Lovely in Lilac Collab #2

As some of you may remember, I've been fortunate enough to be collaborating with the awesome newer store, Lovely in Lilac!  (Read my last post on them HERE!)  The store is a quirky girl's dream with tons of novelty print dresses, bows, purses, and more!  

One of the things that I love about them is not just that they have an impressive selection of Folter/Retrolicious dresses, but that they have a few that are harder to find elsewhere!  Some of these dresses have been around for a while, but have either sold out without being restocked elsewhere or are partially sold out in various sizes.  This dress, the Bones and Buttons dress by Folter, is one of those dresses that I'd classify as harder (though not impossible) to find!  With the skeletal print all over the dress it's also perfect for Halloween (though of course I'll wear it year round, ha).  Their shipping seems to be at light speed, so it's definitely not too late to order this dress or other Halloween themed dresses on their site and get them before Halloween!!  (See their Halloween selections HERE!)

Style Details: I wanted to do a "tough meets demure" look with this outfit, as the dress is kind of both in of itself.  I wore my favorite leather jacket with my tan Nine West Mary Janes.  The jacket is perfect for fall, as is the whole color scheme.

Sunglasses- Forever 21
Dress- Folter from Lovely in Lilac
Jacket- TJMaxx find
Shoes- Nine West via Marshalls
Bonus Details: This dress has buttons down the back, making for a really cute fine detail.  But luckily they're decorative and there's a functional side zipper to help you get in and out of the dress.  Anyone who's tried to button up dresses while being stuck alone knows what I mean when I initially saw the buttons but ultimately breathed a sigh of relief knowing they weren't instrumental to getting in and out of the dress!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and is having an even better Monday!  
~Lauren-Blair Donovan



  1. Sounds like a great store and I love the dress! Perfect colors for fall with the pretty trees.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  2. That dress is AMAZING! I love how you styled it with the jacket too! And those shoes! They're beautiful. Also, you could not have picked a better background to photograph this outfit with - so pretty. (Not going to lie, I'm jealous of the fall colors, haha!)

    Hope you're having a great week, Lauren!


  3. Wow, I can see the print of this Lovely in lilac dress, it's impressive! Skulls, bones,so nice! I liked the cut, the blazer and what for a nice detail the dress has, with buttons and the first part of the top in another color, not the print. You look very beautiful as usual! Hope you are fine (you mentioned something about health before)!

  4. So cute! I really love the back buttons and all the better that they aren't actually functional! Love!

  5. You look fantastic in this dress! I love the pattern and the colours scream fall so goes perfectly with your background xx

  6. Another really cute dress, which of course looks amazing on you beautiful lady! xo

  7. Haha your button comment because I've been in that situation before and its a complete nightmare. And it was corset style with tons of little buttons :0 Anyway, haha, I love the skeleton print here! Anoher great dress option if you dont want to dress in costume for Halloween. How fab is that jacket too?! I really need to get a leather jacket at some point here. The leaf background here is making me smile too. Just beautiful.


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