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Most Popular Posts of the 1st Half of 2016!

Hey all!  Thanks for being patience during my blogging absence!  I wanted to put this out last week, but even with auto-publish functions my week of traveling across the country was more nuts than I anticipated.  I'm very happy to be back in Colorado-land and blogging as usual!!

A while back I thought it would be fun to look back upon the halfway point of the year (12 days ago...haha) and share what the most popular posts of this blog were so far.  If you've read my blog cover to cover, thank-you!!  If you don't, maybe you'll see a few things that you've missed but will want to read!  But this isn't just a countdown post!  Additionally, while I don't believe in sharing specific numbers (like how many hits each post gets etc as they can lead to bad social media habits like comparing oneself to others and such), sometimes I'm surprised at what does well versus what does not and thought I could share those thoughts.  I'm always for breaking the mystique of blogging, and this is a subtle way of doing so!  So here are my top 15 posts as of July 1st and why I'm thrilled they made the list or am pleasantly surprised that they did! I definitely highlight what goes through a blogger's head during the process of posting in a pretty candid way!  (Links are highlighted in the name of the blog post!) Happy Tuesday!

15. Screaming Skull 
I'm a little surprised this did as well as it did to make the top 15!  I love the outfit, but I feel whenever I'm dressed a touch more modern (like the shorts I'm wearing and in almost complete mall store brands head to toe) I lose some of my audience--at least on Instagram.  My blog audience and my IG audience are (sometimes) almost two different worlds, which is kind of fascinating to me.  This is definitely a case of me being true to me, but taking a bit of a risk content wise!  I'm glad it paid off!

14. Blair Reads Books: Girl in a Band
Corresponding YouTube  video:
This tickles my heart!  It was my favorite read of 2016 so far, my first video post, and this whole series was kind of a risk for a blog that was previously mostly about fashion.  Thanks for showing the love!  (Happily, a lot of the other Blair Reads Books series fell just a few slots outside of this sincerely, thank-you!)

13. There's The Girl 
This makes me happy to report it did well, because I'm being part rock and roll and part demure here.  That really is my fashion sense in a nutshell (and frankly, my personality haha) but until recently wasn't always well received!  So again, thank you a ton!

12. My First Ann Taylor Experience  
To write in a blog is to help, or at least that should be the goal, so writing about my initially mixed but ultimately pleasant experience shopping at a new brand is the kind of post that you hope does well.  I'm very happy that my issues with sizing and candid thoughts resonated here!

11. Jailhouse Rock  
I'm surprised this one is just outside of the top 10!  Don't misunderstand, I loved this outfit!  And I've worn this dress a few times since without photographic proof.  But I don't remember it getting a ton of love upon the first days of it being published, nor did the promotional outfit pics on Instagram do amazing.  Sometimes things just pick up later on, due to search engines or people searching your site!  I'm happy to be able to talk about this with any fellow bloggers reading, especially newer bloggers, as sometimes if a post you're proud of doesn't catch on initially it can be discouraging.  Unless you delete the post, the content is forever so you never know how it'll do past the first week it's out so never give up hope that you did your job right!

10. Atomic  
This is one of the few posts from #jennyjanuary that makes this top 15 list, and frankly...I thought this may have been my most boring outfit of the week!  I mean, obviously I love the outfit enough to wear was just kind of simple in my mind!  Sometimes it's hard to gage what you like versus what your audience will like, and this is a great example of how blogging, the Internet, and your views versus everyone else's can be unpredictable!

9. Add It Up  
This one was fun, in part because I love the dress and whole ensemble, and in part because it gave me an excuse to talk about the Violent Femmes and a funny story involving an experience with me and one of my best friends and the lead singer, Gordon Gano, of the Violent Femmes.

8. Deep in the Woods  
This is another one that delights me that it did so well.  I really liked the photoset and outfit, but it wasn't necessarily on the nose for what my audience expects from me.  I guess 2016 is a year of me learning that it's (publicly) okay to just rock whatever I feel like!

7. Fox on the Run
This is one of my favorite Bernie dresses ever, and one of my first attempts at wearing a monochrome outfit!!  Sadly I wrote about glam rock and how much I love it, sent it to publish, and woke up the next AM to discover that Bowie had died and had to add an asterisk.  Sad times...

6. April in Paris  
I loved this outfit, but this surprises me again that it did so well.  The photos are nothing special, but I suppose I have a bias that is negative towards this because I was in the worst days of having a sprained wrist!  I took off my brace for the shoot and whimpered setting up my camera and taking it down.  Haha.  #notafavememory

5. Train in Vain 
This was possibly my most personal post of 2016, as it involved the story and thoughts of a dear friend who died.  Personal stories always seem to do well, and I'm glad this one did as I only share personal things if I feel it can help someone out in Internet-land.

4. Monster Eye  
Truth: I love all of the pieces of this outfit but kind of hated how it looked on camera all together!  I really thought this was a better idea in theory than in execution...but it's my 4th most read post of the year so far so I need to admit to being wrong I suppose!!!

3. Tangled Up in Plaid  
I loved this outfit and photoset.  Nothing stands out good or bad about the whole post though, so I don't know if I'm surprised it's number three or feel like that's totally right!  Sad fact: one of the straps busted off this dress and I haven't fixed it yet, which is why I haven't worn it since!  I can't wait until I do because I totally love this Bernie Dexter plaid number!!!

2. The Vintage Reproduction World is on Fire!!!  
This is no surprise!  I wrote this hoping to fill a void that I thought was missing.  Vintage/vintage repo bloggers are dime a dozen, but so few bloggers talk about what seems to be going on in the industry itself.  I'm very glad you all agreed and ate this post right up!

1. Champagne Supernova
This is a fun one to find at number one.  Sure, it was my first post of the year and likely had more time to accumulate hits.  But it's nice because I shared some of my frustrations or boredom with fashion blogging exclusively and expressed a desire to subtly change the direction of my blog in 2016.  It took a minute to make good on it, but between launching the Just Shair! comedy videos, adding a book series, and more (with more yet to come still!!!) I have been able to start to accomplish what I set out to do this year in Internet-land.  Plus, I REALLY loved this outfit + photoset.  Thanks for making it number one!!!

I have so many fun things coming down the line over the next few weeks that I'm already super excited for the second half of this year (which is a crazy line to write as this year is going by in the blink of an eye)!  Thank-you for continued readership and support...I promise to not disappoint in the coming months!
~Lauren-Blair Donovan



  1. very fun throw back post! you look darling as always!

  2. Welcome back! Love the recap. These are definitely some of my favorite looks.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  3. These are all so fun! Can't wait to check them each out hope you had a great first half of the year

    Emma | With A City Dream

  4. Lovely post and photographs dear, thanks for sharing!

    Faye .x

  5. Aw I remember most of these posts! I love those shorts with the skull top!

    Chow Down USA

  6. I cannot appreciate one dress. all are gorgeous on you.

  7. All are such great looks on you, it's fun to look at past "looks" and "outfit posts"! :)

  8. You would have slayed in the '50s! Your looks are stunning and so full of color!! I love them all!

  9. No wonder these posts were a hit, you look lovely in all of these outfits! Some I remember and some I've missed, so I'm glad you're sharing them here again! I'm seriously in love with the shorts in the first look and that pineapple skirt from LOFT, such beautiful summer pieces! Thanks so much for sharing and cheers to much more success for the second half of the year!



  10. I remember most of these and definitely will catch up on the ones that I missed out. And seriously Lauren, you need to wear more shorts, your legs are to die for.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  11. This is an amazing idea Blair! Love it! Its so interesting to see which outfits do well compared to how you thought they would do. They're all winners in my book, haha! I do especially love number 1 *mint<3* :)

  12. This was such a great idea for a post! And I second what Shireen said -- you were born for shorts! I'm trying to get comfortable with the idea of wearing shorts in public, because it's miserably hot here and I hate being overheated more than I hate the feeling of miniature leg-prisons. But I digress. The colors of outfit #15 are *so* perfect with your complexion and hair!!

  13. Oh my gosh! This was such a fun post to read! It can be so fun (and confusing) to look at post statistics and see which ones are doing well and which ones aren''s funny how it turns out sometimes! I loved hearing your thoughts on all of these! And I even found a few that I must have missed. (Even though I really thought I was keeping up on your blog!) You have the best blog post ideas - keep up the great work! :)


  14. You look beautiful in all of these outfits! Love your style! <3

  15. So many cute looks! And I love the skull sweater. :) My fave!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  16. Wow I love all of these outfits! Really you have a great style. Gemma x

  17. So many awesome looks! The monster eye sweater is so cool! And I love the last dress. Just amazing style and posts, Lauren!


  18. I love your styling, so much fun!!
    Have a lovely weekend :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  19. Stunning looks! I love the "fox on the run" look!

    Adi xx

  20. Thank you for sharing this roundup with us! It's interesting to see what posts of yours made the top 15 hits this year so far. I am always surprised to see when/if something I posted is doing much better (or even much worse) than what usually are my hits. Sometimes it makes sense to me and sometimes it's just surprising. It's great to hear about your experience with this in blogging too!

  21. What a cool idea for a post! I think we've grown used to seeing year end round ups, which are great of course, but a mid-way one feels fresh and unexpected. So fun to get to see all of these stellar ensembles of your again.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  22. I love this jailhouse rock outfit and the last green outfit. I am a huge fan of those knee high socks and your cute knit head bands are so cute.


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