I Wish It Would Rain

Behind the outfit/scenes: This Tatyana fan print skirt in burgundy is one of my faves.  I got it from ModCloth over a year ago, and I'm so glad I did because it sold out of most places rather quickly!  It got lost in the shuffle of my non-stop growing closet for a minute (...I may have an issue...) but this past fall through winter I've been wearing it over and over again.

It's funny because I named this post "I Wish It Would Rain" after my Erstwilder lady with an umbrella brooch, but it was starting to snow instead of rain when I took this!!!  Don't feel too bad for me as it was just a dusting and nothing like the crazy snow you east coasters got (plus, it was nearly 70 over the weekend so REALLY don't feel bad for me!) but this shoot had to be wrapped up pretty quickly!  And while I often look more ballsy than I am in some photo spreads with no tights because it's warmer out than it looks...yeah, this was a cold day!!  Wind, snow coming in...this was a rare shoot where I was freezing and semi miserable, haha.  I welcomed the snow ending the shoot less than 5 minutes in!  Sometimes you just have to trust what you got and not overthink every frame...and then go home and curl up under a blanket!

Style details: As I mentioned the skirt is Tatyana via ModCloth, though it's seemingly not available elsewhere at the moment anywhere.  The green version of this (which I also have, love, and recommend) is both found on ModCloth and Tatyana's website though.  The earrings are Old Navy.  The cardigan is J Crew Factory.  I believe my brooch is sold out everywhere but it's Erstwilder through Unique Vintage.  The tights are Nine West via DSW and the shoes are also Nine West.

Apologies for the wrinkles.  It's not so much that this skirt "wasn't ironed" as much as it was that I laid it out to wear and my Border Collie thought I laid out a "new bed" for her.  With trying to beat the snow, I opted to photograph as is.

Positivity time:  Last post I talked about how Mondays shouldn't get a bad rap because it's a day in your life that you won't get back.  Well, thank goodness for the Internet, because it seems that people out there are trying to make each day matter!  Since I believe laughter is the best medicine, here are two sites to check out.  There's a somewhat new TRex Tuesdays now, in which someone in a T-Rex costume goes ice skating or frozen food shopping every Tuesday and it's pretty entertaining.  For Wednesdays there's also Whine About It by Matt Bellassai where every Wednesday he gets drunk off wine and whines about topics like going to weddings, flying, and why fall is the worst.  It's pretty entertaining and not only is he a bit of an inspiration to my comedy partner and myself, but he won a People's Choice award for being an Internet personality!  Go, Matt!  So I invite you to have fun every day of the week with these crazy fun people, as they make my week brighter for sure!  And if anyone knows of any humorous Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday based Internet jams...let me know!

Music time: The Temptations are one of my favorite bands...ever.  My dad considered them his favorite band, so when passed away I had issues hearing some of their songs for a while.  What changed that wasn't so much time (though that does apply) but getting back into making music, and therefore dissecting songs, and realizing the genius behind some Motown hits.  Motown made timeless music that young generations still love today, and there's so many layers to how the songs are arranged and composed...but yet, everything is so simple.  But what really got me into loving The Temps again was falling utterly in love with David Ruffin's voice (my absolute favorite singer).  He sang some of the The Temptations most famous hits, like "My Girl" and "Ain't Too Proud to Beg", and he sang lead on this song, "I Wish it Would Rain" which this blog post is named after.  (I'm on a rhyming and rain kick with blog post titles, with Train in Vain, Purple Rain, and now I Wish it Would Rain.  Whoops!)

Because they're an older group (read: the Internet was hella not around at their peak), it's hard sometimes to find good videos of them either performing or with something visually interesting going on.  Old TV appearances of them singing this song are available on YouTube, but the vocals are kind of thin (which I've read was because people were still figuring out how to sound engineer stuff for both the in studio audience and for televisions, as it was a newer medium).  But I found this performance of David Ruffin, Eddie Kendricks, and Dennis Edwards from 1991 (the Temptations kind of splintered throughout the years and toured with the members they got along with and such) and the vocals are pretty good...despite that Ruffin was heavily into drugs and would die a few months later.  Hope you enjoyed this musical trivia and history ;)

I've recently added two pages to this blog, one that catalogues posts named after songs and another that catalogues all of the concert stories.  Click the links on to see for yourself!  Happy Friday!

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  1. I love the print and color of this skirt Lauren! Great style!

  2. I love that skirt
    Red fits you well

    new post http://sarameirelesthesnowwhite.blogspot.pt/2016/01/whats-new-in-my-closet.html

  3. That skirt is so pretty and your paired it well with the top, honestly love everything about your outfit. We had sun for a few days here but today it started raining again. I don't mind the rain though because it's not as crazy as Malaysia's rain storms but I see how it can get depressing quickly.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  4. Oh I love the print of this skirt. One of my favorites. You always pick such good color pairings too. And I like those tights! Send some of that 70s weather here (you can keep the snow ;)).

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  5. When I saw the title of this post, hoped it was referring to this song! I'm a huge Motown fan, and have been ever since grade school, when I was obsessed with Murphy Brown (which was *totally normal* for a seven-year-old). Rather than a theme song, the credits for each episode would play over a different Motown song.

    The outfit is great! Seeing how you pair colors has helped me to see my own wardrobe with fresh eyes. The green one is a real temptation (see what I did there?!? sorry…). Is that you in the Modcloth Style Gallery??

  6. That skirt is lovely! And I think the deep red looks amazing with the light blue - who knew! Just everything, all the little details are so pretty! Lovely look!
    Much love,

  7. These colours are beautiful together! The light blue goes really unexpectedly well with the red.


  8. The Temptations are classic! I'll have to check out the T-rex and Whine about it sites later today. They sound hilarious! Also - 70 degrees? Jealous!


  9. What a great post!
    I love your outfit, it is so colourful and bright and it is so nice to see people are still wearing these colours even in the winter!
    Those two websites you shared are so clever and I love what you said about making each of the days count. Those are days in your life you will never get back and it is important to make the most out of each and every day!

    ~ Nicole

  10. Ooooh you are making me so jealous. Haha. I wish I had scooped that skirt up in burgundy when I had the chance. But I overthought it and it sold out SO fast! I love the way you styled it! I have it in green, and I always feel like no matter how much I iron it, it still looks a little wrinkled (this is probably because I'm bad at ironing)...but other than that - it's fantastic! I love Whine About It, too! And will definitely have to check out TRex Tuesdays!


  11. Oooo I love this skirt with the tights and that blue is so right with this look!


  12. This look is so pretty on you! I love the color combo. I didn't know that dress came in red - love it. I almost bought the green once and wish I had. I love the T-rex videos swirling around, haha. Too good :]

  13. Such a gorgeous print. I've always wanted the fan print skirt and you styled it perfectly

  14. Your skirt is so cute, I love the fans!

  15. You look so cute! I love this skirt in burgundy with the toghts, which are pretty darn fabulous! I have this skirt in green and did not even know it also came in burgundy, which I like better actually. I need to wear it more often. I've only pulled it out a few times. You've inspired me to wear it again!


  16. love that printed skirt ! looks great on you !


  17. Such a pretty look dear , love the skirt !


  18. I love that skirt, such a pretty pattern! Modcloth always has the best stuff, don't they? Great photos!
    xo Kiki

  19. nice post!


  20. You look adorable Lauren, this printed skirt is super pretty and I can see why you are wearing it non stop! That little lady with umbrella deserves to have the post name!


  21. Girl you have such an amazing array of printed/novelty skirts. I wonder how many you actually have in your closet.

    xx Yasmin

  22. You look so pretty, Lauren, I really like your unique skirt, with combo with baby blue sweater it looks even better ;)


  23. This is gorgeous!

  24. The skirt is just darling! You look gorgeous! Another amazing skirt in your collection


  25. Gorgeous outfit! You look so pretty Lauren! I love this skirt!
    xoxo, Gloria
    the Glamour Taste
    Follow me on
    Facebook | Instagram

  26. That is such a nice print on the skirt - I love the black fans with the red :)

    Hope it wasn't too cold and miserable taking pictures - you certainly don't look it! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  27. Super lovely

  28. You look very pretty and adorable!


  29. Wow! I don't believe I've ever seen this skirt in red! It looks great on you!


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