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Summer Girl

Thursday Announcements: I have a new Just Shair video coming hopefully tomorrow (HUGE technical difficulties as our 4th of July video we made is all blurry now so we're going to refilm it and edit/publish it IMMEDIATELY tomorrow).  It sucks, because it was one of our better ones, but we believe we can recreate the magic haha.  For now here's a preview of our still in tact photo post for this holiday (and if you follow me on Instagram you may remember a sneak peak of this "look"): YouTube/Site/Facebook/Instagram/Twitter Thank you so much for barring with me with slower posting, networking, social media advertising etc.  I mentioned this in my last post that there's been a lot going on, and part of it is that my search history keeps getting deleted in cleaning up my computer's files and stuff.  Suddenly my world isn't quite at my finger tips anymore and a lot of computer time is now being spent backing up stuff instead of blog stuff...etc.  BLAH!  Ending soon.…

White Trash Circus

All About the Outfit: 
I'm mildly afraid of clowns, which is ironic as I self-identify with the phrase "tears of a clown" and have been slowly making my way into the comedy world.  Okay, I'm not "afraid" of clowns as much as quite "uncomfortable" with them, but still!  The joy of clowns is lost on me either way.  So when I first saw this skirt I wasn't sure it was for me, despite how lovely the color scheme was and that it also had my beloved elephants all over it.  Eventually I blocked out the clown aspect and saw what a cool skirt it was, and snagged it while it was on sale on ModCloth earlier this month.  

I don't wear midi skirts as much in the summer, though I have several posts coming down the pipe showcasing them!  It's just soooooo hot here in the summer and the heatwave started mega early this year.  Shorter skirts/dresses and even shorts are probably going to be my MO this summer.  But recently a lot of my purchases have been m…

Blair Reads Books #5: Unorthodox by Deborah Feldman

Hello, friends!  Here comes another edition of the newly retitled, Blair Reads Books!  I'm going to take a hiatus next weekend due to the holiday and will be traveling the following weekend, but come mid-July this series will be back!  This week I cover the book, Unorthodox by Deborah Feldman.  It is a memoir about growing up Hasidic Jew and ultimately leaving the religion.  Because religion and politics make for awesome (sarcasm...) dinner table topics, I keep this written post light.  That said, because my new YouTube channel will not just be about fashion I delve more into my thoughts there if you are curious.  And please subscribe, as over the next two weeks I will be posting other things despite taking a break from the book series! YouTube Channel
Book: Unorthodox by Deborah Feldman
Why anyone would like this book: I find that most people are intrigued by lifestyles that are not their own, and find more simple lifestyles fascinating.  Deborah grew up in a orthodox sect of Judais…

Unique Vintage Flamingo Skirt Review

Greetings, friends!  I'm about to review this amazing skirt from Unique Vintage, but first I wanna do my Thursday Announcements, as I have a few things worth noting!

Thursday Announcements:
For one, in case you missed the latest Blair Reads Books post, I opened a YouTube channel for this blog and more!!  I reviewed the book Girl in a Band by Kim Gordon for my first video, and I have more coming.  Some videos will be fashion etc based, some will be cultural reviews, and I have some other stuff in the works that will hopefully surface sooner than later!  I struggled with knowing if I should do YouTube for this blog for some time now, but finally a light bulb went off in my head with how to make it my own, so I'm really excited.  Please follow the Lauren-Blair Donovan channel, and if you're a fellow YouTuber I know from blog etc land, let me know and I'll follow back!I've added two pages to my blog, an archive of any tips and how-to posts that I've done, and a colle…

Gaga for...ModCloth's Miami Moments Tops

The past year I've been more turned onto shirts, after being a dress and skirt girl almost exclusively.  Being such a skirt queen, obviously I own shirts to go with them (otherwise that'd be scandalous).  But they were more of the basic variety: tanks from Forever 21 and Old Navy, some button downs with fun patterns from J Crew, and about a zillion concert tees.  Lately I've been trying to invest in blouses--a decidedly new word in my wardrobe vocabulary-- and one of the kinds I've gotten hooked on is the ModCloth names South Florida Spree TopsMiami Moments Tops (ModCloth literally just changed the name of this item last week.)  
I enjoy finding brands and styles that I like, so I can go back to them and know they're going to work and I have found that with these Miami Moments Tops. The brand is technically Poema, but upon investing the brand's site, they don't appear to see this style on their online store.  The gist is that they are sleeveless blouses with…