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Fox on the Run

Behind the dress:  Bernie Dexter is probably my favorite dress maker.  Period.  This lovely fox printed dress has been for sale for about a year now (give or take...maybe more) and I've been drooling over it since it came out.  Doll Me Up  had some good sales recently so I splurged and got it.  Finally, this fox dress has made it's way home!!!  And, I won their New Year's Instagram contest so I'll hopefully be getting another awesome dress from them soon ;)  That was a fun surprise kicking off the new year!

Style details and thoughts: Orange is color that grew on me a lot over the years.  I feel like orange was kind of criticized for some time in movies and TV, but I fail to understand why now.  I love that the foxes are orange and the backdrop is a soft peach color.  Orange on orange?  Yes please.  While this will get more wear once spring and beyond hits as it's more of a summer/fall dress over winter, I HAD to share this with y'all now.  Because it's winter I paired it with a Banana Republic blazer that I have wanted for close to four years that I magically tracked down on eBay recently after giving up hope the past year or two.  My hair flower is from Sophisticated Lady Flower, the brooch is from Luxulite, and shoes are....from DSW.  The necklace is from Style by Portabello (see my recent collaboration with them HERE!) and the bag is Kate Spade.  I am wearing sheer tights by Hanes, otherwise I would have been SO cold as it was snowing off and on this day.

I don't do monochrome too often, but here is a pseudo attempt, ha!  There's peaches, true oranges, and even a neon orange color with my bag.  Because it's winter I didn't want to wear the orange strappy heels I have that would totally match, because wow, would that be a bad idea!!  There was another pair or two of shoes that are orange based that I could have used, but I oped to go a little bit off color with brown heeled oxfords.

Positivity time:  Lately I've been reminded of a saying that is supposed to lead to success, and that saying goes something to the effect of: only focus on the end goal.  The reason is that it's easy to get caught up in the hows, whys, and details that will swing your journey in all kinds of directions.  But if you focus on the big picture, the less sidetracked you'll be or defeated you'll feel during the ebbs and flows of your journey.  Plus your decision making will be more effective because you'll always be thinking of how to get to the big picture, and therefore you won't waste time focusing on details that may not even matter.  That's been weighing on me heavily as of late, and is as close to a resolution that I get (I try to improve each month, and not just annually), and I thought that was worth sharing.  Thoughts? 

Music inspired blog post title: "Fox on the Run" by Sweet is a glam rock song/band circa the 1970s...which is honest to goodness one of my favorite eras in music.  The New York Dolls are a top 5 favorite band and David Bowie** is a top 20 favorite artist of mine, so naturally I was going to run across this little glam rock gem.  You may recognize it from the movie "Dazed and Confused" though I'm pretty sure I first heard it from the more underrated movie "Detroit Rock City" (the one where four high school boys go on wacky adventures en route to see KISS live in Detroit...because of course I love that movie).  Anyway, it's a great song by a somewhat underrated band and since "fox" is in the title it made it's way here to this fox dress print post!

**This was published hours before the news of David Bowie's death broke.  Super sad timing, but as one can see, he was an idol of mine and a gateway drug into all of my other favorite bands, including the also above mentioned above New York Dolls.  Without David Bowie I wouldn't know half of my faves, or even come across a band like Sweet, for which this post was named for.  This is a very sad news day in my world.

I've recently added two pages to this blog, one that catalogues posts named after songs and another that catalogues all of the concert stories.  Click the links on to see for yourself!  Happy Friday!

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  1. Your dress is so pretty, love the print

  2. Cute look <3 Orange looks amazing on you!
    Sending love from XOXO

  3. Oh my, these foxes are too cute! I love the orange and peach tones too. You don't see orange being used that much, but its such a happy color. The brown oxfords go splendidly with this monichromatic look. They're a warm color and fit perfectly.

  4. You are looking so beautiful in this dress, love this color and style!

  5. These looks so lovely with each other. Really easy on the eyes but not too simple.

    Joyce // Joycentricity

  6. The foxes print is so cute on this dress, once again you accessorize so well, I especially love those shoes! :)

  7. Beyond sweet!

  8. What a cute printed dress! Love the oranges, peaches and browns with it, such a nice tonal outfit :) Congrats on winning the competition too!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  9. Oh wow the dress is so so pretty and I love the shoes too girl.Nice ensemble

  10. Amazing dress dear!

  11. The bag is the cutest thing ever!
    Yes, you definitely don't do monochrome! Seems that you love colourful looks!
    Stella from a Looks & Travels

  12. Lauren, you always look so bright and happy! I love that about you! Love the dress, you look so chic!
    Also, thanks so much for your support, always! Words cannot express how grateful I am that we have met!

    xoxo, Vanessa

  13. Who knew peach and orange could be a great match? Very sweet soft colors with a dose of that vibrant personality of yours always makes my day. Beautiful as always.

  14. You look great dear!

  15. I've long admired this fox print by Bernie Dexter. It looks great on you and I love how you styled it. Congrats too on winning the instagram contest recently!

  16. Such a great outfit! Love the different shades of orange. I've been thinking for awhile of getting that dress, and I really love it on you. The hair flower is perfect, and your hair looks really nice like that!

  17. Your dress is adorable! The color looks great on you and really sets off your gorgeous hair color! I love the shoes your wearing too. :) And I agree, focusing on the end goal is definitely a great way to keep yourself from getting sidetracked. It's always helpful to remind yourself what's important, and what you are ultimately trying to accomplish...instead of getting caught up in the day-to-day struggles.

    Hope you have a great week!


  18. You are seriously the cutest! Never a dull moment with you--your dresses are simply amazing!

  19. I completely understand why you hunted that blazer, it looks superb! I'm hunting one sequinned skirt and it doesn't have shipping to Canada))
    Loving the whole look and orange is one of my favorite colors!


  20. Love so much this lovely edgy stule, the dress and the fox print is very cute

    Melange-Boutique Blog by Noe&Lolita
    Instgram Melange-Boutique

  21. Awesome going monochrome with the orange...I like your perspective on focusing on the end goal. It really can get discouraging when little things here and there go that's really good insight on how to stay positive.

    You're always adorable, thanks for sharing!

    All the Cute
    Today’s Post: Buffalo Plaid Dress

  22. Such a pretty dress and I love the blazer over the top!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  23. I love foxes (as I'm sure you can guess from the name of my blog)! This dress is absolutely adorable, I need one myself :)


  24. You look so beautiful in this outfit, the colors of your outfit suit to your skin tone and to your amazing hair, dear. Btw, great tip about focusing on end of goal :)

  25. Such a great outfit. I love this dress and love the blazer with it. I totally agree about orange being neglected when it comes to clothing and especially vintage style fashion. I love orange so much! Gorgeous as always x

  26. As a Dutchie, orange is my colour.. so anything with that gets an automatic upvote from me! :P

    Looking pretty in that dress! And so awesome you won that contest.. receiving more dresses is always a good thing! :D

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram

  27. I love your style!!! It's very cool! XOXO

  28. I've never been a massive fan of orange but the way you styled this Lauren you just made me a fan! ;) Your positivity advice is soooo good and something I needed to hear so thank you so much! <3


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