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Cherry Tree

Thursday Announcements:
Hey all!  I'm changing a few things around here in the most mild of ways.  I'm now going to be doing any blog/life/side project announcements on Thursdays instead of Mondays now.  
  • On that note, I'm going still be doing motivational/positive portions on the blog, but not unlike when I started that segment I'm moving doing that to every Monday that's an outfit post as opposed to every outfit post.  #motivationalmondays
  • Thank you all for your kind words and understanding about both my beagle and me being slow with blogging due to life, but mostly a sprained wrist.  I'm still not completely healed, ugh, but I'm trying.  (Luckily this was mostly drafted a little bit back!!)  I was so close this weekend with resting and elevating my wrist soooooo much, but that was shot to hell carrying my beagle around to the ER vet and to go out because she couldn't walk for about 12 hours.  I'm hoping next week I'll be back to a normal blogging routine all around!
  • Just Shair is back at it!  We filmed a few videos over the past month and unfortunately had delays all around with releasing them.  This one may be the "most controversial" one to share on my blog to date as we poke fun at Pinterest a bit!  I know a lot of you are into Pinterest, and I reference the blog world in the video and how it's a tool I don't understand but respect that others do, so hopefully it's not all nails on a chalkboard for you Pinteresters...Pinners?  Either or, it's meant in good fun and we never seek to offend, so I hope you enjoy no matter which side of the fence you stand on!

All About the Outfit:
This is one of my favorite type of looks to assemble, as it's part retro in that late 70s-early 80s classic lady like fashion way, and yet still so modern.  Best of all worlds, plus this look is never really out of style.  This green skirt from ModCloth (no longer available) was amongst one of my very first purchases from them and I've been in love with it ever since.  It's classic, it's retro, and it's modern. It's also very light weight making it the perfect midi to skirt to wear as it gets warmer.  I found it's red twin on another site a while back and have been kicking myself since it sold out for not getting it!

Did J Crew Factory change their sizing?
This shirt is J Crew Factory is a recent impulse purchase from one of their massive sales.  Does anyone else feel like JCF sizing has shifted over the past year?  Admittedly a few years back I was too thin and had trouble filling out their smallest sizes, but I leveled out close to two years ago.  All of the sweaters I got from them this winter I chose XS over XXS (one year ago I had the exact same measurements I did the opposite) and a double zero pencil skirt I got a few months back was way snugger than my others (again, I'm measuring the same so it's not me).  I opted to get this shirt in XS over XXS, in part because of this but also these shirts are awkwardly narrow to put on over my shoulders (from all past seasons) with the way they're constructed.  I honestly don't care what the size of my clothing says, but I do often go back to repeated brands for consistency and I feel like JCF has been off lately in that department.  Thoughts?  Does anyone echo my experiences?  Regardless, head's up if you haven't shopped there in a minute in case my experience is true to form and they have shifted sizes some!  But ANYWAY, I do love this top! Stripes in all of my fave colors that will match 90% of my clothes?  Yes, please!

Other Outfit Details:
Vintage-y/quirky girls who love novelty brooches and jewelry...y'all know Coconette-oz, right?  They're an Australian company that carries all things Erstwilder, Luxulite, and several other brands that I'm now just getting acquainted with.  I got a few items from them in late 2015 and have found them to be an awesome site because they have sales and a great selection of pieces that are on most girl's wish lists and have occasionally sold out elsewhere.  (They will also try to hunt down a piece for you that sold out a while back!)  In my most recent purchase I tried a new brand, Punky Pins, to get this Cherry Blossom necklace.  I'm admittedly not a jewelry girl (minus brooches), but upon looking further at Punky Pin's site I may become a jewelry girl yet!  I didn't know what to expect (if it would be cheaply made or sturdy or what) but it's really great quality!  And they have a plethora of beautiful and dainty, yet quirky pieces that I'm going to have to invest in now...  ANYWAY, this Cherry Blossom necklace fit really well with this outfit so I wore it out!

Top- J Crew Factory (found here)
Necklace- Punky Pins via Coconette-oz (sold out but can be found on Punky Pin's site)
Brooch- Deer Arrow
Bag- Kate Spade
Skirt- ModCloth (sold out)
Shoes- Nine West

Music Time:
I'm borderline shocked that I haven't used The National yet as blog title post!  They're pretty up for there for me in regards to modern bands I respect and love.  I saw them in 2010 and they were really awesome live.  My only disappointment was that they didn't play "Lucky You," which is easily my favorite by them and frankly one of my favorite songs EVER.  Enough about that song though.  This necklace has cherry blossoms on it and the background trees like (enough) like Cherry Blossom trees.  Though not a "Cherry Tree" I deem it close enough in my book!  "Cherry Tree" is a song by The National...enjoy!
I've recently added two pages to this blog, one that catalogues posts named after songs and another that catalogues all of the concert stories.  Click the links on to see for yourself!  Happy Friday!

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  1. No way, I love the National too, and 'Lucky You' is one of my faves as well! I've seen them a couple of times, but the time that my best friend from home and I went in NYC was basically the perfect show. I also really like 'You've Done it Again Virginia.'

    I'm hoping things get back to normal for you very soon. Time to watch your newest video!!

  2. You look adorable! Love this outfit on you!

  3. I really hope you'll recover soon Lauren! I've been mia too, but finally have some spare time to visit my favorite bloggers))
    You are right about the J. Crew sizing, they do change it once in a while and it can differ from season to season. I read somewhere that most companies do so.
    Stripes really match everything and that's why I love them so much! You look stunning in this ensemble and the blooming cherry tree makes perfect background!


  4. Nice shot! Nice background! Keep it up!

  5. I love your video Lauren about Pinterest, very funny yeah I don't understand or "get" it either! :)

  6. Amazing colors on you <3

    The Cutielicious

  7. Love this outfit and the beautiful blooms in the background! Oh and your hair! I hope things get back to normal for you and your dog x

  8. Love your outfit - especially the color of that skirt! How beautiful is that tree?!? One of my favorite things about spring are the gorgeous blooms everywhere.

    Nineteen Windsor

  9. You look lovely as always! Love your hair put up that way too! I hope your wrist gets better too and I hope you beagle's doing better!!

  10. I hope your wrist is feeling better, and I hope your pup is on the mend too! I love that skirt - such a pretty color! Haha - I am really looking forward to watching your video later today...I use Pinterest (because I know I'm supposed to or something), but I admittedly have no idea what I am doing on that site. :)


  11. Not only is this outfit totally cute, love the stripes!, but that cherry tree in the background is gorgeous too! Im glad you're almost healed up with your wrist. Take all the time you need to get better! I broke my wrist a long time ago, but I remember what a pain it was. I just startred shopping JCF this past holiday season since my area finally got one. I'll have to check put what sizes I got becuase i'm always an xs in tops or 00 in bottoms. Good heads up.

  12. Beautiful looks!! I love the heels!

    Adi xx

  13. Loving that pop of green on you! ModCloth has some great pieces :)

    xx Yasmin

  14. So cute!!! I love this outfit babe. Happy weekend.
    Xo, Christianne

  15. Lovely post, dear! Thanks for sharing .x

  16. Aw, hope your beagle is okay and that your wrist heals soon! I love your hair style here and you're pulling off that green skirt like no other! Hope you have a fab weekend girl!

    Chow Down USA

  17. Don't you just hate it when they change the sizes! It's so frustrating. Sorry to hear about your wrist hope it's healing pretty soon, doll. Hope your beagle is doing fine by now. You look so pretty and happy in this beautiful OOTD. Happy weekend, hun.

  18. The cherry tree is the most gorgeous location for photos ever. Perfect outfit. I also really like your hairstyle. I tried it awhile back but wasn't great at it. If I was better I'd do it lots of the time.! As for pinterest- AGREED!

  19. Love your braids! So cute :)


  20. Sorry to hear about your wrist and your dog - hope everyone is feeling better soon! Definitely understandable to take a blog break, I'd imagine it would be hard to type with a sprained wrist!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  21. This outfit is lovely on you, the color green looks very good and that hair is spectacular!

    My Vogue Style |

  22. i'm a first-timer here and i love your perky cheery style! <3

  23. Your skirt is so cute! I love that colour xo

  24. Love the green with your stripes! I haven't bought from J.Crew in a while, but changing sizes definitely makes things hard!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  25. Gorgeous skirt! WOW!! Thanks for sharing! Happy Monday!
    much love, Len

  26. Beautiful skirt.I love the color,the length, everything about it.Makes a beautiful outfit for sure.

  27. what a cute outfit! Love that green skirt. The colour is just beautiful! I hate when store sizing changes. It drives me nuts, especially if it's a place where I KNEW my size and could just grab pieces and go!

  28. Those blooms are breathtaking! What a marvelous spot to shot a cute warm weather look like this with. The whole colour palette at work here is downright dreamy.

    Big hugs & happy start of May wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  29. Lovely pics! Skirt is amazing, especially the color and shoes too!!! Kisses

  30. I love this outfit, beautiful! That top is so pretty paired with the skirt and thank so much for the heads up on J.Crew, that's so weird! Anyway, I hope you have an amazing start to your new month and thanks so much for sharing!



  31. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the green skirt and the yellow shoes! Hope your wrist starts to heal up!!!


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