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Halloween Style: Zombie Skirt

All About the Outfit:  I've been in love with this print for years.  It was a Folter dress but I never got it before it went out of print.  I came close when I found it in a local store, but just from eyeballing it I knew it was too big (some Folter sizing runs large).  Then ModCloth debuted this in skirt form and I got really excited!  Since skirts are a little more versatile than dresses, I knew this was more "meant to be" for me than the dress so it all worked out in the end!

Health and Weight Disclosure:  I don't want to talk too much about my health, or my weight for that matter.  But because fashion blogging is a window into how real women fit into clothing and can be used to assist women reading a blog about what size to get, I need to come clean a little bit.  As I've mentioned, my health has been "meh" since mid-August.  I knew I lost some weight due to a lack of appetite and sleeping more than usual, but around two weeks ago I found out that I …

Halloween Outfit: Unique Vintage Haunted Mansion Skirt

All About the Outfit:  Hey, all!  Happy almost Halloween!  I originally had it in my mind that I'd be showcasing all of my spooky and gothic prints the entire month of October, but other things had to be debuted as well plus I've missed a few days here and there.  ANYWAY, I'm going to try to show off as many as my intended outfits in the days leading up to Halloween, even if it means posting this weekend!  #wishmeluck!!!  
This skirt is seriously just the coolest.  I'm a sucker for scenery prints, so there was no way this one wasn't going to catch my eye.  I saw it debut on Unique Vintage and over Labor Day sales I almost got it.  I asked my girlfriend if I could get away with wearing it year round and her response was, "I would do it!"  Despite that encouragement, I didn't get this skirt then (I made other purchases I have yet to show off in blog-land...) but Doll Me Up  recently added a "Coming Soon" section and a few weeks back I saw that …

Lovely in Lilac Collab #2

As some of you may remember, I've been fortunate enough to be collaborating with the awesome newer store, Lovely in Lilac!  (Read my last post on them HERE!)  The store is a quirky girl's dream with tons of novelty print dresses, bows, purses, and more!  
One of the things that I love about them is not just that they have an impressive selection of Folter/Retrolicious dresses, but that they have a few that are harder to find elsewhere!  Some of these dresses have been around for a while, but have either sold out without being restocked elsewhere or are partially sold out in various sizes.  This dress, the Bones and Buttons dress by Folter, is one of those dresses that I'd classify as harder (though not impossible) to find!  With the skeletal print all over the dress it's also perfect for Halloween (though of course I'll wear it year round, ha).  Their shipping seems to be at light speed, so it's definitely not too late to order this dress or other Halloween them…

Biking Through Brussels Dress Review

About the Dress:  How incredible is this dress?!  I've loved it since it hit the ModCloth website back in August and I am honestly shocked it took me for forever to purchase it.  I was starring at it and everything during the ModCloth IRL opening, but somehow I managed to escape without taking it home with me!  The name of this dress is the Biking Through Brussels Floral Dress in Houndstooth, and I'm definitely in love with the style of the Biking Through Brussels Dresses!  (I own three!) I love that this one is a classic cut with the always classic Houndstooth print, but it has a funkier flare to it with the floral print over it.  There's something very 70s about this dress to me, which is rarer for an above the knee style as so much of the 70s fashion was about either bell bottoms or maxi dresses.

The Fit:  I was wearing the Biking Through Brussels A Line Dress in Forest  to the ModCloth IRL opening, and the CEO, Matt Kaness, asked if I had owned any of the previous dress…

Cherry, Cherry

All About the Outfit:  This is definitely a simple outfit, in that there's no bells or whistles with NO accessorizing.  Black and red is so dramatic already that I didn't feel like it needed anything extra.  Plus, while I'll admit that I have gotten more into accessorizing over the past year or so, sometimes it's just nice to keep it simple...and it's a time savor!  Dark hues and pops of red are super perfect for fall too.  Because it's (rarely) cold enough to bundle up this time of year, cardigans are needed as the temperatures bounces back and forth from chilly to balmy throughout the day!
Style Details: Cardigan- Old Navy Dress- Bernie Dexter (discontinued; see similar HERE) Shoes- Nine West
Music Time! I can't not laugh when I hear Neil Diamond's, "Cherry Cherry."  If you've seen the underrated comic gem, Saving Silverman, you know why!  Jason Biggs, Steve Zahn, and Jack Black are all in a Neil Diamond cover band.  After Biggs falls for Aman…

Lovely in Lilac Collab (Update**)

**For those who saw this post earlier and perhaps on my Instagram, I've had to remove the coupon code!  Lovely in Lilac is a newer company and there was a limit to how many codes could be used, and that number got exceeded!  Thank-you for being enthusiastic and I hope you love your purchases!!
I'm very excited to announce a collaboration!  Lovely in Lilac is a newer company that features quirky dress prints and fun accessories.  Over the next several months they will be continuing to grow, but currently they have an amazing selection of dresses--predominately by Folter, sister brand Retrolicious, and Voodoo Vixen!  I was very excited to see several dresses that are either harder to find or sold out elsewhere, including the dress I'm wearing by Folter (the Anatomically Correct Dress).  With Halloween around the corner, it's totally fitting..and getting harder to find!  Plus me being me, I will wear this all year long, ha!
Lovely in Lilac's selection is awesome and ove…