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Monday (on a Tuesday) Announcements:  

  • I don't have much to say this week!  I meant to post yesterday but I was a little under the weather this weekend and I dropped my dog off for surgery this AM, so this week is a little wackadoodle all around.  I'm probably going to have less posts than usual this week, FYI.
  • Yay for the Broncos winning!!!  Hehe.  
About the outfit:  This is one of my favorite dresses ever.  I remember a few years ago drooling over it on ModCloth while waiting and waiting for it to go on sale.  I knew it would be a fun summer dress, a good fancier cocktail party dress, and just a nice classy staple that would grow with me for many years to come.  Because it's on the nicer side, I don't wear it a ton, but it is one of my favorites!

Because it's winter, I decided to try styling this a little bit differently than usual.  This Kling sweater (also from ModCloth) is a winter staple of mine so I decided to mix styles a bit and wear it with this dress.  It's an exaggerated match with different shades of purple, so it was an experiment to see if this would even work.  I rarely wear sweaters over dresses, but that's something I've been trying out a bit more with this winter.  

Style details:  Truth be told, I meant to winterize this a bit more with stockings and a head scarf.  But it was kind of hot on the day I took these so I was in no mood to bundle up.  This look ended up being a little bit more casual than my initial vision in my head when I came up with this outfit, haha.  But the rest of the accessories I kept are Forever 21 sunglasses, a Luxulite brooch from Audrey Star's Boutique, and Chinese Laundry shoes.

Positivity time:  So, it's Valentine's week.  Initially I was going to have all romantic prints on my clothes this week but counteract that with non-cliche thoughts on love, romance, V-day, and just kind of keep some things real and in perspective.  I never show my romantic hand on the Internet, so why not play both sides of the fence?  Hehe ;)  Since this week is busier than anticipated, I'm not going to be able to do that all around.

That said, if you are single currently, Valentine's really is just a day.  Whether I'm single or with someone, I often roll my eyes at a lot of "humble brag" posts on social media showcasing flowers and presents and fancy dates.  Take it from me: years ago I was in a relationship that everyone thought was solid and friends were banking on us being together forever.  However, being on the inside of that relationship was way less pretty.  Being in a relationship that looked perfect from the outside but was far from on the inside is probably why I'm now so private romantically speaking; I never want to shock people again with the dissolution of a romantic union because it looked solid, nor do I want people to feel bad about themselves watching me be in romantic bliss...especially if that's not even totally the truth.  But at least take this advice: don't feel bad about anyone's status this weekend.  SOMEONE in your life is posting jewelry pictures or couple photos at dinner...but they're contemplating splitting from their partner.  The picture isn't always what it seems, so don't measure yourself against it.  And in my very humble opinion, being in a relationship that isn't working is way more lonely than actually being alone.  So if you are alone, it's probably not as bad as it could be.  Give yourself some credit for not being in the wrong relationship!

And if you're truly happy with a partner...genuinely enjoy it!!!

Music:  Kim Gordon is one of my rock idols.  I almost adopted two bearded dragons a few years ago (but smartly realized that owning two lizards with two scavenger seeking dogs was a terrible idea), but the names I picked out for them were going to be Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth) and Kim Deal (The Pixies).  Kim & Kim, haha.  Most people have heard of Sonic Youth whether they've heard a Sonic Youth song or not, but few people know any of the member's side bands.  In the 90s Kim Gordon started the band Free Kitten, which is my favorite Sonic Youth side project by far.  They're rock, they're alternative, they're weird, and they're fun.  The have a song called "Monster Eye" and given that there's monster eyes on my sweater, I decided to name this title after that song!

I've recently added two pages to this blog, one that catalogues posts named after songs and another that catalogues all of the concert stories.  Click the links on to see for yourself!  Happy Friday!

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  1. This outfit is just lovely -- it's casual but still so chic! The colors go really well together. I was just thinking that I needed more plum-colored tops in my life, and this just confirms it! And you really hit the nail on the head with your reflections on Valentine's Day. I hate how some people seem to think that their relationship is just fodder for inspiring envy online. It's awful to see people getting caught up in perfect images when they don't know what's going on when the camera is off. This year, let's all try to remember the true meaning of Valentine's Day: delicious food, colorful outfits, and appreciating *all* the love we have in our lives.

    Hope everything went well at the vet <3!!

  2. Well said. Having a birthday so close to Valentine's Day, I've never been a fan--single or in a couple. I love your sweater! It is adorable!

  3. Love, love, love the whole look!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You're always so original!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  4. Oooh wow what an amazing top. It is so unique which I love. The dress is absolutely gorgeous and I adore the pretty colour of your shoes!.

  5. Love this cool way to dress especially the retro and modern influence

  6. That sweater is super cute! Perfect warm winter day outfit! Hope your dog is doing okay!

  7. That top is so cute and fun. Love it! I don't see that many people wearing purple and that's such a shame. Its a lovely color and you always rock it so beautifully! Amen to your valentine's comment haha. Good luck to your puppy today too!

  8. Skirt is amazing ;)


    Mónica Sors



  9. Such a great jumper!

  10. Such a great post!

  11. The pattern and colours in the dress yes, yes and always more yes! hahaha ;) I love what you had to say about Valentine's day and relationships, I often sit on social media analysing things and well personally I wouldn't want a relationship so public (totally peoples choice if they do and I respect that) but I often wonder what is behind that?!?! Validation?!. Love is between the people involved not the world and what happens in that relationship is what matters the most not what is projected on social media.

  12. Very well said! And what an absolutely adorable look! I love your sweater! Also, your previous post with the map dress convinced me I needed to buy this map skirt I've been eyeing on ModCloth, haha. Can't wait for mail day! :)


  13. Love your outfit! So cute!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  14. What a darling sweater, I absolutely love it! The skirt is stunning also!


  15. Such cute outfit! your top look so comfy :)

  16. This outfit is so lovely and fun loving! Great on the eye, it made me smile :) Laura xo

  17. SO cute!! LOVE the print on that skirt!!!

    All the Cute
    Latest Post: Black Lace...

  18. Hello, dear! I am back, sorry for my absence, due to a long trip, when I don't use computers very much!I loooved your post! First of all, hope your dog is OK. I read now about the surgery :( Second, loved your top :) so playful, I liked it and the skirt is so beautiful! You look really fab! Third, I totally agree with you about Valentine's day. I was even approached by a company asking me to write a wishing list for Valentine's day, and I said no. I am not against anybody who posts about it, but I just, like you, roll my eyes. Valentine's outfits (don't we know how to dress everyday?) and presents, oh dear. But as I said, I respec everybody, like you do too. And fourth, you see, I pot once a week and sometimes twice a week, and this is good for me. As well, I normally comment once a week, because life outside the web calls me - and I know you are busy too! So, I will be happy reading your posts or one at least anytime! Hope you are fine!

  19. This sweater is insanely cool! So fun! Love how you paired it with this skirt. Love Kim, have to read her book! Have a great weekend Lauren


  20. You look great as always! The outfit is so fun and creative!

    Hugs! Love, Mary

  21. This is such a cute and colourful look ♥

  22. That eye sweater is super cute and it looks perfect layered over the pretty floral dress! You look amazing!


  23. I hope everything is going well with your dog! I hope everything with the surgery went well! I love how you layered a sweater over your dress! It's so much fun seeing different ways a dress can be worn!

  24. I hope you are feeling better and your dog is ok after surgery. I think when things happen they happen all at once. You are so right about Valentines day it is just a day. I do like the day after Valentines day though and get the candy at half price! LOL! Love your cute outfit! Great idea about layering that cute sweatshirt over your dress! Great combination!


  25. I hope ur feeling better Lauren! I definitely agree with you about Valentine's Day and all that goes into it. I mean I love to create looks for this day because I know people often take it much more seriously than I do, but I find that a lot of the times it's too much and how it's even hard to escape from at times. This really goes for a lot of holidays/days that are just another day to market to us and make money. I definitely don't post much about my relationship on social media because like you, I like to keep this private. I agree though, you never really know what's going on behind closed doors, no matter how someones relationship looks on the outside.

    Now back to this amazing outfit! I'm loving this adorable sweater Lauren from ModCloth and those purple heels really compliment the outfit!

    Hope u have an awesome weekend:-)

  26. I really love your skirt and your shoes are very pretty too

  27. I'm in love with those lavender shoes! Sorry I have been out of the loop lately. I celebrate Valentine's Day whether I have a sweetheart or not. It's really just an excuse for me to go out to a good meal with friends and family and eat loads of chocolate haha!


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