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Tutti Frutti

About the Outfit: This is probably the most consumable goods that I've ever worn at once!  I have a pineapple skirt and a popcorn dress, but this wine plus fruits true vintage skirt and Heart of Haute pineapple Ella top is definitely taking the cake for the most "foodie" outfit that I've assembled!   I guess despite my novelty print whorishness I don't own many food prints in part because I'm not really a foodie.  Don't misunderstand--if I get excited about a restaurant I will crave it and go back repeatedly and clean the plate each time.  But that restaurant could be a nice place or a diner!  
This skirt was a victim of Black Friday Sales being in the dead of winter and just not making it out of the closet until now.  I'm excited to wear it more in the coming months!  And Heart of Haute recently added this pineapple print Ella top that I snagged up in a blouse sale they had two weeks ago.  I don't fancy myself a trendy blogger as I not only lean to…

London Calling

All About the Outfit!
This is a super special dress to me.  It's a novelty print collectors dream come true and it came into my possession by a lucky twist and turn or so that I will not elaborate much more on, besides the fact that I love and am going to cherish it for forever!  I'm obsessed with the fact that it's red and white, AND black, grey, and brown.  This makes accessorizing so easy because I can choose from so many staple colors!  This time around I stuck with black, red, and white to emphasize how beautiful and bold the print is!
Style Details:
Sunglasses-Urban Outfitters 
Dress- Retrolicious (new site!)
Brooch- Luxulite
Bag- Melie Bianco via DSW
Shoes- Nine West via Amazon
Music Time!
I don't believe I've talked about The Clash yet on the blog!  I did a post after "Train in Vain" but I chose the Annie Lennox version due to the focal point of my topic.  I find it impossible to not love The Clash, aka "the only band that matters."  And with all…

Automatic Flowers

All About the Outfit: If this skirt looks familiar to you, there's maybe a few reasons for that.  For one, it's been on ModCloth for give or take...roughly forever (until it's recent sell out...#sad), so if you've ever browsed that site, you may have seen this popular skirt.  I also featured this skirt earlier this winter on the blog!  I got this skirt at the end of 2015 and I love it so much that I've decided to feature it every season for the next year to show off how versatile it is.
Though it's the 11th hour of spring, it still is technically spring!  So for the spring outfit involving this amazing Ikebana for All Skirt in Floral I decided to show off it's purples.  From the moment I got the skirt I knew I wanted to wear this J Crew Factory top that I've had forever with it.  Florals and stripes are possibly amongst the easiest to mix prints with and this purple top was an obvious choice for this skirt.  Initially I was thinking of wearing one of my p…

I Can't Decide

About the Outfit: Wearing dresses under skirts is a semi-popular trend in pinup world.  Because retro skirts tend to sit higher up on the waists and go to the knees (at least), it's easy to use a dress as a top with nobody being the wiser (especially if it's a body con dress).  Pinup Girl Clothing is a brand that designs all of their own prints and color schemes.  For this reason I decided to try the dress under the skirt thing using only PUG, believing the greens/pinks in my green Junebugs dress (seen on the blog before HERE) with the greens/pinks my Tiki print Jenny skirt (seen at least HERE and throughout my Instagram several times) would be complimentary...and I think the results are a success!  

I discussed in my overview of all of the releases from vintage reproduction land that I was surprised that PUG wasn't bringing back this amazing yellow tiki skirt in their genius idea of bringing back archived dresses and skirts that were beloved (#proposedpug).  This was my fir…

Come To My Window

Thursday Announcements: Blog world is status quo currently, but comedy world is back and will be in full swing for the next few weeks.  This week my partner Shannon and I (together, Just Shair) discuss some older and newer celebrity crushes.  Um, stuff gets kind of weird haha!  Feel free to watch to see if you relate to any of our crushes and laugh along with/at us!  Plus please write to us any of your crushes!  A technical difficulty actually ate part of our footage so we may eventually do a part 2 anyway :)  Also, on our site we have a silly pictorial preview of what you're in for in case you can't watch the video yet!  Next up on deck are segments on roller skating (where did that "sport" go?!), personalities you encounter during election season, and dumb song lyrics! YouTube Channel/Site/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram For those who are curious, in the video I'm wearing a Retrolicious dress and a Luxulite brooch!
All About the Outfit:
This was an impulse purchase if th…

Bernie Dexter Colette Dress (Red and White Polka Dot) Review!

All about the dress: This is another Bernie Dexter Zulily purchase that I made this spring and since it's a newer style and certainly a new to me style of hers, I thought I'd review it!  This style is the Colette dress and print is officially called Red and White Polka Dot.  
I'm rarely a sucker for polka dots anymore, but not because I don't like them!  I have tons of polka dotted items and where them plenty, but I just don't really purchase any new ones anymore.  I think once you have a few dotted hues in your closet your brain goes "enough."  (At least that's what happened to me!)  This dress was different though because I loved how classic it was and the neckline really intrigued me.  There's a similar dress she released, the "The Susie" (below), and I loved it.  But the rib cage line made me a little nervous.  I wasn't sure it'd be flattering on me, especially since my rib cage slightly protrudes out around there.  AND she'…

My First Ann Taylor Experience

I decided to break from my regularly scheduled programing (fashion posts with a music tie in) to discuss my first foray into a new (to me) brand.  It was quite the experience, so it warrants it's own format!
Why I never shopped Ann Taylor before: I could probably try to say it's not my usual style, but that would be an accidental lie as I love Banana Republic and J Crew and they're relatively similar stores, or at least attract some of the same customers.  I think we all have brands we deem "not us" and never give it a second glance.  
The awakening: You all know that I'm a novelty print whore queen.  I don't care if it's real vintage, vintage reproduction, or something from H&M...I go where the prints go!  The day after I sprained my wrist (I was in denial that it was a "real" injury and assumed it was "just sore", so I was using my wrist extensively...#smart) a snowstorm hit Denver (so lame as it's spring) so being bored I …