Jenny January day 4!  (To see other posts, click HERE for the Italian landscape Jenny, HERE for the burlesque Jenny, and HERE for the Mary Blair lavender floral + lips Jenny.  Plus I did a full on review of Jenny skirts this fall, which you may check out HERE.)  This Jenny is a harlequin print in purple and green.  They made this in four different hues, and thanks to two lucky and inexpensive eBay finds and Pinup Girl Clothing eventually putting all of these skirts on sale for less than $30(!) Black Friday 2014 I own all four.  (They are all sold out, except for in the white color hue).  I feel lucky because I see a lot of girls on Instagram searching for them.  But I know how they feel because I got into PUG right about the time the striped Cabana Jenny skirts went on sale and subsequently sold out; I was still warming up to PUG and wasn't sure I "needed" striped skirts but now I deeply regret this.  Maybe one day they'll pop up on eBay in my size (::cough:: small, if anyone has a tip on where to find one ::cough:: er...excuse my cough!)  Though green and purple are my favorite colors and color combination, I actually wear this skirt the least out of all of the harlequin prints!

Anyone else familiar with Jenny skirts feel like the harlequin ones lay ever so slightly differently than other Jenny skirts?  This one in particular lays really flat-which is kind of no-no in pinup world, but I like it because I like the option of a midi skirt not having as much volume or adding a petticoat if I want some.  I feel like the shape is ever so slightly different (just by a hair) on the harlequin skirts!

Rounding out the outfit are sunglasses from Clothes Mentor, a necklace from Forever 21, a brooch from Poison of Choice, shirt from Old Navy, and shoes from Nine West.  

Due to the pinup look that screams mid-century and the literal atomic brooch I'm wearing, I couldn't not name this post "Atomic" after a not super famous Blondie song.  (Told you yesterday that I've been into female rockers since college!)  Blondie is on my bucket list of artists to see, which feels even more dire to accomplish that list after Bowie's sad passing last week and Lemmy from Motorhead's passing last month.  Hell, a site even (jokingly) reported Animal from the Muppet band had passed on today!  Yeash, fictitious muppets to humanoid rock stars alike, I'm ready for this wave of musicians passing away to end as there's been so many lately! It feels like the summer of 2009 when so many celebrities died including Michael Jackson.  I've been slacking in the concert department lately, but I hope I get to see many great shows this year!!  Anyone have any live music lined up on their calendars??

I've recently added two pages to this blog, one that catalogues posts named after songs and another that catalogues all of the concert stories.  Click the links on to see for yourself!  Happy Friday!

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Why not end with a silly face? :-p


  1. Haha you are so cute! This skirt is lovely with the purple and greens. Purple was my mom's favorite color and every time I see it I think of her. Purple and green do go so well together too. Those shoes were practically made for this outfit!

  2. What a beautiful skirt! Love the print, and I can see why you had to buy it in all the colours, it is a great style on you :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. I know that feeling when you search and hunt for something unique, but so wanted! This color does look amazing and I'm in love with your shoes and brooch! Green & purple is my new favorite combination!


  4. This is such a colourful outfit ♥

  5. Love the skirt! Stunning

    Happy Friday Doll,
    BLOG | Taislany

  6. I'm hoping I'll make it to a few great shows this year. I have three already lined up for February and March and then one in June but I have to get going on my summer lineup. There is a lot I want to see but I haven't acted on the tickets yet. Also - love the skirt today!


  7. Beautiful skirt

  8. This is such a cute skirt! Love the print again, I feel like you have so many skirts

  9. Ok, that last photo is too darn cute! And I love the colors in this outfit! You matched everything perfectly!


  10. You look amazing Lauren! Thhese pumps are fabulous!

  11. Love all your accessories with this awesome skirt, gotta love a harlequin print! :)

  12. Holy crap Lauren this skirt is ammmmaaaazzzing!!!!! :D The colour combo is so cool and the fact that it is Harley Quinn makes it even better! ;)

  13. Ohhh Skirt Twins!!! I have this same skirt in this same color way! I don't have any other Jenny skirts to compare it to so I can't say anything about whether I felt this one laid differently or not but I got the Jenny pink harlequin dress and found the skirt was a lot longer than the dress. Maybe this harlequin print skirt ran long in general compared to other jenny skirts and that's the reason it seems flatter... since more length will add more weight? Love this on you!


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