Lovely in Lilac Collab (Update**)

**For those who saw this post earlier and perhaps on my Instagram, I've had to remove the coupon code!  Lovely in Lilac is a newer company and there was a limit to how many codes could be used, and that number got exceeded!  Thank-you for being enthusiastic and I hope you love your purchases!!

I'm very excited to announce a collaboration!  Lovely in Lilac is a newer company that features quirky dress prints and fun accessories.  Over the next several months they will be continuing to grow, but currently they have an amazing selection of dresses--predominately by Folter, sister brand Retrolicious, and Voodoo Vixen!  I was very excited to see several dresses that are either harder to find or sold out elsewhere, including the dress I'm wearing by Folter (the Anatomically Correct Dress).  With Halloween around the corner, it's totally fitting..and getting harder to find!  Plus me being me, I will wear this all year long, ha!

Lovely in Lilac's selection is awesome and over the next week I'll feature a few more looks from them.  But if you're looking for fun Halloween themed dresses, as well as other fun but not as spooky quirky prints! Click here to go to their site!
One incredibly fun point on this glows in the dark!!  How fun is that--not to mention safe for walking around at night, ha?  I'm wearing a Deer Arrow brooch and Ralph Lauren pumps to highlight what the bones look like at night! 
  I'm a long time fan of the brands Lovely in Lilac feature and those dresses are truly amongst my most worn outfits!  And thanks for welcoming me back yesterday after an extended sporadic posting schedule!  If you missed my post on that and why I went MIA, you can read about it HERE!
~Lauren-Blair Donovan


  1. You look amazing!! This dress was made for you. Love that cute collar and your pumps.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  2. perfect dress for October!! love those green heels!

  3. Such a great dress and that is amazing that it glows in dark! The length is perfect on you and how cute is that collar!?! The heels are such a nice pop of colour, you have such a great collection of heels to go with your fab outfits x

  4. you look so cute in this get up! <3 <3

  5. Such a beautiful dress!

    Happy Thursday doll! Kisses,

  6. What for a very lovely collaboration! This dress by Lovely in lilac is so pretty, and it glows in the dark, wow! Alone for that I loved it :) The pumps go so well with the dress, I really liked the color! And you look beautiful as usual! Loved the pictures! Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Love the green shoes and brooch with this dress! Even more perfect that this dress glows in the dark! :D Love your outfit Lauren! So cute!

  8. What a fun + festive dress! And it GLOWS IN THE DARK, yes!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  9. I really like your festive dress, dear, I love Halloween's theme of it and you're so lucky to be a part of this collaboration, Lauren :)

  10. Super cute dress! I always love pieces that are unique, and they definitely seem like they create uniquely beautiful pieces! The quality looks really good as well. That's awesome the coupon codes went so fast!! Hope you have a great weekend lady. :)


  11. Such a really fun dress, and totally your style! Love that this dress glows in the cool! xo

  12. Oh my goodness! That dress is SO cute! And I love how you paired it with the green pumps. And wait, that dress glows in the dark?!? SOLD! Haha.


  13. This dress and you are soooo cute! That's awesome that all of the coupon codes were used up too. Woohoo! Seriously, the fact that this dress glows in the dark just upped its cool factor haha. The green heels are stellar with this too!


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