A Very Grunge Holiday Outfit

Hey all!  Before I get into the heart of this post, I gotta ask: do you like this new backdrop?  Hopefully the answer is a "HELL YES" because for the foreseeable future I think this will be my sole photo taking place.  I now live in a place with a balcony, so yay!  Between it being cold (burr!) and being in the middle of a very slow move, I don't think I want to location scout/take the energy to take photos too far outside my location.  Plus, I'm a little out of practice with taking new photos as life + illness has thrown a huge wrench in my works.  So having a spot right outside my doorway may be awesome for starting to be consistent with blogging over the next few months, as I am a touch out of practice!  I'm of mixed minds because I've seen successful blogs that both do shoots in the same location as well as varied locations, so this is a big experiment for me!!
All About the Outfit:  If you've followed me for a while you'll remember that I'm not much of a winter holiday person.  I somehow seem to avoid the general craziness that this time of year tends to bring and have limited parties to go to with forced mingling (wahoo!).  That said, I do quite like this outfit and am considering wearing a variation for maybe NYE (the one holiday I tend to partake in this time of year, for better or worse).  I consider it a ballerina meets Carrie from Sex and the City (as cliche as that is now) meets a grunge quality.  It's definitely for the girl that doesn't want a totally basic holiday outfit or to strictly play with holiday endorsed colors.  

Style Details: The shirt I got in a ModCloth Black Friday sale.  It was already on sale and with an extra 40% off everything, I had to get it because I love elephants and it's unlike any other print I own.  The skirt is a funny story.  I got it from Nasty Gal after not having shopped there in probably close to two years.  For some reason I had $40 credit there (I have no idea why...) and also working Black Friday sales + my store credit I got a pair of black Converse shoes ( my beagle ate my old ones years ago...boo!) and this skirt.  This skirt was a risk because I feel like the few things I got from Nasty Gal didn't fit quite right length wise, their size chart seems across the board as opposed to brand specific, and I could tell it was an elastic waist which doesn't always look right.  But, I'm super glad I got it because I genuinely love it!  It fits perfectly, the elastic waist isn't awful, and it's going to be versatile--especially come winter.

Jacket- TJ Maxx Find
Shirt- ModCloth
Skirt- Nasty Gal (brand Rare London) (size XS for measure)
Shoes- Nine West

Hope everyone is doing awesome this week!  Not going to lie: it's a pseudo snow day and I'm drinking with a girlfriend as I publish this post.  Whoops!  Not my style, but hey, it happens to most of us!  Happy Wednesday!
~Lauren-Blair Donovan


  1. This skirt is to die for!! The color goes so well with you hair. Slay babe, slay! Ooh moving lol. I hate the moving process, but I hope yours is going smoothly. I like this backdrop too. I wish I lived somewhere where I could do my photos close by. I always have to travel. Ugh. Anyway, that shot of you with the wine is so cute.


  2. Love this crazy fun skirt, lady! What a cool holiday look!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. I liked the new place for pictures, I think it's great that we can do this - I mean, as you said, there are blogs that show the same background and some that don't. I personally like this background! I thought it was an art gallery at first, then you explained. And your outfit is great, I love elastic waist and this skirt is lovely! I really love this outfit, with the beautiful shoes, jacket and top! You look always very beautiful! Hope you have a very nice day!

  4. I love your skirt which you bought during black friday, it has terrific shade, which suits to you, Lauren ;)


  5. omg I'm in LOVE with this look! definitely my kind of style!

    Happy Holidays!
    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  6. These photos are so cute, Lauren! Love the one with the wine! And yes to the new backdrop! I love being able to shoot mine on the balcony as well - it makes life so much easier. And seriously, I think this is my favorite outfit of yours! You rock that skirt so well!


  7. This outfit is totally ballerina meets Carrie meets grunge! So classically Lauren Blair too! <3 I love it! That's great that you have a location to take photos in that will make it easier to get back into posting :) I did miss your posts while you were on break. Good to see you feeling better! :)


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