I'm baaaack!

Friends...I have a few posts ready to go AND have some collabs happening, which means barring from my being hit by a bus (::knock on wood::) I think I'm back for realsies!  Ugh, finally!  Thanks to all who have been patient and concerned--I appreciate it.  The long and short of it is that I've had a rough go with my myriad of chronic health conditions the past two months after around a year or so of being relatively healthy.  Some days were better and more normal than others, but I seemed to never be able to catch up with various aspects of my life (especially blogging)  and the idea of doing hair and make-up for outfit posts just. Didn't. Appeal. To. Me.  Lol.

As I mentioned, I have a few posts and collabs ready to go and am itching to be back in a more full-time capacity!  At the bottom of this post I'll share the content my comedy project, Just Shair, did during my time off and link a few posts/videos I managed to eek out the past several weeks that you may have missed bc I fell short promoting my content a few times.  
All About the Outfit:  This was a bit of a unicorn/centaur dress if there ever was one for me!  Tatyana released this dress a year or two ago and I feel like it was never in my size!  I own the green bird dress like this and I feel like this one fits better (or at least the zipper is easier!).  I love the nostalgic car print and was thrilled when I found this on eBay in the beginning of the summer and am now starting to rock it because I generally don't do sleeves in the summer...especially longer ones like these!

Style Details:  I was initially going to be more on the nose with the color scheme involving footwear, but ultimately opted for my Nine West yellow pumps to bring out a pop of autumn!  I did go on the nose with the Deer Arrow pink Cadillac brooch.

Dress- Tatyana via eBay (Beach Bash brand)
Shoes- Nine West
Blazer (below)- Banana Republic via Good Will

Of course the good news is that it's that time of year where blazers are more than acceptable pieces of clothing to wear!  I got mega lucky and found this at the Good Will earlier this month while searching for a Halloween costume.  It's Banana Republic and it was...FIVE DOLLARS!  #score  So if this a 3/4 sleeve dress looked too chilly for you for this time of year, this is a good option to pair a similar dress with!
Notable blog posts. My work was sporadic and my advertising for said work was worse, so bear with me as I have a few best of posts/videos from my off/on Internet presence in case you missed it:
  • My collaboration with Glo Minerals is out and I have the links how-to on smokey eyes with all the products HERE!
  • Blair Reads Books: But What If We're Wrong? by Chuck Klosterman.  I'm back (sort of) to reviewing books on both here and my YouTube channel.  I'm back on accidental hiatus again, but here is one I got out despite feeling under the weather and I hope to be back to this series in a week or so.
  • ModCloth IRL Denver.  All about how the store works IRL and my experience with working with the company.  This is especially pertinent as it's been announced that they're opening their first permanent store in Austin, TX.
Blog's YouTube Videos:

I often film and edit a bit ahead of schedule, so I was able to get a few videos out but didn't advertise them too much!  

ModCloth Unboxing #2.  I discuss my latest finds from one of my favorite companies!
Weekly Recap Tea Time #2.  It pains me that my health, catching up with life, and Just Shair duties forced me to temporarily cease this series.  When I started it I thought I would be able to go full speed ahead as I didn't believe I'd be benched for so long.  I want this series to come back, but I'm going to be slow with it and wait for other projects to resume as normal.  But in this one the new iPhone and Dancing with Stars cast is covered, as that's what was happening in my last video of this series ha!  Hopefully in about 2 weeks I can resume this segment...
Blair Reads Books! As mentioned, this was my latest book review on Chuck Klosterman's latest book.  This was one of the most fascinating reads ever, so I highly recommend checking it out!
Just Shair! Things have been busy and in full swing at Just Shair.  Thank-goodness for a partner!  There's been a million photos of us doing really silly things, so please follow us on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook to catch up and stay up to date!  Here are our two latest videos, but please feel free to subscribe to our YouTube Channel too!:

Bad Song Lyrics 2: Rap and Hip Hope Edition!  We put out our first bad lyrics video a while back, but we finally did the second half of our footage covering rap lyrics we find silly.  I mean, c'mon..."Spending quality time with his kids...when he can..." doesn't make him a mighty good man!

Bloopers, Scrapped Footage, & Tangents!  When a comedic duo makes a blooper while filming, lots of laughs and more jokes about it get spawned pretty quickly!  And sometimes we film stuff we cut but it's still gold, even if it didn't fit as nicely into the intended segment!  Plus, every once in a while we film something and don't release any of the footage (usually due to the energy of the video not working), but it'd be tragic if we let EVERYTHING go from it!  This video is a compilation of the first 10 official videos we made plus one that never saw the light of day, and though I may be biased...I think it's a ton of fun!  

All About Fall!  This isn't your basic fall video!  It takes dark turns left and right, as we bring up that leaves are essentially death, fall is a little racist when you think about, and debate when it's acceptable to watch people get concussions while playing football--but all in a fun way!!  Ha, but seriously: you've never seen two girls talk about fall in this tone!

Thanks for hanging in there with me...I'm glad to be back!
~Lauren-Blair Donovan



  1. Oh no! I am so sorry to hear your health hasn't been so great, Lauren. But I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better, now! Looking forward to the new posts and the collabs! And I've been loving the Just Shair videos! :)

    Also, that dress is beautiful on you, and I LOVE your hair. And those heels are just too perfect for fall.

    Hope you continue to feel well and hope you have a wonderful week! :)


  2. Im so glad to see you back and with one heck of a knock out dress! Just wow. You are gorgeous. What a find too with that BR blazer. Im jealous haha. I hope everything is ok with your health issues


  3. I can't tell you how much I love this outfit, everything is so gorgeous and colourful!

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  4. Love the mini dress + blazer combo. So chic, stylish and becoming. Way to score on that BR find! I have a black blazer (also picked up secondhand) from them that I absolutely live in it. I find that I tend to wear it when we travel in particular, as it's such a great layering piece.

    From one multiple chronic illness fighter to another, please know that I fully understand and can certainly relate in general to what you've been going through. The endless ups and downs of a life like this always keep us on our toes (figuratively speaking at least), but not so always (so to speak) on our blogs and/or focused on things other than our health. I'm deeply sorry that you've been experiencing a particularly rocky period and hope dearly that smoother sailing come your way as autumn progresses.

    Many gentle hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  5. Welcome back gorgeous lady! What a cute dress and what a set of legs you have...wow!! Love the awesome print on this dress! xo

  6. Welcome back Lauren! You are looking fantastic! Congrats on finding this dress. It looks absolutely perfect on you! This is a dress I completely missed as I didn't even know it existed. Love it with the yellow heels and the matching Erstwilder brooch is so perfect with it!

  7. I'm sorry to learn that you've been having issues with your health, I hope everything is okay. I'm glad you're back and you look absolutely amazing in this dress; I love both the blazer and yellow pumps you've added. Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you're having the best week so far!



  8. Welcome back, and I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better!! You look lovely -- I adore the dress on you!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  9. A very colorful funeral, I had to laugh! Welcome back! It is good to do things our of the web, and then also good to come back! I loved your dress, the print is soooo lovely, cars! Loved the shoes as well and by the way, lucky girl, what for a great blazer and for a great price! By the way, I mentioned on one of my posts that leaves were on the floor, indicating Fall arrived :) But only that - and you are right, they are dead :) I loved your videos! I am glad that your health problems got better, hope it stays that way! And I hope you have a very nice day!

  10. That is a stunning smokey eyes and wow, what an amazing opportunity to work with Glo Minerals! May I ask what health issues are you having? I hope it's nothing serious. :-(

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Thank-you, all around! No, just enough to bench me here and there. I have some issues absorbing iron so I get anemic and fatigued easily. Plus asthma and allergies this time of year, and my heart condition was acting up a bit but not enough to put me in the hospital (thank goodness!!) Just a lot at once, but nothing too serious. XOXO


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