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The Complete Countdown of My Most Worn Vintage Brands: Part I

Welcome to the end of 2016!  Because it's the season for traveling and being busy, this will be my second to last post of the year.  But this one is a MEGA jam packed one, so fear not!  This is the first installment of a two part series that will be counting down my most worn vintage inspired brands from the past year.  I decided to do a post like this because getting into the vintage and retro world can be so overwhelming, so I thought I'd do some real talk and explain which brands I reach for the most and why in hopes of helping anyone new to this style of dressing--or anyone curious in general!

Honest to goodness, this was a hard countdown to calculate!  Some of my favorite pieces don't get worn as much and some beloved brands do get neglected.  Make no mistake: I love ALL of these brands!  I also love many brands that weren't featured.  This post is solely demystifying how and why I wear retro clothing, which brands are super practical, which ones sometimes need to …

Trashy Diva Victory Floral Wrap Review

All About the Outfit:  One of my favorite purchases of 2016 (and one of the luckiest) is this amazing wrap dress by Trashy Diva.  It's still on their site (and on Pinup Girl Clothing in a few sizes) but I was able to nab it for half price in an eBay bid in a strange twist of luck!  I had wanted it since it was released and would have been so sad had this slipped between my fingers.  Over the past year I've read up more on Diane Von Furstenberg and her wrap dresses, so I've been a bit more inspired by this classic look because I understand it better than I have in past years.  This dress reminds me of those classic DVF dresses, as well as anything an effortlessly chic woman from any decade would have worn.
I received this dress over the summer and wore it a little bit immediately as Denver had some fluky and short lived chilly days in August, but never got it properly photographed for a blog post because this was the exact time my health started crashing like the 1920s stock…

A Very Sonic Youth Xmas

All About the Outfit:  Pinup Girl Clothing recently released new striped skirts that are basically the Cabana skirts that I kicked myself for not getting before they sold out (though I did track down the blue one over the summer!).  Though I don't celebrate Christmas, I knew these were limited stock and I'm a huge fan of red and green together.  I can see myself wearing this a ton come spring and summer so I'm super excited for this!  For now I decided to play along with the Christmas game, but in a way only I could with adding some purple (purple goes with EVERYTHING!), a Sonic Youth tee, and a brooch by Atomic Lucite of Clark Griswold and Uncle Eddie from Christmas Vacation.
My comedy duo, Just Shair, recently did a Christmas video too and parts get kind of silly involving why parents don't actually give coal to bad kids and how Santa probably has white privilege.  Please watch, enjoy, and subscribe! YouTube/Insta/Facebook/Twitter Hope everyone is having a great week so…

Behind the Memes #1: Humanizing Social Media, Celebrity Culture, & Politics

Image name is Lauren-Blair and on this particular space you likely know me as a fashion blogger who goes to concerts, reads books, and is an aspiring comedian.  On one hand, I do share a lot of personal things, like my way less than fun heart surgery back in early 2014 or some thoughts I had when I hit the 12 year mark of my father's passing.  I shared these stories because the Internet makes the world flat and if my experiences can help someone not feel so alone in a similar situation it would be somewhat selfish not to share, especially after months or even years had passed and I had gained some perspective to pass along.  In exchange for baring these painful parts of my life, I keep a lot of things off limits on this blog (and in some cases off the Internet in general).  How long have you been reading my blog?  If it's been a while, may I ask you what my romantic status is?  Tons of bloggers are very open about their romantic lives...I am not.  There are very limited reas…