Unique Vintage Flamingo Skirt Review

Greetings, friends!  I'm about to review this amazing skirt from Unique Vintage, but first I wanna do my Thursday Announcements, as I have a few things worth noting!

Thursday Announcements:
  • For one, in case you missed the latest Blair Reads Books post, I opened a YouTube channel for this blog and more!!  I reviewed the book Girl in a Band by Kim Gordon for my first video, and I have more coming.  Some videos will be fashion etc based, some will be cultural reviews, and I have some other stuff in the works that will hopefully surface sooner than later!  I struggled with knowing if I should do YouTube for this blog for some time now, but finally a light bulb went off in my head with how to make it my own, so I'm really excited.  Please follow the Lauren-Blair Donovan channel, and if you're a fellow YouTuber I know from blog etc land, let me know and I'll follow back!
  • I've added two pages to my blog, an archive of any tips and how-to posts that I've done, and a collection of the Just Shair videos.  Speaking of...
  • My comedy project, Just Shair, has a follow up video to our Roller Skating...Where Did it Go? video, but while we are still talking about skating we kind of lose our minds in this video!!  Basically, I have A HUGE laughing fit on camera and it's closer to a blooper video that stays on topic than a true topic based video.  I was in FINE FORM during this filming and completely lost my marbles when we brought up 70s sitcom, The Facts of Life (Tootie was on roller skates the whole first season).  If you like watching people cracking up to the point of tears and have trouble getting through bits on camera, this video is for you!

All About the Outfit:
...and now back to your regularly scheduled programing!  So, I own A LOT of flamingo gear.  Like, I pass up the chance to purchase more flamingo gear all the time because I have so much.  The exception is that if the color scheme seems different, I'm more quickly to get it.  I'm kind of over the teals with pinks, as I have a few pieces like that.  But this blue fading white print from Unique Vintage really struck me, so after waiting for forever I finally purchased it on Memorial Day.  It does not disappoint!  Here are some points about the skirt, as it's Unique Vintage brand and I don't believe I've spoken about them too often:
  • The fabric is a great sturdy cotton!  For some reason I thought it would be closer to a ChicWish skirt fabric.  One may say I should have, you know, read the label on the Unique Vintage website to see what kind of material it was made from, and one would probably be right!  IDK, I can't explain it.  I've seen several girls on Instagram wear this and it (and the sister watermelon skirt) always looked so shiny to me.  I was in for a surprise when I got it, but it was a good one because I prefer cotton prints a little more.  
  • Pockets!  Always worth noting since pockets in dresses have become so popular and are in demand.
  • Easy to iron.  It was pretty wrinkled when I got it but one brief trip to the ironing board was all it needed!  
  • I think it runs big.  This is my only "bad" point, but it's not terrible.  The sizing said that an XS was a 24 inch waist and the Small was a 26 inch waist.  I'm a 25/26 inch waist so I got the small, but it's kind of big.  You can't tell in photos (I spaced on showcasing the size by pulling it out with my fingers in a snap as it was 100 degrees when I took these pics and my brain was melting), but it's not tight.  Luckily it doesn't sag and droop lower on my waist than I want it to, but this is worth mentioning nonetheless.  If I go back for another print I'm honestly not sure if I'll go with small again or downsize to XS.  Anyone have any thoughts on this based on their experiences?
Style Details:

Necklace- DSW
Shoes- G by Guess

Hope everyone is excited for their weekend!  On Saturday I'm going to do another post/video in the Blair Read Books series called Unorthodox by Deborah Feldman.  It's a memoir from an escapee from a hasidic Jewish community.  Hope you come back to take a gander! 


  1. Wow! This outfit is simply stunning on you, Lauren! I love the colors! And I completely agree with what you said about this skirt and the watermelon one always looking so shiny in photos. I had been debating about the watermelon one, but wasn't a fan of the shine. Good to know it's actually cotton! Haha love the Just Shair photo gallery! I'm going to head over and take a gander at the rest of them, now!

    Hope you have a great weekend, Lauren!


  2. I like that it's easy to iron and pockets are a must! I loved the flamingo print and running big is good for me :) I am not size S :) But I know what you mean, of course. The Just Shair videos seems to be so funny, I watched one and loved it, remember? I don't access youtube much, but I will watch your videos soon! Hope you have a very nice weekend!

  3. This look is perfect for sunny days! I love how you wore it =)

  4. Wow this outfit is too perfect, I love everything about it the color combo is just right, and skirt is breezy which makes it great for summer.

    new post

  5. I LOOOVE YOUR SKIRT!!!!!!! And you look so pretty!


  6. Awesomely fun outfit! I'm wild about your darling flamingo print skirt and equally so for your chicer-than-chic blue heels. What a sensational pair!

    Big hugs & happy weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  7. awww!! You look really awesome.

    Have a nice weekend!!

  8. Haha I love seeing you two crack one abother up. Bye, bitches! Keep the laughs coming. Also, this skirt. Sigh. So dreamy. Love the fading color and obviously the fab flamingo!


  9. Oh I love this flamingo skirt...looks like a really fun skirt to wear! Love that Le Bomb top as well! xo

  10. Adorable outfit! I thought about getting the flamingo skirt, too, but went with just the watermelon & the new cupcake one. I do love a great flamingo print though!

  11. Gorgeous skirt! I LOVE flamingos! They are one of my favorite birds! So so cute!

  12. THIS outifit is everything! :O This is one of my favs (I swear I've said that now several times :p) seriously though this is a winner! <3 xoxo


  13. Ok, now that I see it on you, I'm seriously regretting just returning mine when UV sent me the wrong size! This was definitely *not* a piece to pass up! It looks amazing on you!!

  14. I love your outfit,you look glamorous in this stunning vintage skirt.Such a lovely skirt


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