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Cherry Tree

Thursday Announcements: Hey all!  I'm changing a few things around here in the most mild of ways.  I'm now going to be doing any blog/life/side project announcements on Thursdays instead of Mondays now.   On that note, I'm going still be doing motivational/positive portions on the blog, but not unlike when I started that segment I'm moving doing that to every Monday that's an outfit post as opposed to every outfit post.  #motivationalmondaysThank you all for your kind words and understanding about both my beagle and me being slow with blogging due to life, but mostly a sprained wrist.  I'm still not completely healed, ugh, but I'm trying.  (Luckily this was mostly drafted a little bit back!!)  I was so close this weekend with resting and elevating my wrist soooooo much, but that was shot to hell carrying my beagle around to the ER vet and to go out because she couldn't walk for about 12 hours.  I'm hoping next week I'll be back to a normal bloggin…

April in Paris

Why I've Been MIA: Hey, y'all!  I've had a hectic week or so.  If you follow me on Instagram (that's always where I make announcements first in the event of me going MIA), you know some of what's been happening!  A lot of mundane things I haven't announced, like my Internet going out and tripod breaking, but I've also had last minute company, a sprained wrist due to a Just Shair roller skating incident/party (#klutzalert!), and last night I had a scary and freak episode with my beagle where I had to rush her to emergency vet. She's currently tired but seemingly on the mend-phew...I thought she was going to die in my arms so I'm counting my lucky stars!!  
Anyway, this post will be quick as possible as an attempt get back into the blogging groove...
About the Outfit I'm wearing the Pinup Girl Clothing Jenny skirt in the Paris print.  I found it on eBay almost two years ago, which was lucky because right after I bought it the PUG site put it on sale a…

Blair Reads Books! #3- Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? and Chelsea Does

This week I admittedly went for a little more lighthearted reading and watching than strictly educational.  But hey, cultural things can be learning tools too!  This week is another that is linked topic wise, as I chose a Mindy Kaling book and Chelsea Handler's new docu-series to discuss!
Book: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling

I actually read Mindy Kaling's second book first, and I feel like I read reviews that said it was stronger than her first.  Now that I've read both...I don't know!  I think I somehow liked her first book more, and I loved her second book!  Let's break it down.... Why anyone would like this book: Mindy Kaling is awesome.  Need I say more?
How polarizing is this book? Not at all.  Unless you hate women who can write and have opinions.  But if that is you, you probably aren't reading this blog.

Summary and points of interest: After reading both of her books I'm genuinely confused now as to why Mindy Kaling and I are not bes…

To Me You Are a Work of Art

All About the Outfit!
This is  going to be largely a review piece!  Vintage reproduction designer, Bernie Dexter, has recently introduced a new style (the Sharon dress) and I can’t say I’ve seen it pop up on too many ladies so far!  (Currently Bernie doesn't even have this dress on her site otherwise I'd link this!).  I got it in Zulily’s epic Bernie sale a few weeks back, so I thought I’d share my experiences.
Honestly, I was nervous about this one!  I’ve never gotten a fitted Bernie (read: one that isn’t open past the waist).  Her sizing chart made me wonder if I should swap my usual XS for a Small, but I figured for the Zulily prices I should stick with what I know and I could always sell it if it didn’t work.
The good news is that it fits really well!  The not really good OR bad news is that it is quite fitted, meaning I definitely don’t have room to grow!  Haha.  (Good thing I'm currently enrolled in Krav Maga and getting the best workouts of my life?!) This is all fi…

Tiny Dancer

About the outfit:

I go through phases with shopping.  Some months I lean towards vintage reproduction.  Other months I hunt down Kate Spade bags on eBay.  But my fever spikes the highest when I'm either on a roll with amazing true vintage novelty print skirts, OR I find some out of the blue.  This was a skirt I treated myself to a few months back because it's SO lovely and I hadn't found good true vintage in months prior to this purchase.  Can you blame me?

This purchase dates back to November now and is from Nicole Elaine Vintage (as well as this Miami print skirt).  I've said it before and I'll say it again: late fall and winter purchases kill me because it can take forever to wear those items and/or photography them.  But now that it's spring I'm finally at an advantage point!  This skirt is too lovely for words.  The details of the dancers are awesome and I believe every color ever could probably be paired with this baby.  #versatile 
Style Details:

Top- JC…

It Don't Mean a Thing (If it Ain't Got that Swing)

Monday Annoucements: Actually, I have none this week!  A new Just Shair video is coming this week though, and given that we have a few others filmed this should be a weekly thing from here on out.  (It was always supposed to be; illness and life events messed up our start a bit).  Sometime over the next month you should be able to see me completely loose my sh*t on camera; I’m the hardest person in the world to crack up and for 10 minutes of filming I could barely get some words out I was laughing so hard.  Shannon was somewhat stunned and said she had never seen me like this, which is probably true.  It’s been 3+(?) years since I had a laughing fit I couldn’t stop (seriously, I’m a hard crack-up).  I believe we’re editing this portion for a bonus video, because who doesn’t like to watch people laugh on camera when they’re trying to be serious and lose their minds.  I’m SHAIRING all of this because it was awesome to be reminded of how fun it is to not be able to stop laughing.  Conside…