Black Celebration

About the outfit:  Guys and gals...dreams do come true!  When I first got into Bernie Dexter a few years back, I fell in love with this dress.  It was on sale for a minute, but I missed the window.  And then it never went on sale again....until of course this holiday season.  Actually, I bought a few Bernies around then and I don't remember if this was truly on sale or if I used a coupon, but regardless the wait was up and it's mine!  I love it because it's black AND colorful all at once, which I feel is hard to find in dresses with darker colors.  It also has other staples that I am often mindful of when purchasing vintage reproduction in that it's incredibly retro, but also somewhat timeless and easy to style in a vintage or modern way.  Plus, can we take a second to appreciate that this dress has a melting belt?!  That's kind of always the best thing.  Despite that this dress has been around for forever, I seldom see it on other blogs or on Instagram!  I can't understand why, especially now that I own it!

Usually I just talk about the central piece in this portion of the blog, but I need to talk about this jacket for a moment too!  This is one of my favorite jacket/blazers that I own, and I wear it WAY more than any outfit photo history you can look at could ever possibly indicate (in part because I think I'm bad at "modeling" jackets).  But I love that it's neon green and kind of looks like a grandma's couch.  Best of all?  It was $5!  Other shoppers at Forever 21 four years ago apparently didn't fancy this eccentric beauty as it was mega reduced, much to my happiness upon stumbling on it.  I even saw it (or the designer version that Forever 21 very likely could have knocked off) on Lemon Breeland on Hart of Dixie in one episode.  (Ye-ah...I got into Hart of Dixie.  Like virtually every other CW show I now like, I was dealing with health issues and sought out "brain candy."  And then I hated it and turned it off before the first season was up.  But then I got sick again and tried it once more and fell in love, haha.  So if anyone shares my guilty pleasure, please sound off in the comments!)

Style details:  Obvi the dress is Bernie Dexter and the jacket is Forever 21.  But the necklace is Happiness Boutique, the brooch is Erstwilder, and the shoes are Ralph Lauren.  

I heart y'all!!!

Motivational and positivity time! Sometimes you need to remind yourselves to immerse yourself in something you love, even if it went awry in the past.  This is me talking from very recent personal experience.  Because other creative projects involving other people didn't work out so well, I realized about two weeks ago how much I was phoning in my about-to-be-debuted comedy project.  Sure, once bitten and twice shy.  But I watched our first rehearsal video right after our final rehearsal video and I was shocked at how much less energy I had and how dead my eyes were in the first video.  It was horrifying and beautiful at once, meaning it was horrifying because I want to break into some kind of comedic medium and have experience on camera at this point, so I was stunned to see how not engaged I was!  But it was beautiful too because I didn't even realize I was doing it and I was already improving before having to witness that my head wasn't in the game, as I witnessed in the final rehearsal video.  But I knew I could do better, and now I will.  Now that I've isolated the problem, I'm officially back to being excited about my upcoming comedy endeavor and just like that my brain has turned on in ways regarding brainstorming and executing ideas after being turned off somewhat for a few months.  I think grieving something is necessary, as I believe sometimes the pendulum has to swing too far over sometimes to swing back into a balanced position.  But I think we all (especially myself) needs to remember to keep one's eye on the prize and always keep your head in the game so you don't accidentally not enjoy the process or do your best.  This is a new lesson learned for me, so I thought it was worth sharing!

Music time!  I love, love, LOVE Depeche Mode, and I think this song, "Black Celebration" is arguably my favorite of theirs.  I listened to it a bit while composing this post and couldn't get over what a great song I still believe it to be after loving it to death for so many years.  I thought it was a fitting title with how this dress is black but all of the flowers and colors are so cheery.  It's the definition of a party dress, so "Black Celebration" felt right.

I've recently added two pages to this blog, one that catalogues posts named after songs and another that catalogues all of the concert stories.  Click the links on to see for yourself!  Happy Friday!

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  1. I have always LOVED this BD dress, it will always be the one that got away - that heart cut out!!!!

  2. That Bernie Dexter dress is so gorgeous!! Love the shoes and jacket with it x

  3. Wonderful blog! I love and i follow your blog, please follow me too

  4. I am geeking out over the back of this dress! Lovely! And I love that you paired the tweed blazer with it!

  5. Gorgeous dress! I'm glad you were able to get it. The first dress I fell for of Bernie's I missed on but was lucky enough that last year they re-released dresses in the same print (bbq print)so I know how it feels to think you missed it and how great it feels when you finally get it. I totally agree with you about the colorful black printed dresses. I love black printed dresses with lots of color! <3 It's like magical dresses with so much to pair with it with plus you can either feel a little dark when wearing it or be all colorful and cheerful! And yes! I totally recognize the jacket as the one Lemon Breeland wore in Hart of Dixie! What a great find! That's amazing and even more amazing that you found it for $5! I loved that show when it was on the air especially when it was first starting up and was in the first couple seasons. I have the same guilty pleasures as you with CW shows. I love so many. <3

  6. those neon green heels are super fab! very cute look as always!

  7. That dress is just lovely and you look absolutely beautiful in it!
    I love the back details - very cute!
    Much love,

  8. So glad you scored this dress finally! The heart cut out is sooo cute. Those bright shoes are a perfect pairing, too!

  9. Love, love this Bernie dress, the floral print is gorgeous! Love your accessories too, especially that jacket! :)

  10. I am super into this outfit! The print of that dress is incredible, and the heart-shaped keyhole is so adorable. My first thought when reading this post, though, was 'OMG THAT JACKET!" Hehehe. I bet the comedy project is going to rock -- so glad you're feeling excited about it again!!

  11. love this outfit!
    kisses from dubai ❤️

  12. Yes yes yes!! This is such a beautiful ensemble! I love the jacket, what a steal!, and this dark floral dress. The colors blend together so well. You look amazing babe!! Oh, and the heart cutout is absolutely darling. The cutest little detail.

  13. Oh my goodness! This dress is gorgeous - I love the back! And I can see why that jacket is one of your favorites. :) I'm so happy to her you're getting excited about your comedy project - I'm excited for it too! :) Have a great weekend, Lauren!


  14. Oh my this dress is beautiful, but the back details is simply amazing!
    I can see why you were so happy to find this jacket on major sale, it does look unique and has most popular Spring colors!
    Wishing you wonderful weekend and good luck with the comedy project!


  15. My weekly visit has come! I would love to visit blogs more often, but once a week is what I am being able to do - though I am very glad that I have this time and didn't "quit" at all! I loved your Bernie Dexter dress and I loved the belt as well, and how sweet is the back, with the hear? You look amazing! The shoes are also lovely, but granny couch or not, the jacket is amazing and for that price! I do love granny couch items! Sometimes people say I wear curtains :) But I don't care :) I hope your comedy project goes well, I am sure it will! And watching ourselves on films, argh, it has positive and negative things, but you have to do it, to be well prepared, of course! I also love Depeche Mode! Hope you have a nice weekend!

  16. This dress is fantastic and I am so happy you got it on sale! The heart back is do lovely! Great jacket too and only $5! Can't pass that up! Awesome to hear about your comedy endeavor!



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