All about the outfit!  This is one of my favorite and oldest Retrolicious dresses.  Green is one of my favorite colors, so this dress made of green street signs has been a staple of mine for some time.  I find it easy to style in most colors, so I really like it's versatility.  Earlier this winter, during a luke warm day, I wore basically this exact outfit but with knee socks to a meeting and early dinner with a friend.  My knee socks went MIA when I decided to photograph this dress properly, but I think it works both ways!

And of course, with tomorrow being St Patrick's day, it felt fitting to showcase another green dress with a different color scheme complimenting it.

Style details: Sadly I believe this Retrolicious dress is out of print currently.  The cardigan is Banana Republic, the brooch is Deer Arrow, and the shoes are G by Guess!

Motivational:  I recently heard a quote that goes something like, "People can only meet you as deeply as they've met themselves."  I feel like every year or so I hear a quote that stays with me forever, and this may be my 2016 one.  Thoughts?

Music time!  I really like the band Bloc Party, but on occasion I admittedly do forget about them.  I definitely consider them one of the more fun modern bands, however!  And with them having a song called "Signs", it made for an easy choice to name this blog post after!

I've recently added two pages to this blog, one that catalogues posts named after songs and another that catalogues all of the concert stories.  Click the links on to see for yourself!  Happy Friday!

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  1. This dress is such an amazing print, and I *love* it with the plum cardigan and the Mary Janes!! Purple and green is one of my favorite combos. I've got some outfit pics from a recent outing that I need to write a post for: green dress and plum cardigan. Great minds, and all that ;).

    Re: the quote -- I think it's a pretty pithy way of expressing something very true. Some people aren't that introspective, or reflective (or both!) and with people like that, it's hard to form much of a connection with them. You can talk about stuff that's going on, or things that happened, but you'll find it much harder to connect in a way that shows what makes them tick. That's my reaction!

  2. Oh my this quote is absolutely a hit. So deep and so true!
    I like the dress print and love the green & purple combination! You look so beautiful and I bet this outfit looked as good with the knee high socks.


  3. Very inspiring quote Lauren! I love them as they help you keeping focused on your goals! Love your dress too!;)

  4. Amazing post, dear! :) Do you want to follow each other? If yes, please follow me with GFC, write a comment and I follow you back :)

  5. You are so good at pairing colors together. I love the green with the burgundy!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  6. Love the mix of green + purple here, lady!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  7. These colours are just so fun together! Great heels too

  8. This quote is really great and deep, dear and I love your dress as well, green is beautiful shade and I think that it's your color, definately, Lauren;)

  9. That is such a lovely dress, Lauren! I love how you styled it with the pops of purple, those shoes are so pretty! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you're having a great St. Patty's Day!



  10. Another cute dress! I love how you styled it!

  11. These colors are perfect together!

  12. So adorable! Loving this dress!

    Mallory // Perhaps Bananas

  13. The cutest dress! Love it paired with the cardigan. Love how you always play with color!


  14. That is such a gorgeous green dress, I can see why it's one of your favourites :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  15. I really like that quote as gets you thinking (and self-reflecting). Your dress is gorgeous! I love how you paired it with the plum cardigan - they go so well together! I hope you're having a lovely St. Patty's Day! (Perhaps eating burritos? lol)


  16. So springlike <3!!!

  17. What a lovely print and coloured dress. Gemma x

  18. Yaaaaas girl, that dress is incredible! And those shoes make your legs look so long and lovely. Red and green can be such a solid combo and you pulled it off perfectly <3

  19. I adore everything about this outfit and I think it looks great without the socks even though I can envision how cute it would have looked with the socks.

    The quote could not have been more true, Lauren. I have not heard it before but I think it's going to be one of the best ones that will stay with me.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  20. The print is so fun and I love the heels you added to this look! You look so retro chic - swoon!
    Happy Friday, my gorgeous friend!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  21. You're so cute! This dress is adorable, and I love the deep purple with it. I wouldn't have thought to pair these colors together, but they work perfectly!

  22. Clever song choice! Just curious, but are the street signs on your dress naturally found in green, or are they all sorts of street signs colored specially for this dress in green?

    xx Yasmin

  23. I love those unexpected heels! What a great outfit. Very adorable.
    xx Belle

  24. I sadly forget about Bloc Party too! I really should pay attention to them more. Also - that quote is really deep. It took me a moment to get it but now it's like a lightbulb moment. You can expect more from someone who hasn't even looked inside themselves long enough to know who they really are. How are they going to know what they're capable of giving to you or anyone else?


  25. I love that quote. It's so true and great for reflecting. This color combo is perfection! I'll say it again and again, but you have the best printed dresses and skirts! You always look so fashionable in them.

  26. Purple and green on my gosh yes, I swear you always have the best colour combos Lauren!

    "People can only meet you as deeply as they've met themselves." I really love that... and really true I think at some point along the way in life you get a lot better at reading people and you can pick up in people who haven't truly meet themselves and really been raw and honest with who they are which can bring or sorts of things to front in all kinds of relationships.

  27. Such a fun print! I hope you had an awesome St. Patty's and great weekend!!...
    That quote is really powerful, and very true!!

    All the Cute

  28. I love wearing green too and this dress is such a cute and girly piece! You look so pretty!


  29. Such a pretty dress! That shade of green looks so pretty on you <3

  30. This is such an amazing dress and I love green too. This is one of my favourite colour combinations so I think this outfit is completely perfect.

  31. Lauren, I missed your bright outfits so much! Sorry for not getting back to you earlier; I was a bit absent from the blogosphere lately:)
    Anyway, I love this green dress you are wearing; it's so fun and so St-Patrick-appropriate! And I never imagined green would match with burgundy that well.
    Thanks for giving me an idea for a spring outfit:)

  32. Amazing outfit, you are looking so beautiful dear!

  33. Those Mary Janes are amazing! I need a pair like that in my life

  34. Cute dress! It has a fun cut and print that works so well together! Perfect for St. Patrick's day!


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