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Music, Fashion, and I Love the 90s Concert

I went 10 months without seeing a concert!!  This was a total accident, as there were at least a half a dozen artists since last September's Hall and Oates show that I thought I was going to be able to see and then for various reasons the planets didn't align.  Considering I've been healthy and therefore could theoretically have gone to shows the past year, this is very weird behavior for me!

Possibly weirder was the fact that the first show I saw in nearly a year was the I Love the 90s concert.  I mean, I love the 90s, so that in of itself wasn't wildly inappropriate.  But it's a little funny because off hand some of the shows I wanted to see but missed out on were The Misfits, Peaches, and the Cure, so the I Love the 90s tour is a little "which one was not like the other"!  Below I'll review the artists I saw, and after that I'll share my outfit plus a picture of my concert going buddy/comedy partner Shannon and myself there.  We were in the nose bleed section so my photos kind of blow, so I'll spare you.

  • Young MC: Honestly, I kind of forgot about Young MC!  I think I blurred him and Tone Loc together all of these years, which I guess is convenient because he came on next.  He was fun though and played for roughly 10 minutes.
  • Tone Loc: HIGH AS A KITE!  What's funny about living in Denver and seeing artists come to town is that they're ALWAYS commenting on how high either they are/want to be or how high they suspect we are.  Um, Tone Loc won the weed contest that night! He not only announced he was stoned (several times), but definitely sounded it as he went on many rants and it felt like the other random guy he had on the stage with him had to reel him in just to get him to sing his most famous song, "Wild Thing."  He was on stage for around 15 minutes, but I suspect he was supposed to only be on stage for 10 minutes too but got distracted.
  • Kid n' Play: Confession: I've never heard their music.  Through being a music freak and music trivia geek I've made up for lost time, but growing up I only knew of oldies and the occasional Technotronic jam that was played at dance recitals I was in until I was about 10 years old.  Some popular gems have fallen into my knowledge abyss, and Kid n' Play is one of those bands.  That said, I somehow was always aware of the famous flat top hair and recognized Christopher "Kid" Reid in the Temptations miniseries as a rapper from the 90s playing the role of a 1960s DJ.  (Isn't popular culture memory a weird thing?)  ANYWAY, despite my ignorance on their actual music, they were HIGHLY entertaining!  They danced, they joked around, they had a ton of energy, and they still had skills.  They were probably on the stage for around 20-30 minutes.
  • Salt n Pepa: I wish Shannon and I had already released our second Bad Song Lyrics video, because we cover "Whatta Man" a LOT in that video.  Despite having made some jokes at their expense because they boast that some guy "keeps them open like 7/11", this is the band I was most psyched to see.  I had almost seen them several times throughout the years, so I was happy to finally have this day come.  And honestly, not only did they look great (especially Pepa...I swear she hasn't aged a day!) but they sounded exactly the same.  They were also super engaging and charming and clearly were having a blast up on stage.  I'm really glad I got to see them.  They were on stage for at least a half hour, maybe more.
  • Vanilla Ice: Ye-ah, we bailed!  Sorry!  We honestly thought Salt n Pepa were the headliners, as they've had a million singles.  I cannot for the life of me name another Vanilla Ice song besides, "Ice Ice Baby," (not counting his late 90s awful metal remix of the same song).  Color me confused, but whatever.  I would have been perfectly happy to see him, but the circumstances were meh.  It had been a long day to begin with, a long night already with all of the other acts, it kept threatening to rain, and the crowd was wasted and getting weird.  Given neither Shannon nor I are like, die hard V. Ice fans...we looked at each other, shrugged, and said, "Wanna leave?"  #noregrets

Other tidbits:
  • For those who care, the venue was Fiddler's Green, which is one of my least favorite concert venues.  I mean, it's in the middle of a corporate business park for one yeah.
  • Both Shannon and I try to not judge people we don't know.  But yeah, we were halfway through the (not very long) security line when we both realized we were at a total white trash event.  (Or, as Shannon astutely put later on: "it was like Walmart threw up.")  I don't know if other locations of I Love the 90s tour were similar, but this event really sniffed out the weirdest people the general Denver area has to offer.  I've been at shows where people have taken off their pants or gotten arrested in a bra and jeans, and this was one of the drunker or weirder shows...which I think says something!  Sadly there isn't some "great story" but it was more of an energy that could easily be felt and two second sound bites here and there that made us feel this way.
  • We totally missed the memo that this was supposed to be a theme party.  Everyone was dressed as if it was anywhere between roughly 1993-1997.  #noregrets

  • Historically I don't dress like the genre I'm seeing.  To me that's the equivalent of being "basic" at a show.  But some of my outfit wasn't entirely my choice either.  This was an unusually cooler day in July with a storm rolling in.  We did a Just Shair taping prior to the show that required a different outfit, so I brought a few options to Shannon's.  One was a floral and Laura Ashley adjacent maxi dress from eShakti, which I ultimately deemed too out of control for a 90s rap show (I'm all for irony, but it was too much).  I also brought new patchwork jeans from New York and Co and a David Bowie shirt, so I landed on that.  Flips flops were kind of a necessity as we had lawn seats (this whole venue's lawn seats are on a hill too, mind you) and I just felt like wearing my obnoxious yellow faux glasses that I got for $2 on eBay solely because they have eyelashes painted on the corners.  I didn't fit in, which I didn't care to, but it was double weird given that people were wearing low rise jeans with Calvin Klein undies showing and looked like they played for the Chicago bulls.  #noregrets
I hope everyone is having a great week!  Has anyone been to any fun shows this summer?  Or, accidentally stumbled upon a white trash mecca?  PS- if you're in Denver you should check out ModCloth's IRL opening tomorrow!  I'll be back tomorrow with more details ;)


  1. Actually I'm attending a 90s themed party next month and I can't wait. You totally rocked the look! :)


  2. I LOVE YOUR SHIRT AND JEANS!!!!!!!!! TOTALLY ROCKIN IT!!! <3 AND YOU TOTALLY BLENDED WITH THE CROWD!!!! your look was definitely 90's!

  3. The first 90s-themed event I ever saw was in 2005 (too soon, people!) at Bard College, so it looked like a hipster convention. I'd almost choose Walmart-vomit over rich-kids-pantomiming-grunge!

    Your legs are mile-high in those jeans! (see what I did there?!?!)

  4. Haha, oh Shannon, "like Wal-Mart threw up!" That seriously made me laugh. Its always a bummer when you go to a show and it ends up being like that. How cute are you in those glasses though?!! Vanilla Ice as a headliner?? Ya, not understanding that one either....

  5. LOL about the crowd showing up in theme. It's always fun to see what crowd will be drawn for any given event ;) Hope you had a great time.

  6. Rocking them flared jeans and the glasses are super cute! Vanilla Ice yeah nah wouldn't of stayed either hahahahaha. They need to have the tragic yet amazing pop bands of 90's and early 2000's like Eiffel 65, S Club 7, Spice Girls etc concert, I would be there in a HEARTBEAT! ;)

  7. Rocking those glasses! They are so cute! :) xx

  8. Only you can pull off yellow glasses and still look fabulous and fashionable! You really do look good in them and I like how they match with your David Bowie shirt. I went to one of these 90ish concerts last year and saw Vanilla Ice and Young MC. It was totally worth it!


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