Summer Outfit + BIG Announcements

Weekly Announcements: Hey all!  It's been a slow posting week, but a lot has been going on behind the scenes so I want to take a quick second to share what's up before launching into this outfit post!
  • In case you missed it, I changed the name of my URL (which is probably obvious if you're reading this) and the explanation for it all is HERE!
  • I got to be a featured blogger for ModCloth!  ModCloth's IRL tour is coming to Denver in August (...I may or may not get to be apart of that...) and they asked me to write about the Mile High City for their blog!  I was totally honored and excited, so check out my post HERE!  Since they asked for a bunch of photos and could only use so many, I have a bunch that didn't make the cut so I may add them to a future post here sooner than later!
Picnic with local beers as Denver is known for microbreweries!
  • It's been a super exciting week for interviews, as my comedy partner Shannon and I got interviewed from one of my closest blogger friends Lindsey from Have Clothes Will Travel.  You may remember that I did her Featured Fashionista Q&A LAST July  for this blog.  Every month she interviews style bloggers and occasionally travel etc bloggers, but I think we're the first comedians or other type of entertainer to be featured on her blog so I feel super honored!  If you've been looking at me like a crackhead while I post videos and photos not understanding the context, this is a GREAT catch-up as it explains our story and what we're ultimately trying to do (Lindsey, amongst other things, is a mega awesome question asker!)  CLICK HERE to read!  PS-Just Shair is going to the "Olympics" next week and we tease that.  Check out our official uniforms that we're be donning in physically intense sports of Pop Tart toasting, power walking, and foam sword fighting:
We're going to the Olympics!!!  No, not in Rio but in Denver...

All About the Outfit:  This outfit is a newer one from Retrolicious via Unique Vintage.  Retrolicious has really been on fire this year with fun prints, and this Vintage Tiki dress is no exception!  This safari print is fun because it's oh-so subtle and almost looks floral, but really there's parrots and jungle leaves and more all over it.  I also have the pink safari/jungle print that they put out this year and recently wore it in a YouTube video (I'm planning to wear it on the blog soon).

Style Details: Initially I was going to go for all navy for the accessories, but ultimately decided to wait until fall for that look.  I kept the navy belt, but decided to go for mint accessorizing to keep things light and summery.  And the red glasses were to add a pop as there is red in the dress.

Sunglass: Beach store find
Brooch- Erstwilder
Bag- Kate Spade
Shoes- Guess

I usually do outfit posts after songs and while I'm still intending to keep that up I think on my end of week announcements they make already longer posts longer.  I'm still experimenting with what works as I branch into other mediums, being an online personality and comedian, and more while incorporating it with this blog without alienating my already established formats and audience!  Bear with me while I perfect my announcement with outfit posts!

Thanks so much for all of the amazing feedback too earlier this week when I switched my url!  I'm very excited and feel as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  I'm also excited because I've been updating camera equipment and such, so I'm hoping more dynamic photos are coming down the pipe as well!  I anticipate being back to blogging as usual Wednesday the 3rd or Thursday the 4th (I'm in a wedding this weekend AND doing a bunch of Just Shair stuff, so I may need to recharge!!)  Regardless, I'm excited to be back!  Have an awesome weekend!
~Lauren-Blair Donovan



  1. Congrats doll!! You look amazing in that gorgeous dress!! <3 xxxx
    Check out what's new on the blog:
    Follow @remisabbah on Instagram

  2. Wow what a awesome dress, I really love the print...looks like a great summer inspired dress to wear! :)

  3. love your new domain!!! :) also, your blog is so fun :) so pleasing to the eyes and such a breath of fresh air! :)

  4. Oh my goshhh!!! ModCloth has some awesome clothing and totally makes sense for your style and brand to collaborate with them!! YAYYY!!! I'm so excited for you!! I hope you get to blog for them!!

    All the Cute 🎀

  5. I'm loving the new URL Blair (I'm going to start calling you that now after watching your video ;D)! Woooohooo and congrats on the feature on Mod Cloth that is so freakin' damn cool and exciting! I really need to catch up on watching your videos, which I'm so excited to do and I'm super duper excited for the Olympics ;D <3 xoxo

  6. Congrats!!!
    Love your dress so much! :-)

  7. Congratulations, sounds like an exciting time for you! Love this dress too x

  8. Congrats on the ModCloth partnership. That is such a natural fit for you. Love your dress!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  9. Soooo much awesomeness is afoot in your world right now, sweet lady. That's fabulous! I'm really happy for you and can sense your joy radiating through your words, images and new blog name here. Wishing continued bliss throughout the rest of the summer (and beyond!).

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  10. Woohoo congrats on the blog name change!! I love those mint heels too. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  11. You look absolutely beautiful, girlie! I adore that green dress, the florals are so lovely and of course the green looks AMAZING on you! How awesome that you were asked to contribute to ModCloth?! Congrats! I can't think of anyone better than you for a collaboration or guest post! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you're having the best week so far!



  12. OMG, congrats on the Modcloth posting!! That is beyond amazing. So happy for you girl! You know i'm loving all of these mint accessories too.

  13. Ahhh congrats on being featured on ModCloth! I am heading over to read the post the second I'm done typing this comment! You ladies were the first comedians featured for Featured Fashionistas - and I am beyond excited about it! Thank you so much, again, for the amazing feature. :) And thank you for the lovely compliments! You are a mega awesome question answerer! :)

  14. great!

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  15. Congrats on being featured on Modcloth. I love the print on your dress.

  16. Congrats on all the features! So exciting! Also, love this dress on you! It's a gorgeous print! <3

  17. You look so stunning in this teal tiki vintage dress. You really look beautiful in teal. Congratulations on all your success dear. I always look forward to your posts:)

  18. So awesomely exciting! Huge and very happy congratulations.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  19. I love these dresses! A similar model I sewed for my mom. Your green print is lovely. Come to visit me, I'd be happy to hear your opinion ))

    Sincerely, Stacy
    My Lifestyle & DIY Blog


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