All about the dress:  Happy Sunday Funday, all!  How was yours?  I got to have brunch with some of two of my closest friends and then I kind of vegged out because this past week has been nuts.  Today I'm showcasing this awesome floral dress, called "The Rosie Dress", from Hell Bunny that I got in my home town of New Hope, PA (store name and online shopping site: 13 Vintage).  Though I like it, brown isn't typically a go-to color of mine, but pink and brown is such a great color combination so this number was a hard one to resist!  In order to both "winterize" and somewhat look forward into spring, I used my trusty mint cardigan (Target) and shoes (Guess via Marshalls) combination.  I feel the mint is both icy like winter, but because it's kind of a pastel too it's spring-like.  Rounding out this outfit is an amazing car brooch from Deer Arrow.  

Motivational:  Progress can feel like paint drying, no?  Don't we all sometimes feel as though we're running in one place?  Sometimes we have to remind ourselves to look back and remember where we started.  Maybe it does take a lifetime to achieve certain goals, but remember who you were one year ago, 5 years ago, and so forth.  What did he or she want?  Is what you have now something an older version of you would have killed for and felt very accomplished with?  Food for thought...

Music time!  Because this dress is called Rosie, I decided to name this blog post after a Kook's song..."Rosie."  Simple enough explanation!  Have a great rest of your weekend, friends!!

I've recently added two pages to this blog, one that catalogues posts named after songs and another that catalogues all of the concert stories.  Click the links on to see for yourself!  Happy Friday!

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  1. Love the print on this dress, and so pretty with the mint. I had brunch with friends today too. Brunch is the best!!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  2. The pink and mint green go so well together! This is a great transitional outfit. You look beautiful in florals!

  3. very cute, Lady ;-)

  4. You are totally right about mint being the perfect transitional hue!! I said it on IG, but this outfit is just *perfect*! You and Bristol should do a New Hope meet up :).

    I think part of the reason I love New Years is because it's tailor-made for taking stock of exactly the type of gradual progress that you don't always notice in the moment. I bet I'm going to be thinking a lot about what you said today…


  5. Love, love, LOVE this outfit on you! And brilliant idea to match the heels to your cardigan, what a gorgeous romantic outfit!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  6. That floral dress is super duper cute! :)

    Love how your cardi matches the heels! Looking really sweet! :)

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram

  7. Could your cardi and heels match any better?! Absolute perfection! I love them paired with this dress! And wonderful advice too...I definitely needed that reminder this week. :)


  8. Love the color combination on this outfit! And you are so completely right that that brooch really rounds up the whole outfit! Love it! <3


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