you in a maxi like this. And how gorgeous are you without makeup!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  5. A very interesting post !!! I like your blog and for this I stay as follower, I hope you follow me too!!!
    We'll be in touch!!!!

  6. I love your fresh face, natural makeup look; you look beautiful! I feel the same way about makeup, the less steps the better, which is why I tend to stick to the basics, unless I'm in a real good mood, haha! I also love that dress, it's lovely! I think a maxi can be worn all year round actually, with a bit of layering, it can certainly keep you warm in the colder months! Thanks for sharing, girlie, and I hope you're having a great week so far!



  7. Omg this dress is perfect!! It is such a great 70s style, but has a bit of 20s/30/s flair to it... The sleeves and print are gorgeous! x

  8. What a beautiful dress! The print is beautiful and the fluttery sleeves are darling! The maxi style does have that 70s flair, but the rest of the dress has a 30s vibe. Too cool!! Oh my, your skin is amazinggggg. Seriously haha. I still break out, booo, so this was a great review for me. I'll have to check them out. I haven't used toners in forever either. That reminds me of my middle school days lol.

  9. Love this look on you and love seeing you go makeup free! Gorgeous!


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