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April Instagram Round-Up

Greetings!  Sometimes I upload an #ootd on my Instagram that isn't attached to a blog post, so I thought I'd round-up what never made it to the blog this month!  In chronological order, here's what I wore and some behind the seasons fun!

1. Yumi dress via ModCloth, Poison of Choice Brooch, Kate Spade Bag, and Nine West Wedges

I love this dress!  It's not my usual style (minus that it's a novelty print of apartment units from an outside perspective) in that the shape of the dress and sleeves aren't my "go to", but I totally love it anyway.  It's fun while being casual--something I call a "knock around" dress that I can wear but don't necessarily need to dress up or put too much effort into my style that day, as it's already a statement piece.

This day was a Just Shair film day, but sadly we lost our footage due to a computer malfunction, so you won't see this number in a video anytime soon!  Haha.  

Also, I lost my make-up and Shannon and I came up with a brilliant scheme to quickly get on with our shooting schedule: the make-up counter at Macy's!  Thanks, Macy's of Cherry Creek!  
2. Moon maxi dress via ModCloth, Erstwilder brooch, Kate Spade bag, and barely seen G by Guess heeled sandals from DSW.
This is a dress I missed out on when it was on ModCloth but later found on eBay.  It can be a "knock around dress" like the first dress on this list, but it's also elegant in it's simplicity so it can be a bit fancier.  Because it's borderline fancier I don't wear it a ton, but it's such a classic staple that I'm glad to have it.

This night I was celebrating a dear friend's birthday, and being that it was on an evening in early April it felt appropriate to wear because the length would keep me warm if it got chilly.

3. Banana Republic cardigan, Express skater dress, Erstwilder brooch, Kate Spade bag, and Forever 21 sandals.
I go on frequent "city hikes" with a gal pal of mine.  I grew up walking on back roads and in the woods of Pennsylvania but as an adult I've realized not many people as adults like to just walk around for fun (unless it's up a mega huge mountain).  We typically block out an afternoon (or longer) and walk around different parts of Denver covering 8-12 miles.  We try to explore different neighborhoods or see the details of places we drive by frequently better as we walk by.  It's a fun way to enjoy nice weather, a good friend's company, discover new things in a familiar city, and get exercise.

Anyway, given that this was early April, I went for strapless.  I know tanning is bad, but as someone who tends to get color no matter what I do (though mostly Irish, I am other things that tend to be more dominant) I try to be strapless when outside as long as possible in the early days of warm weather to have the most neutral tan lines possible.  Given that I'm newer to brooch world, I'm somewhat stumped as to how to wear brooches with spaghetti straps and strapless tops/dresses.  (Any suggestions, blog world?!)  Somewhat creatively and somewhat ironically, I pinned a flamingo brooch from Erstwilder to the center of my chest.  I had fun with it, my friend liked it, though I'm not 100% sure I stand by it.  Haha.  But the only way to perfect your style is to try new stuff without fear of failure, right??
Anytime you see me a little less dressed up on Instagram, in flats, a simpler dress or jeans etc, I'm probably out walking.  People were stunned to see me in jeans back in March, but it was in part because I was walking.
4. Trashy Diva skirt, Old Navy cardigan, Deer Arrow brooch, Kate Spade bag, Jessica Simpson shoes.
This is I wore one night out to dinner.  As you may now know, I'm getting a bit of a second wind with the brand Trashy Diva!  This skirt was actually in my first purchase from nearly two years ago!  This is a skirt I've worn more than it's been photographed, but definitely not as much as some of my favorites.  Now that TD is more on my radar, I've been re-exploring some of my older prints.  This is one of my more matchy-matchy outfits that I've gone for in a while!

...can we take a second and talk about these shoes?  Ballet flats are all the rage, and for whatever reason the Jessica Simpson version became the most popular in pinup world.  You've seen me wear them a ton, notably to concerts.  First I got a tan pair, and loved them!  So I invested in a black pair, and that pair scuffs up my heel a lot.  I thought maybe I had a defect pair, especially since so many likeminded fashionistas LOVE them.  I'm going to be in a wedding this summer where I have to wear flats and the motif is rose gold.  I found these on Poshmark and snatched them up.  I was sitting the majority of this evening that the photo was taken and these still messed up my heels.  WTH?  I'm convinced now that my first tan pair were the exception to the rule!  But why does everyone love these?  Anyone else have experiences with these shoes...good or bad, or with tips?  Why does one pair treat me better than the other two?!
5. The Oblong Box Shop Shrunken Head skirt, Erstwilder brooch, J Crew shirt, and Nine West heels.
I love The Oblong Box Shop!  I've had this skirt for a while, but so far it's only made it's way into photographic proof from Just Shair promo shots that Shannon and I did back in January!  This was the first time I looked "nice" on camera while wearing this skirt, haha!  I wore this out while running errands and trying to get stuff done in a day.  This is a case of a simple outfit (black on black...easy as 1,2,3 folks!) going such a long way and looking totally pulled together while being out doing seemingly mundane things.

The last time I wore this skirt I wasn't so, ahem, "demure":

6. Heart of Haute Hula Ela Top with my true vintage sun bathing beauties skirt, Erstwilder brooch, Kate Spade bag, and Nine West heels.
This may be my favorite outfit of the month!  Bathing beauties print on the skirt, Hula dancers on the shirt, and naturally, an brontosaurus brooch.  (Which one is not like the other?!)  You'll see the top in an upcoming Just Shair video, and it's what I was wearing when I had a full on laugh based meltdown I had on camera a while back that I teased in a recent blog post.
7. Hell Bunny Pink Candy skirt, Old Navy shirt, Deer Arrow brooch, Kate Spade bag, and Guess shoes.  
This was taken after a day out with company that I had in town.  I liked this outfit because it was springy was still being weather appropriate.  Also, I thought my wrist was close to healing.  Ha, ha, ha!
8. Retrolicious Scottie dog dress, Luxulite brooch, and Nine West shoes.
I had yet to wear this adorable dress that I got a few months back!  And now it'll be immortalized in a Just Shair video I'm currently editing (my first go at editing a video!).  Also, haha, this is the last time I'll mention Just Shair in this post...I promise!  (It IS a huge part of my weekend life now, to be fair though!)  Shannon took this as we broke for brunch between shooting and I was in too silly of a mood at this point to take a serious pose.  Whoops!
9. Bernie Dexter pink floral, J Crew cardigan, Deer Arrow brooch, Old Navy necklace, Kate Spade bag, Forever 21 shoes + sunglasses.
This was during another city walk with my walking partner, but in an admittedly more country part of town!  I was dying to wear this floral Bernie as it was spring, but had to bundle up because it ended up being chillier than the original forecast predicted!  
10. Folter dress, Kate Spade bag, Nine West shoes, and a Banana Republic blazer sneaking into the photo.
I ended up going out last minute two Saturdays ago after a scheduling mix up was resolved.  I was intending to stay in reading (#nerdalert) but am glad I went out when I realized that the event wasn't in the future as I thought it was because most of my closest friends were there. Because there wasn't time daylight wise to get a full outfit pic once I got dressed, I snapped this!   This is probably more of a "fall" dress, but whatever.  I do what I want, clearly.
11. Forever 21 shades, Bernie Dexter dress, Erstwilder brooch, Kate Spade bag, Nine West shoes.
This was the last day of having company in town and I got a little dressed up to go to Union Station, Denver's train station that also have upscale bars and restaurants etc.  I hadn't worn this Bernie in forever, so I was excited to get to show it off.  I should have gotten a picture there, but all parties, including myself, was kind of tired so I took a few on my tripod when I got home.  This is the last pic of the wrist brace too.  I'm still wearing it part of the time, but I'm no longer in pain at the level where it's a bigger pain to take it off for pics.  
Hope everyone enjoyed some of the behind the scenes aspects to my life!  I hope everyone has a happy May ahead of them too!  
I've recently added two pages to this blog, one that catalogues posts named after songs and another that catalogues all of the concert stories.  Click the links on to see for yourself!  Happy Friday!

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  1. Every look is so fun and amazing! I love the owl print and the bathing beauty print. So inspiring Lauren. You rock these looks!


  2. All your looks are so cute! I love the idea of a "knock around" dress, I need more of those in my closet. We absolutely do not walk enough! The other day I told my mom I was walking to CVS which is less than a mile away from our house and she looked at me as if I were crazy lol. Glad to hear that your wrist is feeling better :)


  3. You have so many great looks!!! I love the fun photos you shared... it's evident that you have a lot of fun with creating blog content! :o)

    All the Cute ­čÄÇ
    Today's Post: Lemon Print Dress, Customized With eShakti

  4. If we lived closer I would totally be your walking buddy! I go on walks all the time and love it. All of these outfits are too cute! I do knock around dresses too. Sometimes, I'll wear an outfit for half the day and then switch into my knock around one.

  5. Perfect colour combos everywhere!!! :D Pink and orange and then the blue and pink and then the blue and red :O. I Love the idea of city walks!!! I would most likely look like a stalker person gawking at everyone's houses and gardens though :p. One of my flatmates was talking the other day about someone they new use to run through the "rich houses" street to find a man... and she did XD LOL!

  6. Absolutely love all the looks, but one of my favorites is the blue moon maxi dress <3


  7. Great roundup always love your outfits. Gemma x

  8. so many gorgeous photos

  9. Love all the colors you use, so good for spring! Xx

  10. I love all of these pictures, and walking around the city just for fun is one of my favorite things to do whenever I have a little free time :) Hope you have a wonderful week!

    xo, Esther

  11. These shots are so fun, lady- and I'm loving the staged shots of you two; this shoot looked like a blast!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  12. That shrunken head skirt!! Both of the outfits you wore it with are SO fabulous, and those Shair pics are hilarious!

    I'm eager to see how you deal with brooches with strapless/spagetti-strap tops, since this is a question I've had for a while. I guess you could always pin them to a belt? I don't even know.

  13. All are such fun, colourful and stylish outfits lovely lady! xo

  14. Love seeing these outfits! I'm not on instagram so I always appreciate seeing a round up of the things I've missed! Yay for your Trashy Diva second wind! And I love the Halloween print on your Folter dress! I think I know what you mean about the Jessica Simpson flats. When I tried them on in the store I was so happy with how comfortable they felt but wearing them out for just 5 mins was really killing the back of my foot where that extra bit of material is that holds the elastic straps. I put a piece of mole skin in it right there and that seemed to help :) I hope you will be able to find a solution to makes yours more comfortable for you :)

  15. I like how you play with patterns and colors. These all are lovely looks.

  16. Super fun snaps! Your Erstwilder collection is seriously swoon-worthy! :)

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica


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