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I'm on the Glo Minerals Blog!

Hey all!  Some of you may remember me teasing both on here and on Instagram that I got to model with Glo Minerals over the summer for some upcoming fall products.  Fall is officially here and the post is officially out and on their site!  I had so much fun doing this and the finished product is awesome!  

The long and short of it is that Glo Minerals made me up in a dramatic smokey eye and took step by step photos for a how-to blog post, which you can read about HERE.  And they've recently launched new auburn eyebrow pencils, which you can see on my eyebrows.  As you may know, I'm kind of clueless with make-up but I now own this pencil and am eager to try it out IRL!  I was a dirty blonde growing up but had darker eyebrows, so unless you count the two (collective) years that I dyed my hair brown I've never had eyebrows that matched my hair!  This may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship, ha!  

Again, to read the post CLICK HERE and below are some more behind the scenes…

Indian Summer Style

I've had the weirdest season of my blogging life ever!  Between travel and illness I've had a record low number of posts, plus very few free standing outfit documentations on Instagram (meaning just an outfit pic without a corresponding blog post).  Well, summer (my favorite outfit season so missing so much of it blog-wise makes me wanna cry!!) is over, but for a lot of states in the US it stays in the 80s until close to Halloween.  Denver can be like that some years (it certainly was today!), so I thought I'd recap some freestanding outfits from the summer and showcase why they could work for balmier fall days!

Tee shirt with maxi skirts!
Sunglasses- Gap Shirt- Amazon Find Skirt- Ann Taylor Bag- Dooney and Bourke Flip Flops- Old Navy
I talked about this skirt back in the spring, and months later I'm still madly in love with it!  Because it's so bold and vibrant, it's easy to dress down for a pseudo casual outfit.  The above photo is from a hot day that was going to t…

Blair Reads Books #6: But What If We're Wrong? by Chuck Klosterman

Omg, this series is back!  Between a nutszo summer and some technical difficulties hindering my video taping, I went on an accidental hiatus!  But I'm back!

The book I'm reviewing today is by Chuck Klosterman, who's most famous book is probably Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs.  He has an uncanny ability to marry pop culture with deep thinking and this book is no exception!  The entire premise is trying to figure out what future historians will think about our present times and how probably so much of what we value won't even be remembered in the future.  He uses great examples from history of why this could be true and plays certain odds games in trying to predict what will realistically be talked about and appreciated from the early 21st century by future generations.  Parts are so mind boggling, but that's why I loved it!

Book: But What If We're Wrong?  Thinking about the Present as if it's the past by Chuck Kloserman

Why anyone would like this book: I found thi…

Music, Fashion, and Jackson Browne

Earrings- Old Navy Necklace- Punky Pins Dress- Boss Vintage (Denver store) Brooch- Poison of Choice Bag- Kate Spade
Hello, friends!  I'm trying to get back into a blogging groove!  I posted (but didn't super advertise) last week about my absence, so if you missed it CLICK HERE to read (plus see some videos I have been able to eek out).  Anyway, I've missed this, missed you, and have a quick music and fashion post for y'all this evening!
Last month I got to see Jackson Browne at Red Rocks with my mom.  He tours a lot and I'd been meaning to see him for some time, but it seemed nobody wanted to go with me.  Then I went and I found out I was asking all the wrong people because some of my friends were interested in seeing him, haha.  Jackson Browne isn't my typically go-to genre, but I like a lot of his songs and respect his musicianship so much that he definitely made my bucket list for sure.  And boy...and I glad I saw him!  Within the few minute of his first song I fe…

Videos + Updates

Hey, all!  This has been the longest blogging break possibly ever!  I really haven't been feeling too well lately so I've been laying low.  My Instagram, an account I usually keep up even if my blogging takes a hit, has even only had 2-3 posts a week this whole August as well.  I'm rallying though, with finally some new videos in the can and I've been trying to get clothes photographed as well in case it takes longer than expected to fully recover!  Thanks for the patience!
In the meantime, as mentioned I have been filming videos (as of this weekend actually, haha).  I started a new weekly series about weird news that I poke fun at while wearing favorite outfits and sipping tea out of my mug collection.  It's called Weekly Recap Tea Time and here's the inaugural video involving that creepy clown story, the MTV VMAs, Anthony Weiner, and yet another Oreo cookie flavor:
Subscribe to my YouTube Channel (Lauren-Blair Donovan) Because I wasn't updating the blog at a…