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Summer Outfit + BIG Announcements

Weekly Announcements:Hey all!  It's been a slow posting week, but a lot has been going on behind the scenes so I want to take a quick second to share what's up before launching into this outfit post! In case you missed it, I changed the name of my URL (which is probably obvious if you're reading this) and the explanation for it all is HERE!I got to be a featured blogger for ModCloth!  ModCloth's IRL tour is coming to Denver in August (...I may or may not get to be apart of that...) and they asked me to write about the Mile High City for their blog!  I was totally honored and excited, so check out my post HERE!  Since they asked for a bunch of photos and could only use so many, I have a bunch that didn't make the cut so I may add them to a future post here sooner than later! Picnic with local beers as Denver is known for microbreweries! It's been a super exciting week for interviews, as my comedy partner Shannon and I got interviewed from one of my closest blogger …

Grace Rock Kelly Roll (aka The Artist Formally Known as Prefer to be Demure)!

Hello, friends, readers, businesses, brands, and fellow bloggers out there in Internet-land.  Notice anything different?  I could ramble on about cliches about it "not being my hair" or whatever, but I'll cut to the chase!  After a YEAR of wanting to change my url to this, I finally did it.  Picture me tap dancing a la the scene in Dumb and Dumber when they land on the orange and blue tuxes, as well as me raising a glass to one of my best friends, Bryce, for making this change possible!  (Don't you love having technically inclined people in your life?)  I imagine some of you may be wondering why I changed URLs, so let me explain:

What was wrong with "Prefer to be Demure"? Nothing.  The poet within in me stood by it and that fact that I largely wear mid-century vintage clothes made the title fitting.  However, MANY problems arose soon after christening this blog with that name.  For one, I don't exclusively dress in vintage, so the occasional ripped jeans…

Catch a Wave

All About the Outfit:  Wahoo!  My second true outfit post (first not having a bajillion announcements sprinkled in) since...June (ugh!!)  This summer is fllllyyyinnnnggg!  ChicWish is a brand I love but don't necessarily wear enough (I blame the satin-y feel to their skirts because they make an outfit feel fancier than every day wear at times).  But I'm vowing to wear their beauties more and I'm starting with this AMAZING ocean skirt.  I almost passed it up, and I must say in person it's a thousand times better than any of the photos of it on their site.  Plus green and purple (...purple adjacent really...) are like, my favorites!  So thankful I got this bad boy!

Style Details:  I haven't been wearing as many brooches this summer due to strapless pieces, crop tops, and thin strapped tanks not really being conducive to wearing brooches.  Luckily with this tee I was able to squeeze one of my beloved Erstwilder dino brooches into the outfit.  I'm not one of those g…


Thursday Weekend Announcements: Sorry, folks!  When I got back to Denver, I hit the ground running HARD and I've been barely able to catch my breath.  I'm very much looking forward to a calmer week ahead, in which blogging will be a top priority!  Here's some of the stuff that's been making up my bonkers schedule, including possibly the coolest blog related opportunity I've gotten yet!  Anyone else having a bananas crazy summer too?? New Just Shair video!  We discuss bad lyrics in a multi-part series on bad lyrics (looking at you next...hip hop) that probably every last one of you can agree with and laugh at.  This week it's general top 40 hits.  I mean, sounded like "Jeremy" spoke something important, so why did you mumble your words, Pearl Jam?  And WHY did the Spice Girls proclaim that "if you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends?"  Like...ew. Just Shair: Site/Facebook/YouTube Channel/Instagram/Twitter I've made…

Most Popular Posts of the 1st Half of 2016!

Hey all!  Thanks for being patience during my blogging absence!  I wanted to put this out last week, but even with auto-publish functions my week of traveling across the country was more nuts than I anticipated.  I'm very happy to be back in Colorado-land and blogging as usual!!

A while back I thought it would be fun to look back upon the halfway point of the year (12 days ago...haha) and share what the most popular posts of this blog were so far.  If you've read my blog cover to cover, thank-you!!  If you don't, maybe you'll see a few things that you've missed but will want to read!  But this isn't just a countdown post!  Additionally, while I don't believe in sharing specific numbers (like how many hits each post gets etc as they can lead to bad social media habits like comparing oneself to others and such), sometimes I'm surprised at what does well versus what does not and thought I could share those thoughts.  I'm always for breaking the mystique…