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About the dress:
Ladies and the occasional gentlemen who frequent my blog...this is officially my favorite dress ever!'s the perfect dress!  It's from Tatyana (recently restocked) and I'm so happy to finally have it be mine.  It debuted a year ago, and as it is kind of pricey I waited for sales to happen to purchase it, but alas it was also sold out in my size (XS) when said sales happened.  And then last fall it was GONE.  No site had it anywhere, so I assumed I missed out.  This was a little surprising because I saw a lot of other girls in the online world echo my thoughts of despair, and I couldn't figure out why Tatyana wouldn't keep it around for a few seasons (they tend to do that with popular products).  And then voila, this February they added a coming soon section to their site and this bad girl was on that list.  A few weeks later she was live and ready to be purchased, and not long after that there was a St Patrick's day sale and she became mine.

Seriously though...this is such an incredible fit.  I kind of knew it would be, because any fashionista could probably tell you that it becomes something of a skill to eyeball the structure of a dress online and have an educated idea of how it'll look on you.  The waistline is high like most vintage reproduction dresses are, but ever so slightly lower, making the skirt poof out less so at a lower and more flattering starting point.  Initially I thought the dress may be too big, but it has adjustable straps so once I conquered them I found it's way to perfection.  (Size XS for measure).

There's so much more that I love about this dress.  The color scheme is a rare one, with greens, teals, pinks, browns, and mustard yellows being the base of the design.  And by now you all know that I love a crazy novelty print.  But this one, filled with nesting dolls, while an incredible novelty print, is also a little more subtle.  It's nice to have a fun but not necessarily "loud" print in the mix.  And because it's such a classic cut, it's perfect for all occasions, accessorizing, and attitudes.

Please excuse me while I live in this perfect dress from here on out.  I'll try not to bore you on Instagram by taking photos of it every time I wear it!

Style details:
Dress- Tatyana
Brooch- Deer Arrow
Belt- from a ModCloth dress
Shoes- Jessica Simpson via Poshmark (<-- my new obsession!  I've had an account for years but only recently got the swing of it and found good stuff!)

Motivational time:

Try to do one productive thing a day.  It's so easy to get swept up in general busyness and indulging in unwinding (via Netflix, for example), but trying to do something daily to invest in your future is something that your future self will thank you for.  Exercising, learning, staying up to do date with the news, writing that novel you want to sure to crave out at least a few minutes a day for that.  You'll thank yourself later!

Music time!

Fun fact: there are no songs about nesting dolls!  Haha, I suppose I'm not surprised.  BUT the Smashing Pumpkins do have a song called, "Perfect."  And this dress is indeed perfect, hence the title of this blog post.  (If you want to read about seeing the Smashing Pumpkins live, read about my experience HERE!)
I've recently added two pages to this blog, one that catalogues posts named after songs and another that catalogues all of the concert stories.  Click the links on to see for yourself!  Happy Friday!

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  1. This dress is super gorgeous! You and Katie are twins and it looks amazing on both of you :). Nesting doll prints are so fun, and you're right -- the color scheme of this one is awesome! Also, adjustable straps are the best thing ever.

    You are so right about fighting the temptation to get into a downtime rut, too. It's funny, because I feel like I'm least productive when I'm at the extremes of the busyness scale: too little going on and inertia takes over, but if I'm really swamped, my brain just gives up when the crises are covered. A moderate amount of busyness helps me stay more productive, though. I guess that means I'm the Goldilocks of productivity?

  2. I can see why this is your favorite dress! The shape was made for you. So flattering, and I love those awesome shoes!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  3. This dress is amazing! The fit really is spot on--love that waistline. It can be so hard to do one productive thing per day! Sometimes I'm just tuckered out after work.

  4. You look super cute, wish it wasn't snowing right now :( I would love to wear a dress and hang outside

    Hope your having a beautiful week stunner

    Filipa xxx | Instagram

  5. Amazing post love! Thanks for sharing! I just posted a FIRMOO GLASSES REVIEW on my blog! You should check it out! xx


  6. Lovely dress and nice shoot! It's very femenine and ideal for this season!

  7. You've found the most perfect wedges for this dress Lauren! Looking great!

  8. nice oufit! i always love your oufit, it's just too beautiful and it'll be my inspiration!
    have a great day

  9. What a beautiful dress dear! Suits you perfectly!
    XO Pisa

  10. This one is so cute! I love the Russian doll print

  11. Such a gorgeous dress, I can see why it would be your favourite. It is a really nice print too - you always have the best, most colourful printed dresses! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  12. I love your colorful style! The dress is so cute and I really like your fresh hair color <3


  13. You look lovely in this dress. These colors look amazing on you and your shoes are super fun too! You always know how to accessorize just right. Thanks for those motivational words too. Also, I am so glad you were able to get this dress. I know how it feels when something amazing sells sad. Hope you are having a wonderful week!

  14. This dress totally looks amazing on you and so your style girl! I'm loving those shoes as well! xo

  15. You look adorable! The dress is so pretty and perfect for spring and summer!


  16. Gorgeous dress! I was lucky enough to see this one in person when I was at the Tatyana store recently so I know how amazing this dress is in person! love the colors and the print on it. <3 Congrats on getting this dress and scoring it on sale! :D

  17. Such a gorgeous dress. The print is so cool. Just followed you on IG too. Gemma x

  18. so pretty!
    kisses from the sandpits of dubai ❤️

  19. This is such a lovely dress, Lauren! I love both the color and fit; it looks great paired with those wedges, too! Such great styling, beauty, and thanks so much for sharing!



  20. OMG! that dress is PRECIOUS- you look so, so amazing in it.

  21. Swoon! I have been madly, head-over-heels in love with that dress since the moment I first spotted it, too. Fabulous acquisition, stylish lady. It looks cuter than a million buttons on you.

    ♥ Jessica

  22. So glad this dress is finally yours- it looks amazing on you!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  23. Oh wow! I see why that is your favorite dress! It looks perfect on you! And yay that you finally snagged it! :) Fabulous motivational piece too. :)


  24. This is such a beautiful dress, Lauren! I never saw a print that cute before, so I totally understand why you eyed it for a while:) Plus, I am originally from Russia, so nesting dolls are of sentimental value for me. Thank you so much for sharing and have a great day tomorrow!


  25. The dress is darling! I love the colors and the cut is amazing on you! I try to do some writng or lean something new every day. Hope you're having a great week! I'm glad you liked my post!


  26. You always have the cutest dresses and skirts! I like this look <3


  27. I'm really happy that you finally has found your amazing dress, glad to hear that it was available again and that you got it, it has fantastic print, Lauren ;)

  28. Those shoes! I'm in LOVE! Dress looks stunning on too xx

  29. You have the cutest dresses and this is no exception, lovely!


  30. OMG the shoes are beyond cool!

  31. Them shoes Lauren!!! :O Seriously can I see your shoe wardrobe??? hahaha they are so cool and are perfect match for this outfit!


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