Trees and Flowers

Thursday Announcements:
Things have been busy but slow in my world, if that makes sense!  I lost my rhythm of blogging last week due to that, but I'm hoping more and more good stuff will be bubbling to the surface ASAP.
  • My comedy project, Just Shair!, has a new video out on roller skating!  No really...what happened to roller skating?  It's barely a thing anymore!  So we wax nostalgically and in a silly way.  I mentioned a while back that there was a filming where I completely lost my mind laughing and this was this taping.  THAT SAID, there's not too much evidence of that in this edited video.  (I am a tad more revved up than usual though).  If all goes well and Shannon approves my edit, a take two where we expand of skating and specifically, bizarre 70s sitcom The Facts of Life, will be uploaded and you will see tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.  For now, here's a more contained version of our Roller Skating...Where Did it Go? video!

(Shirt is Heart of Haute & brooch is Erstwilder)
Just Shair: YouTube Channel/Site/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram

All About the Outfit:
So...I officially like Ann Taylor now!  I wrote about the amazing pineapple skirt last month and since then I have made two more purchases!  I bought on super clearance yellow gingham shorts and this tropical a-line pencil skirt and I'm totally in love with all of my purchases!  I've worn this skirt a few times and it's literally perfect!  It's comfortable, it's timeless, and it's so easy to just put on and walk out the door in heels or flip flops.  This is easily one of the best summer purchases I've ever made!  And all I needed to do was find my right size in this brand!  (Size 0 for reference).

Style Details:
Tank- Forever 21
Brooch- Erstwilder
Skirt- Ann Taylor
Bag- Dooney and Bourke
Shoes- Nine West

Music Time!
Earlier this year I got super into the band The Dum Dum Girls and this is the first time that I get to talk about them on the blog!  I'd call them a mix of Cults, Veruca Salt, Tennis, with a teeny tiny splash of even the Go-Gos in some of their songs.  "Trees and Flowers" is a little more understated, but it totally rocks too!  And, it matches the theme of the outfit + wooded area I took pictures in.  Enjoy!
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  1. I love the skirt!! And great song!

    Adi xx

  2. That skirt is so fab and you styled it in such a gorgeous look.

  3. What a cute skirt, I love it so much because it is so trendy right now!

    My Vogue Style -

  4. Omg haha, yes! Why is roller skating not a thing anymore?! I had roller skating birthday parties and all throughout elenentary school we had school parties at the roller rink. Lol, I'd pay to see a roller prom. That's awesome that you're hooked on Ann Taylor now! I love how refined and classy their items are. Loving this skirt too! Also, your hair is perfect in a bun like that!

  5. You look great !
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  6. Love the skirt. This outfit is so pretty with it's colours. I love how you always manage to match colours so well!
    Much love,

  7. I would have never thought those pieces were from Ann Taylor. I had unconsciously written them off so I'll have to give them another shot!


    Violet Roots || Instagram || Twitter

  8. Love your Ann Taylor! The print is so fun and you look as lovely as ever, Laura!

    Happy Weekend, love!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  9. That skirt is so lovely, and I like the print as well. Great earthy, Sahara vibe. <3

  10. Fabulous outfit! I've been drawn to leaf prints (and themed accessories) sooo much this year. I'm not trading in my beloved florals anytime soon, but am definitely adding more leaf pieces to my closet to keep them company.

    Have a fantastic weekend, lovely lady!

    ♥ Jessica

  11. You look super fit, Lauren and that skirt really compliments your figure well!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  12. That skirt is so cute and I just love the fun print and how you style it with the brown colors. Fab outfit!

    Face to Curls |

  13. That is a beautiful skirt, the print is perfect for summer!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  14. Such a cute skirt, you look amazing x

  15. You have a vintage vibe on the way you dress and style and I love it! Great print!

  16. oh my gosh, so classy and elegant, such a wonderful dress on you <3

  17. Such a lovely leaf-print skirt, you look amazing!


  18. Nature in your skirt!! Lovely!! :-)

  19. Love this outfit on you! It's so well put together and looks tailor made! Love the way you've styled it too! It is a shame about roller skating. Roller skating is so much fun! There's actually still some roller rinks not far from us. We went last year with a bunch of friends for my husband's birthday. :)


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