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Hey, all!  This has been the longest blogging break possibly ever!  I really haven't been feeling too well lately so I've been laying low.  My Instagram, an account I usually keep up even if my blogging takes a hit, has even only had 2-3 posts a week this whole August as well.  I'm rallying though, with finally some new videos in the can and I've been trying to get clothes photographed as well in case it takes longer than expected to fully recover!  Thanks for the patience!

In the meantime, as mentioned I have been filming videos (as of this weekend actually, haha).  I started a new weekly series about weird news that I poke fun at while wearing favorite outfits and sipping tea out of my mug collection.  It's called Weekly Recap Tea Time and here's the inaugural video involving that creepy clown story, the MTV VMAs, Anthony Weiner, and yet another Oreo cookie flavor:

Because I wasn't updating the blog at all last week, I missed my day to do "other than this blog" announcements.  I didn't have much to say (luckily) but the final Olympics Just Shair video was uploaded since my last post and it's a shortie featuring my most prominent/bizarre Olympic memory from childhood...and it's dark and awkward!  Check it out:
I'm expecting to be back at it again Wednesday and hoping to resume a normal schedule from there.  And if not, I'll be sad because I miss this!!  I hope EVERYONE has had an awesome Labor Day Weekend if you're in the states and if not I hope it's been awesome anyway!  XOXO
~Lauren-Blair Donovan



  1. So sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well, Lauren! But glad you're on the mend! I have the world's crappiest WiFi right now, but I can't wait to watch your videos once I get decent Internet (hopefully this weekend). I've been loving the Just Shair Olympic posts!

    Hope you had a lovely Labor Day Weekend! :)


  2. I hope you feel better soon Lauren-Blair!!! Oooo yay a new video! Hehe going to go check it out now! <3 xoxo

  3. I loved the preview clip on IG -- am looking forward to watching the full video when I'm not about to go to sleep. Anthony Weiner is seriously a punch line waiting for a joke.

    Hope you're feeling much better <3!

  4. Sorry to hear this Lauren, hope you feel better soon and your able to post more regularly....take care! xo

  5. I am really sorry you weren't feeling well, dear Lauren-Blair! I did think about new posts and skirts and I missed your posts - but OK, just concentrate on getting well! As I saw you had a new post I wanted to check it out, but I myself am having the worst migraine ever - just didn't want to leave the post without a comment :) I also like the "personality" posts, since I know that it's not only dresses or skirts, you are such a cool girl! Hope you feel better soon!

  6. I hope you feel better soon Lauren! I always love your videos. They put such a smile on my face and I definitely need that. You know, some of those news stories I had not heard about (clown) or had only glanced at and didn't read further (Weiner) so I actually learned a bit too haha! I've actually become a bit obsessed with Lemon Oreos lately. I'm a sucker for anything lemon. I had no idea how processed they were! Makes me think twice lol. That Olympic memory too...whoa.

  7. I hope you feel better soon!!

  8. hope you feel better soon, Lauren-Blair! praying for healing and comfort!!! :)

  9. Hey! Really hope you feel better soon, never nice feeling poorly.

    Laura xo

  10. Hey girl! Love the videos and I hope you get well soon!
    Check out what's new on the blog:
    Follow @remisabbah on Instagram for fashion updates

  11. I'm deeply sorry that you've been going through some especially rough times on the health front lately, sweet lady. Thinking of you and sending endless positive/healing wishes and hugs your way.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  12. That was a super funny commentary. Clowns make me uncomfortable too. I hope you feel better soon.


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