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Grace Rock Kelly Roll (aka The Artist Formally Known as Prefer to be Demure)!

Hello, friends, readers, businesses, brands, and fellow bloggers out there in Internet-land.  Notice anything different?  I could ramble on about cliches about it "not being my hair" or whatever, but I'll cut to the chase!  After a YEAR of wanting to change my url to this, I finally did it.  Picture me tap dancing a la the scene in Dumb and Dumber when they land on the orange and blue tuxes, as well as me raising a glass to one of my best friends, Bryce, for making this change possible!  (Don't you love having technically inclined people in your life?)  I imagine some of you may be wondering why I changed URLs, so let me explain:

What was wrong with "Prefer to be Demure"? Nothing.  The poet within in me stood by it and that fact that I largely wear mid-century vintage clothes made the title fitting.  However, MANY problems arose soon after christening this blog with that name.  For one, I don't exclusively dress in vintage, so the occasional ripped jeans and vast collection of metal/punk band tees probably disqualify me from being considered a "demure" dresser on the reg.  Plus, I'm trying to branch out into various personality based gigs, so far most notably my comedy project Just Shair!  "Demure" with my breed of comedy, plus some other stuff I want to branch out into with or without this blog, is a tough word to attach to oneself.

I wear patchwork jeans too...

Blogging can largely be about branding, which is why picking a name can be so important. Add that in with most experts tell you to choose a genre and stick with it.  And then you have to pick a name that suits that, and all before you know what your blog will become because you haven't had luxury of trial and error yet.  While I'm not saying that sticking to a genre is bad, it wasn't working for me (that's probably obvious if you've been with me for a while too).  I get bored if I have to color inside the lines, feel like other vintage bloggers do it better and more consistently than me (and frankly, I'm fine with that), and while I'd never try to tell you who I am or how others perceived me, I can vouch for the observation that when people seem to truly like me it seems to be when I show them all of the moving parts that make me me.  Or at least more than when they see only one side of me, due to circumstances or shyness etc.  I had an epiphany over the past year that I should start showcasing more of the different sides to me (and by extension how I dress) and trust my blogging audience to stand by me, instead of getting accidentally pigeon holed the rest of my life.

Just Shair! at a baby shower recently.

Mind you, I've never been false in any way on here.  I just...felt limited...and had to learn as I went.  And frankly, most of these changes I've been demonstrating already this whole 2016 calendar year but now the name fits the body of work.

Still "demure" sometimes though!!

Why Grace Rock Kelly Roll?  Because some of my earliest obsessions, and two that have proven to be life long, are those of my Grace Kelly fandom and my love of rock music.  Hell, I started dressing in more vintage fashion because I re-watched too many Grace Kelly movies back to back and decided vintage was a great way to age gracefully.  And, one of my first stabs at "not just clothing" blog posts on here were all about going to concerts.  These two nouns sum up so much about how I live my life, and that's not likely to change.

Real life outfit from the spring!

Additionally, I like that there is an opposite current between Grace Kelly and rock and roll.  Don't we all have a dichotomy?  I'm embracing mine and making it my brand.  There's so many cookie cutters out there and while that's fine and good if it makes one happy, it's not what I represent.  And hopefully that'll (continue) to attract more like minded readers (and bloggers), in whatever form y'all come in!  

Truth be long as I'm colorfully dressed, I'm quite happy!

Will the name change again?  I can't imagine it will.  If I ever need an even further encompassing website for additional projects, I'll add a site that's my name but will keep this (or conjoin them somehow, if appropriate).  I've been sitting on Grace Roll Kelly Roll for a year and still find it super fitting, so I feel safe in not having another name change.  And as you can tell, this wasn't impulsive at all. 

Throwback to when my inner Grace Kelly nearly got ousted my an inner Marilyn!

Will the site change?  Nah.  It's still going to be largely a personal style site, with occasional adventures in music, books, and comedy as well.  The new name may give me license to try out some other stuff down the line, but for now I'm content with the balance that I've stuck so far.

Posting schedule: Historically I'd (try) to post Mon-Thurs and then do a book or cultural weekend post on Saturday.  As you may have noticed, the past month or so that has not even a little bit been the case!  I'm going to take a few days from posting so as many eyeballs as possible see this is on the top of my site (FYI: redirects should be working for a while, if not for forever) and put some IRL ducks in a row in the meantime.  On Wednesday (July 27) I'll return, will likely post Thursday, will have the weekend off to be in a wedding, and then will attempt and hopefully succeed at my old posting schedule the following Monday.  Thanks for understanding, and please stay with me!  August, and maybe even next week(!), have some pretty fun stuff coming down the pipe and I've been hopping up and down like a bunny trying to contain myself since those wheels were set in motion ;)

Yay, I can act like a weirdo!!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and I'm super anxious to officially get back in the swing of things!  It's amazing how invigorating having a blog url that better suits you is!  Back to the grind soon ;)

~Lauren-Blair Donovan


  1. I love the new blog name, and I'll sure to be still following and reading your blog posts! :)

  2. I love the new name and agree. Picking a blog name is so hard and it's even harder when the blog landscape is changing and you don't want to be limited. I like the rock 'n roll side of you as much as the "demure" side so this is great!

  3. I'm so into the new URL, and I'm excited for more frequent posts! I can totally see why you changed your name -- "Ilovetodressdemurelybutimalsoarockchickatheartand" is not especially catchy. Grace Kelly is the perfect style inspo for you, too! I'm looking forward to the new posts <3!

  4. Girl, glad you changed for you and to keep your blogging world less in a box!! When I first started blogging (in 2012), I had a blog that I dubbed, "Classy Ever After" (there's a blog run by someone named Gina with the same name, she was around when I was originally and she kept her name similarly titled). Let's just say the "classy" confinement wasn't working with everything about me. After another blog ("Her & Hair") I finally settled on All the Cute. Its been almost 2 years and so far, so good... I suppose!

    Congrats on the newness!

    All the Cute 🎀

  5. Love the new name, Lauren! Congrats on the change! I know you've been wanting to do this for awhile. :) I'm so glad the switch went well!

  6. Love the new name and congrats on the change! I did that with my blog a little over a year ago after transitioning it from a more personal blog, and I am so happy with the outcome. It really takes a lot of work, so I totally get it.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  7. Congrats on the rebrand, lady! I love the new blog name!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  8. congrats on the new update! very exciting!

  9. Hi ,
    Congrats on your new name and what great skirt are you wearing in the first photo .
    Looking forward to your next post .

  10. Dear Lauren Blair, I simply looooved this post! Pictures and what you wrote - and the new name! I love Grace Kelly too, her movies, biography, style, So, Grace Rock Kelly Roll is a perfect name! (So good to have a tech savvy friend!) I think you are so right, Demure wouldn't fit much the new projects, but I like that name very much too. I admire whoever posts with a disciplined schedule. I normally post on Mondays and this week will post a motivational one on Thursday. I will visit your post later, then, though I always tell my blogger-friends that they can count one me at least once a week (the chores take a lot of the week, like for everybody!) I agree with you on liking - you can be sure I like you, and so I always come back because I know you are a great mind! A lot of sucess to Grace Rock Kelly Roll!

  11. Your new blog name is so cute! I think it goes so well with your style too x Good luck! Btw, I love your entire patchwork jeans outfit.

  12. Great looks!! You really enjoy fashion.
    First time on your blog and I love it!
    Kiss kiss
    New post is up on my blog, take a look
    Trendy Tips Trendy Girls

  13. Loving the new brand and URL it really suits your style. Have a great day! Gemma x

  14. I am a little sad to see the old name go but I absolutely understand the need to rebrand! You choose a really lovely name and thank you for sharing the meaning behind it.

    ps: Love you in the patch work jeans!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  15. Adore the name, perfect and creative! I was bummed when I couldn't find your site! Looking forward to more of your vintage style. And love the Bowie tee, now I need one!


  16. Yay!! Oh, how I love the name! So excited for you to finally have the name change. I know you've been thinking about it for a while. It definitely fits you so well <3

  17. Congrats girl! You are so brave to change your blog title. I love love looovee that inner Marilyn shot!

  18. Hello Lauren! I really understand why you decided to change the name of your blog and I'm happy that you feel that new name is fits to you better, what's more, Grace Kelly is wonderful inspiration, dear!

  19. The new name is great. I love the rose dress in the post.

  20. Congrats on rebranding and naming the blog, beautiful; I can totally relate to everything you mentioned. I actually did the same, as well as an entire site face lift this past September. My blog was formerly Jalisa's Fashion Files (so lame, I know!). After reviewing a lot of my content and the ones that were catching people interest the most, I decided to make a change to the name with something that was more reflective of my goals and voice. So, in short, I think it was a wise choice to go with that inner voice and make the change to really allow yourself some wiggle room to expand and share things you felt you couldn't before! Cheers to much growth and most importunely, creativity! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you're having the best week so far!



  21. Congrats on the URL change! It sounds like the perfect fit for you! <3

  22. I love the meaning behind the URL change, very fitting and I love that your opening your self up more as well! You will always be a style icon for me!!! I want to rad your wardrobe and go shopping with you! :p <3 xoxo

  23. Great new name, and great pictures! :-)

  24. So many fantastic outfits to help bring us the exciting news of your name blog name with. Way to go on making this longstanding dream (changing your site's moniker) come to fruition. I think it suits you marvelously!

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  25. Dear Lauren Blair, are you just busy or am I having problems accessing your blog because of the new name? I hope nothing is wrong! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  26. What I like about your blog is that you are simply "you". I don't like to color inside the lines either. It's nice to hear you say that because I can relate:) When I come to your blog I feel like I really get to know you, see really great styles, and hear about your life stories. And that is what I enjoy about visiting your blog. You are authentic and you should never feel shy and embarrassed about that.


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