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Trashy Diva Hepburn Robe Review

All About the Outfit Etc:
Greetings, earthlings!  Where has this year gone?  I feel the past 3 years have been off in one way or another due external factors, but 2016 is FLYING by!  I feel like I blinked in February and now 4th of July is on the horizon.  I have no idea why this is happening though!  Things are relatively not that stressful (knock on wood), busy but not in an out of the ordinary way, and good but not "so great" in the sense that time is supposed to fly when you're having fun.  I give up trying to figure out why this year is essentially a cartoon with calendar pages flying off the wall to illustrate a larger passage of time...  Anyone else in the same boat?

I bring all of this up because I got this bad boy back in January(!) and only got to wear it recently!  I thought it would make for a great spring dress, being floral, a modest length, and having sleeves but that just didn't happen!  

This was a new style of Trashy Diva clothing for me (Hepburn Robe in the Steel Magnolia print) and while I really do love this dress (don't misread my months of not wearing it!  I can't even account to what happened there!) there are some kinks to it worth pointing out!  But first, lemme explain why it's awesome!

  1. The quality is amazing, as you should come to expect from Trashy Diva.
  2. I find this dress to be very figure flattering.
  3. It's so feminine and sexy, but still a-ok for girls who crave modesty.
The only things that are a little "quirky" about this number is that there's no buttons or zippers or anything between the hem of the dress and where it ties.  Depending on how gracefully you get in and out of cars, climb up on bar stools, or fight wind of a regular basis, this will be prevent an interesting challenge!  (See two photos below!)  It's not enough to have me try to scare you off, but it'd be remiss of me not to mention this too!  Initially I wasn't sure if this was more of a house coat type piece or a dress.  I believe it to be versatile and am considering wearing it open and with pants come cooler days (it got boiling lava hot here in Denver and summer, unlike other seasons, doesn't change temperatures at all).  Come fall (or winter) I'll attempt to style it that way and see if it works!  

Style Details:
Always a believer in the power of green with purple, I opted for lavender accents with a quirky brooch and feminine shoes in that hue.

Dress- Trashy Diva (sold out but a few styles in this print are left!)
Brooch- Erstwilder via Pinup Girl Clothing
Shoes- Chinese Laundry
Hey, sailors!

Motivational Monday:
Oh my goodness, gracious.  Where to begin?  Another day, another mass shooting..or at least that's how it seems here in America.  I've written about this subject before when the Paris shootings occurred, and if your memory serves you may remember that I do my best to not give into the 24/7 news coverage as a stance to not feed the ratings and adding to the sensationalism and I mostly take a moment to give thanks that I can be sad for strangers while not personally mourning anyone this go around.   

After seeing the push notifications, I went on FB, only because I got a notification that two friends had checked in as safe (I used to live in Florida so I know a fair amount of people down there) and checked Facebook more than my usual one minute a day to see updates of checkins (I wasn't that worried, but still).  Needless to say I was bombarded with dozens of people expressing genuine concern, to soapboxing, to misguided rants, and everything inbetween.  If you're not in America, let me explain that the current attitude as of 2016 of the country is pretty fed up.  People on all sides of the fence have different reasons for being sick of different status quo, and have been for a while, but this election year has been an incredibly contentious one and everyone has a bit of a fever from it.  This Orlando shooting exasperated everything.  

I'm not going to tell anyone what to think.  Nor am I going to get political or share my world views.  BUT amongst all of the emotional and angry posts, one stood out to me.  It was from a friend I largely know from a secular group that I am apart of and have done human rights activist work with.  She said this:

"Florida people: go donate blood.  There are still ridiculous laws that block the gay community from donating.  Thoughts, prayers, sure fine, whatever.  But go actually DO something."

Throughout the rest of my day, on Twitter, and in real life at a dear friend's birthday, I brought up this idea to pass along to people.  It's not the first time people have promoted this cause, but it felt the most appropriate given how high emotions are with the specific horror of this past weekend and with the past several months leading up to it.  If you're sad, feel sad.  If you pray, meditate, or keep people in your thoughts during a time of tragedy I'm not saying that you shouldn't do that.  But if there is anything that you can physically do in times of need, we all need to turn to that thought first.  People who are religious often state that their religion is based in love and doing good things for mankind and those without specific religious beliefs often hail that this is the only go around so we need to make the most of it.  Emotions are apart of being human, but if we all trained our brains to act on the kind thoughts we had in whatever form they can manifest, this world really would be that much better.  
Link organizations if you can as well so everything can be readily researched!

Sorry this Monday is sad.  But I hope some of these words help in some capacity, as I truly believe learning to act on things instead of just being sad is a step in the right direction.  And, if you have been personally impacted by this tragedy I am deeply sorry and wish you the best in your grief.  
~Lauren-Blair Donovan
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  1. What a gorgeous dress!! The florals are indeed so feminine and the cut is sexy but demure! :o) Love your hair, too! Everything looks great!!

    All the Cute 🎀
    Today's Post: Striped Chambray Dress

  2. so in love with your Dress

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with your Motivational Monday, Lauren. Very well said.

    On a lighter note, your dress looks lovely on you. :) I would not do so well with no zippers or buttons, though. Haha, not nearly graceful enough for that! And I know I'm probably sounding like a broken record, now...but seriously, your hair is AMAZING! It's perfect in every post!


  4. I love the print of that robe!
    And I love green with purple: opposites attract!

  5. This dress looks amazing on you Lauren, love the style and the floral print! xo

  6. You always look so good in green and purple. Definitely your colors! This robe dress is beautiful and I see what you mean with the last photo of having some trouble wih no buttons or zippers. You know, this reminds me of something similar Lucy would wear around the house in I Love Lucy. She'd have pants underneath this sparkly sheer robe type thing. I always wanted to find one for myself. This is pretty similar!

  7. The fit of this dress is so up my alley. I love the midi length and sleeves and those pretty big flowers. 2016 does seem to be flying!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  8. that dress is so pretty

  9. It was indeed a very sad weekend. I feel heartbroken, and I have very strong opinions about things, but will not bother you with them. I think what you wrote was very good!
    Now on to the dress - It's beautiful and you look lovely in it. I think you've styled it beautifully. But I do see how it could be problematic with no buttons at the end. hehe
    Hope you'll have a lovely week.
    Much love,

  10. You look wonderful! :) Love your style! :) x
    Helena – Swedish girl in Tokyo

  11. I have a very similar dress and it's my favorite! Love this look!

  12. This is such a gorgeous robe! I really like your style and I'm a fan of print especially greens & blues.

    You look wonderful and this has been styled beautifully!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Laura xo

  13. First off, I'm also saddened by what happened this past weekend. I really don't know what to say anymore, I don't have any words. If it's not a shooting taking place here in the States, there's something tragic happening abroad that's gaining world news. All I can say is that people and society as a whole are hurting because I'm a firm believer that hurting people hurt people and all I can say is that this presidential election is interesting. As for your outfit, I love that dress and I love that you gave a heads up on its vulnerability because as much as we all may try, we won't get away with looking like Marlyn in a wind blown situation, haha! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you're having a great day so far!

    PS: It's not just you, time is really going by way too fast!



  14. This is such a cute print and it goes so well with your hair

  15. Wonderful dress...and I was thinking the same as Laura about your hair... they really match! :-)

  16. Awesome outfit! That dress marries 40s, 70s and modern style elements seamlessly - and it looks downright incredible on you, dear Lauren.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  17. Love this print on you! And you've styled it so perfectly! Can't wait to see how you style it in the fall! <3 And I totally feel the same way about the year! This year has been flying by! I can't believe it's already over half done!


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