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Tatyana Azalea Skirt Review

Greetings!  I feel like this is one of my first straight up outfit posts since changing my url!  I feel like many posts had different themes than just outfits, as of late.  Plus my posting has been slacking!  Hell, this was supposed to go out yesterday but my beagle was having trouble walking so I took her to the vet and she got diagnosed with arthritis!  I was kind of burned out after that!  Anyone else having a cuckoo time blog posting this summer?
I ordered this AMAZING Tatyana skirt (the Azalea skirt) back over Memorial Day!  Tatyana did a 50% off sitewide(!) sale and I got this number and the umbrella print skirt, which I haven't talked about yet but you can view here on my Insta for a night out playing Top Golf with my girls...because when I think golf I think vintage umbrella skirts!  Haha. I was partially delayed in reviewing this due to this summer being cuckoo for cocoa puffs, but I also had to exchange both skirts due to sizing inconsistency!  So that threw me off a litt…

ModCloth IRL Denver Event!

Most online shoppers, bloggers, and blog readers have probably heard of the brand ModCloth by now.  And if you haven't, let me introduce you to this wonderful brand!  Started by Susan Koger after collecting one too many vintage items from thrift stores and needed to sell the pieces online, this company eventually became a huge online shopping institution.  ModCloth has a range of brands from indie designers, including it's year old namesake label, and includes fashions for every girl.  You can find work appropriate styles to quirky prints (are you surprised I shop there, haha?).  They also believe every size is beautiful as they have most items stocked in XS-4XL.  The one caveat is that the store is only online, and sometimes shopping online is stressful.  After a few pop up shop events in California last summer, Modcloth decided to hit the road this summer on tour visiting Austin, DC, Portland, and now this month Denver!
What's funny about this story is that in really earl…

ModCloth IRL Day!

Greetings!  Before I get to the outfit post, let me share some happenings with y'all! If you are in Denver, whether you shop at ModCloth or not, come to this event TONIGHT!  If you've shopped there before, you've probably received an RSVP like this in your email and can come at 5PM.  But if you haven't, it's open to the public at 6PM.  Events are all weekend and I will be there again at least on Friday.  Check out who's hosting... ;)   In non-style news, my comedy team is having quite the field day--literally--as we are pretending to be in the Olympics for oh-so-real events like thumb wrestling and Pop Tart "cook offs".  I'm not going to lie...this has been a LOT OF FUN to shoot and some of my favorites haven't even been released yet!  Check us out on social media to follow (Blog/Facebook/YouTube/Twitter/Instagram) to follow the insanity!  And here's a few favorite stills from our "events" so far plus our first of 4 Olympic videos.…

Music, Fashion, and I Love the 90s Concert

I went 10 months without seeing a concert!!  This was a total accident, as there were at least a half a dozen artists since last September's Hall and Oates show that I thought I was going to be able to see and then for various reasons the planets didn't align.  Considering I've been healthy and therefore could theoretically have gone to shows the past year, this is very weird behavior for me!

Possibly weirder was the fact that the first show I saw in nearly a year was the I Love the 90s concert.  I mean, I love the 90s, so that in of itself wasn't wildly inappropriate.  But it's a little funny because off hand some of the shows I wanted to see but missed out on were The Misfits, Peaches, and the Cure, so the I Love the 90s tour is a little "which one was not like the other"!  Below I'll review the artists I saw, and after that I'll share my outfit plus a picture of my concert going buddy/comedy partner Shannon and myself there.  We were in the nose…


As you may have heard, I was lucky enough to do a blog post for ModCloth all about Denver!  ModCloth's pop-up shop, or ModCloth IRL, is coming to Denver NEXT WEEK, so that was what prompted the Denver promotion on ModCloth's blog ;)  I'm super excited, and if you're in the area you should be too!  
There's only so much space on for the content, so I thought I'd share some of the photos they didn't use because Denver really is a dynamic city!  Plus, I'm working on catching up with content after my crazy July, so win-win :-p
They used a different (and admittedly better) shot of Union Station that I shot, but I still like this one too.  It shows the city off a little more.  Union Station was kind of--excuse me--a dump until about two years ago when it got completely renovated.  It's now a first class public transportation waiting area, and it even has bars and restaurants that even locals like to frequent!  Wedding photography is very popular here and we…