ModCloth IRL Day!

Greetings!  Before I get to the outfit post, let me share some happenings with y'all!
  • If you are in Denver, whether you shop at ModCloth or not, come to this event TONIGHT!  If you've shopped there before, you've probably received an RSVP like this in your email and can come at 5PM.  But if you haven't, it's open to the public at 6PM.  Events are all weekend and I will be there again at least on Friday.  Check out who's hosting... ;)  
  • In non-style news, my comedy team is having quite the field day--literally--as we are pretending to be in the Olympics for oh-so-real events like thumb wrestling and Pop Tart "cook offs".  I'm not going to lie...this has been a LOT OF FUN to shoot and some of my favorites haven't even been released yet!  Check us out on social media to follow (Blog/Facebook/YouTube/Twitter/Instagram) to follow the insanity!  And here's a few favorite stills from our "events" so far plus our first of 4 Olympic videos.  This one is on the weirdness of the torch, Parade of Nations, and Olympic Village.

All About the Outfit:  
In honor of working with ModCloth today, I'm wearing (almost) head to toe ModCloth!  Come August I love wearing black, because it feels so summery against lighter colors making an outfit (and a potential tan) pop!  I'm obsessed with this hedgehog shirt (I reviewed this brand of shirt HERE and unboxed this actual shirt in a video HERE!) and I thought it would be perfect to pair it with the now out of print flamingo color of the Breathtaking in Tiger Lilies skirt (I reviewed those skirts HERE).  

How about you friends?  Is black a strictly colder months color for you or do you like to rock it during the summer as well?
Style Details: 
Glasses- Gap
Top- ModCloth (Size small for measure)
Skirt- ModCloth (different hues found HERE)
Shoes- ModCloth (no longer available)
Bag- BCGB via Marshalls 

So again, if you are in Denver, definitely stop on by the ModCloth IRL event tonight (and shop there throughout September 5th!).  Hope to see you there!!  FYI: I'm such a space case with identifying people from the Internet in a real life context, so don't take it personally if we say hi and it takes a second for the light bulb to go off in my head!  (It will eventually go off though!  I promise, haha).  
~Lauren-Blair Donovan



  1. Too bad I'm not in Denver! But I'm looking forward to seeing more of your Olympic videos!

    Adi xx

  2. Oh my god, how exciting! I can't wait to hear about how it went!! The outfit is absolutely perfect -- tops with tie-necks are extra fun. I haven't ordered anything from Modcloth in months, but I have a few things in my cart that I'm ready to pull the trigger on.

    Hope you had a blast!!

  3. Oh, I wish I was in Denver to meet you at the Modcloth event! How exciting that you'll be there. I hope you have an AMAZING time!! You know, I typically don't wear too much black in the summer, but ever since you made the comment about me looking good in black and that I should wear more of it, I do haha! So, thank you for the advice =)

  4. LMAO!!! You girls look like a hoot and having so much fun! Haha! I wish I'm in Denver, it would be amazing to meet you in person.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  5. Oh man, I used to love modcloth. The prices killed my wallet, however! I love that color on you--the skirt is beautiful.

    Beauty V. Brains | fashion and beauty for smart girls who like stuff

  6. Yay for ModCloth opening. Your comedy team looks like fun. Great outfit. I am loving that color combo.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  7. You look gorgeous in the blush skirt. SO pretty :)

  8. So exciting that you are hosting the Modcloth event and that is so perfect that you have gotten your new blog name up and running in time for the event as well :) Cute outfit and so perfect to be head to toe in Modcloth! <3

  9. Woooohooo congrats on hosting the ModCloth event!!! I can't wait to check out more of your Olympics hehehe! Yes, yes, yes the pink with the Hedgehogs is perfect, I was interested to see how you were going to style it!!! <3

  10. Love your outfit - the tank and skirt are perfect together, style and colour-wise!

    How exciting you hosted the event, I bet it was a lot of fun! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  11. Hoping the ModCloth store event was cool!!
    Loving the color of that skirt, you look too darling!!

    All the Cute

  12. Very cool post! Your Olympics are hilarious! Gorgeous look, love the peach with the black


  13. I love your skirt.So pretty.

  14. I love your outfit so much, the colour combination is so lovely! Gemma x

  15. You look so pretty in this bow tie blouse and this skirt is so adorable. Love the print as well.


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