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Monday Announcements

I have comedy details and related social media for you!!!!!!  But first, lemme explain!  As I've been hinting at, I have an online comedy project about to launch.  It's with one of my fave gal pals, Shannon.  She's not only one of the funniest people that I've met, but her and I have so much fun playing off each other that back in the fall we decided we should start a podcast.  Well, we have currently shelved the straight up podcast idea (for now) are to are doing more visual things instead.  To start with, the name of our dynamic duo is an agglomeration of our names, Shannon + Blair= Shair.  So not unlike the singer (::wink::) we call our project, Just Shair!  For the time being on our still being constructed site, we will have videos where we "shair" our sillier thoughts on various topics (St Patrick's day, Pinterest, ways people are spelling their kid's names, etc).  We also will be uploading photos of us doing insane things in …


All about the dress:  Happy Sunday Funday, all!  How was yours?  I got to have brunch with some of two of my closest friends and then I kind of vegged out because this past week has been nuts.  Today I'm showcasing this awesome floral dress, called "The Rosie Dress", from Hell Bunny that I got in my home town of New Hope, PA (store name and online shopping site: 13 Vintage).  Though I like it, brown isn't typically a go-to color of mine, but pink and brown is such a great color combination so this number was a hard one to resist!  In order to both "winterize" and somewhat look forward into spring, I used my trusty mint cardigan (Target) and shoes (Guess via Marshalls) combination.  I feel the mint is both icy like winter, but because it's kind of a pastel too it's spring-like.  Rounding out this outfit is an amazing car brooch from Deer Arrow.  

Motivational:  Progress can feel like paint drying, no?  Don't we all sometimes feel as though we'…

Black Celebration

About the outfit:  Guys and gals...dreams do come true!  When I first got into Bernie Dexter a few years back, I fell in love with this dress.  It was on sale for a minute, but I missed the window.  And then it never went on sale again....until of course this holiday season.  Actually, I bought a few Bernies around then and I don't remember if this was truly on sale or if I used a coupon, but regardless the wait was up and it's mine!  I love it because it's black AND colorful all at once, which I feel is hard to find in dresses with darker colors.  It also has other staples that I am often mindful of when purchasing vintage reproduction in that it's incredibly retro, but also somewhat timeless and easy to style in a vintage or modern way.  Plus, can we take a second to appreciate that this dress has a melting belt?!  That's kind of always the best thing.  Despite that this dress has been around for forever, I seldom see it on other blogs or on Instagram!  I can'…

Socially Awkward Penguin

Monday Tuesday Announcements:  None this week, except apologies for being slow with blogging, all things social media, and being reciprocal with other bloggers!  I'm back at it, but sometimes after a hiatus it takes me a second to get my sea legs back!

About the dress: Oh my goodness friends, I'm in love with this dress!  It's from Retrolicious and was sold at ModCloth (it sold out during their super sale earlier this, by others and myself) but can be found at current retail price on the Folter/Retrolicious site HERE.  This is the first of two dresses that I'll be showcasing over the next month that I'm in the minority with, as so many women read this dress as a "holiday" dress.  It has polar bears and penguins on it, and since it's winter-y I'm sure it would make a good holiday dress.  But I saw it as a straight up winter dress with the polar print.  And, with the pinks and whites and the print being kind of subtle, I think it would be easy to wea…

My Cherie Amour

Monday Thursday Announcements:   Greetings!  I didn't mean to take over a week off from the blogosphere!  A perfect storm of my dog's surgery, striking out 3x the past 2 weeks in an attempt to get the next month's photos (weather issues, usual spots being occupied, etc), and realizing I may need a slight break caused this.   Thank you all so much to those who inquired about my beagle's surgery!  As of Tuesday, I learned that she is in fact now officially CANCER FREE!  I'm so excited.  This whole experience was surreal.  Other than the fact that she's an aging dog and has slowed down some over the past few years, she hasn't seemed sick in the slightest.  She was PISSED after the surgery, but the next day she was strutting through the hallways and happy as a clam.  If lab results came back that the cancer had spread I would have had an aneurysm out of confusion.  Once the stitches come out next week and her purple cone can be removed, this will be a weird dist…

Monster Eye

Monday (on a Tuesday) Announcements:  

I don't have much to say this week!  I meant to post yesterday but I was a little under the weather this weekend and I dropped my dog off for surgery this AM, so this week is a little wackadoodle all around.  I'm probably going to have less posts than usual this week, FYI.Yay for the Broncos winning!!!  Hehe.  About the outfit:  This is one of my favorite dresses ever.  I remember a few years ago drooling over it on ModCloth while waiting and waiting for it to go on sale.  I knew it would be a fun summer dress, a good fancier cocktail party dress, and just a nice classy staple that would grow with me for many years to come.  Because it's on the nicer side, I don't wear it a ton, but it is one of my favorites!
Because it's winter, I decided to try styling this a little bit differently than usual.  This Kling sweater (also from ModCloth) is a winter staple of mine so I decided to mix styles a bit and wear it with this dress.  It&…

Blair Reads Books! #1- Don't Know Much About Geography and Please Subscribe

For about a month now I've been telling y'all that I'm starting a weekly book series (and documentary watching party) to talk about non-fashion things...while looking fashionable, of course.  Well, life is what happens when you're busy making other plans because a month after I intended to, here is my first segment!  I picked easy and benign topics, like geography and YouTube for the introductory post.  As you will see below, I underline if a book or documentary is polarizing or potentially offensive to some world views, so if you feel a topic would make your blood boil, I encourage you to skip that read and come back the following Monday for a more frothier outfit post.  I read only non-fiction and am immensely curious about the world at large, and with those traits I understand I can't please everyone.  But let's all stay friends and remember what we love about each other and pass on what we don't!  Starting off, I'd be more than shocked if this part…

Safe and Sound

Behind the outfit: I usually wait until things are on mega sale to get them, but I was totally in love with this pastel rainbow skirt from ModCloth that I couldn't wait for it to find it's way to the discount rack.  (To be fair, I had a coupon though...)  It's a perfect piece for this time of year when I'm jonesing for it to just be spring already, and will be the perfect spring and summer skirt once those months finally come!
Since it is still winter (::sigh::) I went with a styling that used a cardigan to showcase a look that could be worn in February on the balmier days that February can bring for some of us.  Because it's a rainbow skirt, I picked a few different colors to play off of while having peach be my central accessorizing shade.

Style details: The cardigan is J Crew Factory, the brooch is Erstwilder via DNJ Retro, the shirt is a band tee from seeing Capital Cities (more on them in a moment), the belt is from Viva Ducle Marina, the skirt is ModCloth, and…

Blue Flower

Behind the dress: Here is another more spring/summer look that I decided needed to have some form of a winter take on it.  As you may recall, I don't have storage so my floral and beach prints stay out basically all year and sometimes I decide to rock them in the colder months.  This Bernie Dexter floral dress went on SUPER sale a little before the holidays and I just couldn't wait any longer to wear it!
Navy is a good trick up the color arsenal's sleeve in regards to winterizing any dress.  Though probably any blue would do, as blue is largely associated with winter.  I think this navy pairing lets the dress stand alone without screaming "I WISH IT WERE SPRING ALREADY!" at the top of it's lungs.  Come the spring pastel cardigans will make it's way to this outfit and over the summer sandals will play with this dress.  But for these technical last days of winter and when it's warm enough to not need tights, navy is a good balancing color for warmer loo…