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Summer Girl

Thursday Announcements:
  • I have a new Just Shair video coming hopefully tomorrow (HUGE technical difficulties as our 4th of July video we made is all blurry now so we're going to refilm it and edit/publish it IMMEDIATELY tomorrow).  It sucks, because it was one of our better ones, but we believe we can recreate the magic haha.  For now here's a preview of our still in tact photo post for this holiday (and if you follow me on Instagram you may remember a sneak peak of this "look"):
  • Thank you so much for barring with me with slower posting, networking, social media advertising etc.  I mentioned this in my last post that there's been a lot going on, and part of it is that my search history keeps getting deleted in cleaning up my computer's files and stuff.  Suddenly my world isn't quite at my finger tips anymore and a lot of computer time is now being spent backing up stuff instead of blog stuff...etc.  BLAH!  Ending soon....::knock on wood::
  • Speaking of, next week will be hit or miss with me as I will be out of town.  I have some posts almost ready to go and will auto-publish.  I'm going to attempt to keep up but I know I will struggle some!  Come early-mid July I hope to be back in the game totally and have some really fun things cooking!
  • Since I mentioned that I'm traveling...on my newer YouTube channel I've made the first of a three part series on how to pack efficiently for a trip!  This first one is about what not to pack, as it's so easy to go overboard and not realize you need to streamline your needs versus wants.  It's a little longer than I intended (I'm working on keeping videos shorter...) but I try to be entertaining so I hope it's not the end of the world ;)

All About the Outfit Etc:
This is the pineapple skirt that I was Google image searching when I somewhat fatefully found the Ann Taylor pineapple skirt!  This Oblong Box Shop skirt was an exclusive to Unique Vintage from the mid winter until TOBS recently listed the skirt on their own site. Despite it being out for months and being raved about, I just didn't see enough pictures of this amazing skirt, hence I was scouring the web to see if any bloggers I hadn't heard of blogged about it--and thus found the Ann Taylor skirt haha.  Unique Vintage had some good sales over Memorial Day so I snagged this baby and have no regrets.  You may remember that last fall I reviewed the WONDERFULNESS that is The Oblong Box Shop and their novelty print skirts + fabrics, but if not click here for a refresh as these truly are great skirts!  (Size small for measure!)  They've had tons of new releases this 2016 involving mid-century furniture prints, tipsy elephants, wall paper inspired fish prints, and tropical drink prints.  These are worth the investment as the don't wrinkle, are super fun, and I can't wait to slowly but hopefully acquire them all!

Style Details:
I have visions of wearing this with green, white, yellow, purple and so forth, but for this pairing I wore a matching pink polka dot crop top from Forever 21.  If you weren't with me last summer allow me to explain that I either live in shorter quirky dresses or midi skirts with crop tops in the summer months as it's super hot here.  (It's already in the 90s and we haven't even hit the time where we usually have a heat wave!) 

Glasses + Crop Top- Forever 21
Earrings + Necklace- Old Navy
Bag- Kate Spade
Shoes- Nine West

Music Time!
I've talked about my love of Leighton Meester before, including loving her on Gossip Girl but also loving her music.  I'm not much of a country girl, but this song by her is so damn catchy I can't help myself.  Plus, this is such a summery outfit that her song, "Summer Girl" is kind of a perfect title!

As I mentioned above, I'm going to be hit or miss over the next week plus.  But I will be popping back here and there so stay tuned :)  Have a great kickoff to your 4th of July until then!!!
~Lauren-Blair Donovan



  1. Ahhhh I can't handle how perfect this outfit is! And this skirt doesn't wrinkle?? Sign me up! I'm sold! Haha. And oh my goodness, your purse is adorable too. I can't wait to see the Just Shair video (love the pic)! And I'll be checking out your travel tips video right now! I hope you have a great weekend, Lauren!


  2. You look gorgeous. I love that skirt! No wonder you've been looking for it. And enjoy your out of town trip! :D


  3. Great travel tips! Polka dots and pineapples exude summer. Both are great prints on you. Okay, I am totally in love with your green heels and adorable bag!

  4. This is such a cute skirt, love the pineapple print so much and this skirt looks wonderful on you! My friend took blog photos in this same skirt over the weekend! :)

  5. Love your polka dot top and pineapple combo. These prints are perfect for summer. Those mid century furniture prints sound amazing. I'm a huge fan of your green heels! So cute! Also, thanks for sharing your travel tips with us:)

  6. You look absolutely gorgeous, Lauren; I love this entire outfit! That crop top looks so good paired with the pineapple skirt and I love the accessories you've added, too! Thanks so much for sharing, beautiful, and I hope you have the most amazing weekend ahead!



  7. I had no idea Leighton Meester sings?! Anyway, that skirt is gorgeous and that crop top matches it beautifully! Have fun on your trip and don't sweat about blogging world. xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  8. Great that you are getting organized. Cleaning up computer files feels SO amazing!!
    LOVING your look. The pink/white combo polka dots are too cute! Wishing that cropped top was still available!!

    I love wearing cropped tops in summer, too!! If you look and feel good, definitely gotta showcase the waistline! :o)

    Happy Fourth of July weekend!!

    All the Cute 🎀
    Today's Post: Casually Striped...

  9. Shame technology hasn't been the best for you lately, hope it improves soon.

    I like your outfit too - the polka dot top and skirt work so well together!

    Enjoy your 4th July!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  10. I am madly and completely in love with this sweet, cheerful outfit. Pineapples for the win always!!!

    Big hugs & joyful start of July wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  11. Love this outfit, that skirt is so cute! x

  12. Love the pink polka top. So fun with the pink dots in the skirt! Also, love that bag with this skirt. Too perfect. Hope you have a great vacation and that your computer problems clear up.

  13. Amazing dress!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase

  14. Such a cute look!! I love the green heels!

    Adi xx

  15. Your outfit is just amazing! I love the mix of your adorable pineapple skirt and lemon bag! So sorry to hear about your video being blurry. I hope it goes better next time. Hate when things happen like that.


  16. Oh wow your skirt is such a dream! I love the shape and the print. The way you styled it is completely perfect.

  17. This outfit is just perfect on you. I love the colour, you look so summery and lovely.
    Hope you are having a nice weekend.
    Much love,

  18. If I'm going to be honest I wasn't really a fan of the pineapple trend that started to happen just not my thing but damn Lauren you know how to style pieces just right and I love it, that and it makes me so want it to be summer here in New Zealand!!!

  19. Dear Blair, I hope that this week is excellent for you - not only this week, but all the others too. The Just Shair picture is cool and funny, I liked the Americana style! I also loved this skirt, with the pineapple print! It is amazing, and the bag as well - I really really loved the bag! Together with the green shoes this outfit is really cool and feminine. You always look stunning! Loved your hair! Happy 4th of July and week!

  20. This is the most darling skirt!! I love that you paired it with a matching crop top too. Seriously perfection. How about that it doesb't wrinkle too?!? Now that is a flawless skirt haha.

  21. This look is absolutely cute and adorable <3

    xoxo, Lastestbag - Best Bags 2016


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