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ModCloth, Ponies, and Border Collies

Hello, my gorgeous blog readers!  I apologize for going MIA AGAIN on you for likely the 5th time since June, but at least this time around it's for all happy reasons!  Let's do a quick update session before getting into this outfit!
  • I've been feeling better!  Since early November I've been relatively consistent with my health.  My fatigue vanished overnight, my appetite is back and I think I'm gaining some of the unhealthy weight I lost (the photos in this post are over a month old, FYI), and other than occasional sinus headaches on windy/dry days here, I've been feeling a-ok!  ::knock on wood::
  • I had a friend in town for 10 days!  One of my childhood best friends (and LIFELONG friends!!!) visited me over the holidays.  It was nice to see her and it was fun to be a tourist in my adoptive city of 10 years.  You can check out my Instagram to see some snaps of the stuff we did, plus the outfits I wore.
  • The holidays!  If you've been following my blog for a while, you may recall my family and I don't really celebrate the typical winter holidays.  I would sometimes see friends, but between my childhood friend being in town and my vagabond family residing in Denver for the winter, I actually did a Thanksgiving meal (brunch) with my family for the first time since 2006!  And then I did a Friends-giving at an Ethiopian restaurant (which I highly recommend doing if you're ever in a position where the normal Thanksgiving is not in the cards).  How was YOUR Thanksgiving (if you celebrated)??
  • Gilmore Girls Revival.  Omfg.  If you need a hug I will give you one.  I won't give away spoilers...but wow.  #notthrilled.  
  • Second City Classes!  I don't think I officially announced this on the blog yet, but the past several weeks I've been taking online comedy writing classes from famed SNL breeding ground institution, Second City.  That's been eating up a chunk of my time, but it's all been worth it!  I love that I can be apart of this legacy, even if it's from afar and only online (they're based in Chicago).  I'm wanting to continue to pursue comedy, but have more of an interest in being a personality/writer than an actress/improv performer, so this has been kind of a perfect fit for me.
  • I'm in the middle of a move!  This is the best news of all!  I've moved into my dream place in my dream neighborhood.  Two weeks ago it was a little intense, but it's going to be a slow move from here on out so I believe my blogging life won't take a hit again.  I have a balcony now, which may not be ideal for every photoshoot, but as winter picks up and I may not want to prance around parks in the freezing cold a private balcony may be my best blogging friend for some basic outfit shoots.  ::fingers crossed::

All About the Outfit:  As you may be able to deduce from the leaves on the trees, I took these photos back in October.  I meant to post them sooner, but life got away from me.  Within the past 10 days Denver finally is experiencing chillier temperatures, but until that point it was a very balmy fall--longer than it usually is.  That all said, slap some stockings and a cardigan onto this outfit and you can still wear this style throughout the colder months!

I'm in love with this ModCloth Research High and Low Top in Horses.  I have a wooden pony just like the print from childhood that I still have (somewhere...).  I went for a semi-monochromatic look with matching shorts from Express, but added a pop of color with these Nine West pumps and mixed print Kate Spade bag.

You may have noticed that I had an extra model in these shots: my Border Collie, Lucy!  She's afraid of cameras.  Well, she's afraid of cameras, brooms (yikes), thunder, fireworks, cop lights (yikes), my electric guitar, certain sound effects on my keyboard piano, and other things I'm spacing on offhand.  My poor shelter dog puppy!  Anyway, she was in the car with me coming back from somewhere with me when I photographed this shoot.  I decided to try using her in the shoot instead of making her wait in the car.  As you can see, it didn't go "great."  She was either afraid of the flash or kind of ticked off that we weren't going for an actual walk but walking back and forth from the camera to where we were posing.  I probably won't try this again, but one or two shots went well, so I guess it was worth it!

Style Details: 
Sunglasses- Beach store find
Top- ModCloth
Shorts- Express (also blogged about them HERE)
Shoes- Nine West via Poshmark

I know it's late, but if you were in the mood to extend Turkey Day, here's a Just Shair video for you on the holiday!
And, since I was super tempted to name this post after Ginuwine's "Pony" song but didn't, here's a video where we talk about the lyrics of that song and how ridic it is!

I hope everyone had a great holiday, and if you're not in the states I hope you had a great November as I wasn't around for most of this month!  Have a great Monday!
~Lauren-Blair Donovan



  1. Love that your dog was in the pics with you! Also, I am so glad to hear all the good news! I hope things will continue going well for you Lauren. Love this outfit too. The perfect amount of monochrome and the pop of color. <3

  2. Lucy is so adorable! What a good sport she is.

    So glad that your health is stabilizing, and it's great to see you back in blog world, too! I hope the rest of the move goes smoothly, and woohoo for taking Second City classes! I wish you could come up and actually take them in the Second City, so we could hang out :).

  3. Wow you look so so cute!!! Love this look! =)

    - Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  4. cute top! It's a cute print! xx

  5. Aw, Lucy is adorable! And wow! Congratulations on all of your news! Especially the new apartment. The balcony will certainly come in handy for blog photos when the weather is less than stellar. I did a flavor of Friendsgiving this year too, and it was awesome! Glad to hear you've been feeling better too!

    Also, on a completely unrelated note...I managed to snag a Miami Moments top in the ModCloth sale! I can't wait until it arrives! :) (Thank you for the tip on those!)

  6. Your model is too cute, love your shorts :)

  7. Great to see you back to blogging again! Also with very good news. Such a cute casual those heels! Also your dog is so adorable! xo

  8. I love this outfit!! Your shorts are so cute and retro and so fun with the red shoe. Welcome back! Glad you are well and enjoyed the holidays.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  9. It has been a busy few weeks for you! Welcome back to blogging and congrats on the new classes and the move! It all sounds so exciting :) It was great to see your pup in pics too! I used to try have Cooper sitting by my side for outfit pics but now I snap such a quick one I usually don't have time to encourage him to come out from under the tripod, haha! Even if he's not in the pics he's usually watching me!

    Hope you are having an awesome week! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  10. Your video

  11. I'm glad you're feeling better, girlie, and that you had a chance to catch up with your bestie, I'm sure you had so much fun! I love Ethiopian food, it's so delicious and I love the real traditional restaurants where you eat with your hands! Now, let's talk Gilmore Girls, would you believe that ending? Seriously! I have to check to see if the second part has updated yet, but it was a bit of shocker for me. As for your outfit, those shorts are so cute and I love them paired wth that gorgeous top! Thanks for sharing and updating on us on how you've been and I hope you have a great rest of the week, girlie!



  12. Seems like many are not liking the Gilmore Girl revivals! :-( And you had a busy month and yay to moving into you new place and in your dream neighbourhood too! Any move, big or small, near or far can be stressful so all the best!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  13. awwww your dog is the cutest *_* I just started to look the first episode and I still don't know what to think, I have to look some more to make my mind......
    you look amazing my lovely friend <3

  14. Lucy is so cute! That last photo of the two of your is heart warming. The colors in your outfit are so pretty! Love them! Congrats on all of this good news too! So exciting about you being able to move to your dream location. That's amazing and you totally deserve it.


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