(Nothing But) Flowers

All About the Outfit:
Tatyana is really on a roll in 2016!  This is one of their newer dresses (the Elizabeth dress) that I'm totally in love with!  Something about the grey with yellow floral print made me fall in love because it's unlike any other floral print that I own.  It's definitely a fancier dress, meaning not something I'd wear on a normal day, but when I put it on I go into 'Grace Kelly mode' so I'm excited for outings where it's appropriate to wear!

Worth noting: it has a slight petticoat underneath.  I am NOT a fan of petticoats/crinolines, but this one isn't so bad.  It's subtle, gives the dress volume, and doesn't itch.  So if you're like me and are amongst the few ladies in retro land who don't enjoy petticoat adjacent underthings...don't be too scared off!

Thursday Announcements:
  • Real fast, if you were with me a year ago you may have already read this.  Tomorrow is the 13 year mark of my father's death.  I only ever share personal things if I feel like I have something useful to say that could hopefully help others.  I REALLY don't want to make a big to do or really acknowledge tomorrow at all (it's been 13 years; no use rehashing) but in the interest of helping...if you have found yourself in the midst of grief recently it may be a helpful read.  Otherwise, have a happy Friday!
Outfit Details:
Dress- Tatyana (can also be found at Doll Me Up)
Brooch- Erstwilder
Shoes- Jessica Simpson via DSW

Music Time!
Another floral outfit, another floral music post name!  This time around it's "(Nothing But) Flowers" by the Talking Heads...aka one of the greatest bands of all time.  I'm not sure I've used them before as a blog title post, but I did rock a band shirt of theirs when I went to see Hall and Oates.

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  1. Gorgeous dress, girly!!
    I hope you think fondly of your father tomorrow... so nice of you to share comfort for those who may have been more recently affected by the death of someone who was near and dear.

    All the Cute ๐ŸŽ€
    Today's Post: Alena's Style: White Eyelet Romper

  2. Sorry you have such a sad 'anniversary' coming up.

    On the positive side, that dress is lovely on you! I like the bow detail on the neckline as well as the print :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. Such a beautiful dress on you, love the yellow collar and belt! xo

  4. oh my gosh, you look amazing in that elegant and feminine dress <3 perfect choice :)

  5. Love the fit and print on this dress. How perfect is it with your yellow shoes?!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  6. The dress is stunning you look absolutely gorgeous! Gemma x

  7. How gorgeous are you?! Love the floral print -- this dress is to die for!

    Happy Weekend, love!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  8. What a lovely dress! x


  9. love the yellow with your red hair! super cute look!


  10. Immensely lovely outfit. This outfit just drives home how incredible yellow can look on red and auburn haired ladies.

    Many hugs & wishes of serenity to you on this poignant anniversary,
    ♥ Jessica

  11. Such a beautiful dress! I am in love. I might actually have to pick it up for myself. I love petticoats! haha I love the volume it gives, even though it also makes people stare at you.
    Much love,

  12. This dress is perfect! Sending hugs to you <3<3

  13. Grace Kelly mode is right! You know I love her ;) I agree that the yellow and gray pattern is different and makes this dress so unique. You look gorgoeus in it! I think its wonderful of you to try to help others through a tough period by using how you've dealt with such things in the past. Taking something sad and turning it into something useful.


  14. You look beautiful in this yellow dress! Stunning in fact. I am definitely going to read this post. It's important to share our happy and sad feelings. It's human, it's real, and it helps other people relate. Thank you for sharing.

  15. These photos are absolutely spectacular! So gorgeous!
    You have such a lovely blog!

    Diana Cloudlet

  16. The yellow and grey floral pattern is totally unexpected, but so beautiful! Love how you styled it with those chunky heels :)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  17. I am so loving the dress! So '50s!!!
    Dora www.BangsBang.com

  18. Gorgeous!!! that print is fabulous!! :-)


  19. This I feel would work so well for a high tea and those shoes :O! I swear you just bring my love for shoes right out... and well we can't forget the fab outfits either!

    Sending much love and hugs your way Lauren <3 xoxoxoxo

  20. OMG! This dress! I tried this dress on at the Tatyana dress in Las Vegas when I was there earlier this year and I LOVED it! I know exactly what you mean about going into Grace Kelly mode when putting this dress on! I was so impressed with the print, style, and details of the this dress. I loved the built in petticoat to it! It looks so gorgeous on you! I love the style cut and colors on you so much! I hope one day I will be able to add this dress to my collection and we could call each other dress twins! <3 Sorry about the 13 year mark of the passing of your father. :( Hugs!


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