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Screaming Skull

About the outfit!
Believe it or not, I don't always wear skirts or dresses!  (Sounds like an early April Fools day joke, no?)  I actually quite like shorts and pants, especially if they have fun colors or prints on them.  Spring is when I hang up the dresses and such more often than any other season.  When it's slightly chilly, it's also kind of windy here, making it feel colder.  I go into "give-up mode" on these chilly days as it's just after winter and put on pants.  And on the warmer windy days? No matter what I do, I'm just not as sexy as Marilyn Monroe when the wind blows up my skirt.  I have the grace and sex appeal of a girl with head gear who is wearing a dress for the first time in her life whenever that happens.  It's just easier for my life and self esteem to reach for the shorts!

Style Details
This is a brand new pair of shorts from Old Navy.  I usually only shop there for basics but once in a while a staple piece grabs my attention.  I l…

Blair Read Books! #2: Why Him? Why Her? and Divorce Corp.

Hey all!  Happy Tuesday!  I took an accidental break from this book + documentary series, but I'm back and ready to roll!  Typically I'll be posting on Saturdays, but I'm trying to squeeze in an extra post, so here we are on a Wednesday!!  Not every Fashionista Who Love Learning will be themed, but this particular one is as I intended for it to go out Valentine's week totally right before April.  Whoops!
Book: Why Him? Why Her? by Helen Fisher
Why anyone would like this book: I get that it sounds whiny, but it's really not.  Helen Fisher is a renowned neuroscientist (she's given Ted Talks, which is how I discovered her and ultimately discovered this book to read) and she's kind of the coolest.  What that means is that she can write about science is a relatable way.  The tag of this book is "How to Find and Keep Lasting Love," but this is not a self help book per se, nor is it exclusive to singletons.

Expanding on all of that, I love neuroscience.  …

Toast of the Town

Monday Announcements:

In case you missed it, I was on Miss Milla Cherry's blog this weekend in an interview feature!  Definitely please check it out!  A Just Shair video is all edited and will be coming out later this week!  Click the link or follow any other social media (all other forms are @just_shair) to stay up to date, otherwise I'll post the video on the next Monday announcements!

All about this dress: This is an older Retrolicious dress and is no longer in stock, and unfortunately hasn't been for quite some time.  But how fun is it??  Yellow is one of those colors that I never realized I liked as much as I do until I started blogging.  Having the visual of how much yellow I gravitate towards was enlightening, haha.  I think it officially falls just behind purple/green for me as a favorite color.  And hey, I'm in good company because allegedly Grace Kelly's favorite color was yellow!  (My idol, if you're newer to my blog!)

Also, true to form, I love this d…

The Vintage Reproduction World is on FIRE!!!

Hey all!  It's spring, which means that all clothing lines have been previewing and starting to release upcoming prints for their new collections.  In vintage reproduction/pinup world, this is no different.  I've been scouring ALL the sites and ALL their social media for a few months now, and let's just say that there's never a dull day when it comes to finding out what's down the line.

I have readers that are both into retro ways of dressing, as well as readers who are more into modern trends but appreciate watching how I dress.  If you're in the former, this is a great guide because I don't believe I left a stone unturned.  If you're in the latter though, this is still a great guide because it opens up this world a little more and you can see how this niche style of dressing works from behind the scenes and maybe better understand why I love novelty prints so much, haha.

And at the end of this rather extensive lineup, I share a few thoughts about whe…