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Wooden Antlers

Story behind the dress: Greetings!  I can't believe it's the end of January!  While I'm not sad to see winter go, I'm realizing time is ticking on a lot outfit ideas and outfits that I've worn but haven't necessarily been photographed that are more or less only for winter!  This dress is from Retrolicious via ModCloth that I got a few months back.  It has deer, owls, foxes and trees all over it.  It's teal, so that makes me think of winter but all the browns also make it a fall dress too.  I'm banking I'll probably be ironic and wear it over the summer at some point, because I'm me.  
I almost returned this dress!  I love it, but it has a dropped waist that I'm not really used to.  While I don't mind pleats, they are not necessarily my favorite.  (If anyone has good ironing tips regarding pleats...please lemme know!!) I tried it on a few times before officially deciding, and gosh darn it the print was too amazing to not keep.  I wore thi…

I Wish It Would Rain

Behind the outfit/scenes: This Tatyana fan print skirt in burgundy is one of my faves.  I got it from ModCloth over a year ago, and I'm so glad I did because it sold out of most places rather quickly!  It got lost in the shuffle of my non-stop growing closet for a minute (...I may have an issue...) but this past fall through winter I've been wearing it over and over again.

It's funny because I named this post "I Wish It Would Rain" after my Erstwilder lady with an umbrella brooch, but it was starting to snow instead of rain when I took this!!!  Don't feel too bad for me as it was just a dusting and nothing like the crazy snow you east coasters got (plus, it was nearly 70 over the weekend so REALLY don't feel bad for me!) but this shoot had to be wrapped up pretty quickly!  And while I often look more ballsy than I am in some photo spreads with no tights because it's warmer out than it looks...yeah, this was a cold day!!  Wind, snow coming in...this w…

Purple Rain

I've decided every Monday I will share announcements (if any) regarding blog world, other projects, stuff coming up, cross overs, etc!  Here we go: So, the Broncos are in the Super Bowl!  I love all things Denver so I'm pretty excited.  Ironically, (American) Football ranks the lowest for me in my 4 major sports, but I did a blog post this past fall about how to style yourself to watch football games so here's a refresher!  Unless you're totally invested in the Panthers, I invite and encourage you to cheer for the Broncos with me in the Super Bowl (wear orange, blue, and white!)  Hehe.Below is my collage of #jennyjanuary outfits from last week.  The third, sixth, and last photos were NOT shared on the blog but only Instagram.  My pal Paola from the Hepburn Movement did a blog post with tons of collages, including a photo with me in one or two of them, so if you're more curious about the fuss of #jennyjanuary read all about there as well! Blog posts for #1 HERE, #2 H…

Train in Vain

This post was supposed to go out yesterday, but such is life!  Apologies...!  Continuing with #jennyjanuary, I decided to not only showcase this beautiful Mary Blair train print skirt (also shown here), but to get a little bit personal.  It's a story through fashion, so I believe it to be appropriate.

Apart of why I love novelty prints is because I can't draw or paint to save my life, so wearing art is a way I can express myself visually.  A lot of my novelty prints have some kind of meaning, like I love elephants so I enjoy wearing elephant prints.  I grew up loving the Brady Bunch so any print with mid-century split level homes on them have me at hello!  There are some novelty prints that I steer clear from, because I'm just not as into those things in real life, like cats (I have a mild fear of them), butterflies (I have a huge irrational fear of them), certain food prints I don't like in real life, etc.  Trains...were kind of on the list for some time.  I've b…


Jenny January day 4!  (To see other posts, click HERE for the Italian landscape Jenny, HERE for the burlesque Jenny, and HERE for the Mary Blair lavender floral + lips Jenny.  Plus I did a full on review of Jenny skirts this fall, which you may check out HERE.)  This Jenny is a harlequin print in purple and green.  They made this in four different hues, and thanks to two lucky and inexpensive eBay finds and Pinup Girl Clothing eventually putting all of these skirts on sale for less than $30(!) Black Friday 2014 I own all four.  (They are all sold out, except for in the white color hue).  I feel lucky because I see a lot of girls on Instagram searching for them.  But I know how they feel because I got into PUG right about the time the striped Cabana Jenny skirts went on sale and subsequently sold out; I was still warming up to PUG and wasn't sure I "needed" striped skirts but now I deeply regret this.  Maybe one day they'll pop up on eBay in my size (::cough:: small,…

There's The Girl

Jenny January day #3!  (Other Jenny posts can be found here and here).  This is the first Jenny skirt that I'm showing on the blog that is a Mary Blair skirt.  I first debuted this skirt about two months ago (here) though I've had it since the spring or summer and wear it semi-frequently.  I think the was my last Mary Blair purchase, which I put off for a while because it's a floral print and I flock towards the crazy novelty prints before florals...even though this floral is AMAZING!  I do kind of want it's twin, which comes in a pink shade with more teals, but if that's never restocked then so be it.  This is my favorite color scheme so I'm more than content!  Apparently MORE Mary Blair is coming to PUG this spring, but I believe they're just restyling pieces to have different fits but keeping the same patterns.  If that's so I'll probably not indulge, as I have the pieces I want and in the styles I like.  Now, if they ever do more (read: new) Ma…

Girls, Girls, Girls

Jenny January (or #jennyjanuary on Instagram) is on day 2!  If you missed it, the first post featuring this style of skirt is HERE.  Follow the hashtag #jennyjanuary and see a bunch of my retro friends on Instagram, or follow me at @laurenblair_donovan if you don't already to see all of the Jenny fun that I'm at least having!  I'm trying to have a Jenny skirt post almost every day this week (week days at least) because I feel like I've been heavy on the Bernie Dexter and Retrolicious dresses lately (see the last 15 or so posts, haha) so it's a good excuse to catch up with a different brand.  That said, it's kind of been a one thing after the other week so we'll see!  Nothing is bad or wrong, just annoying dominos falling down and me needing to pick them up type thing.  But I have good news as my allergies are seemingly cured!  If you have winter allergies...get a humidifier!  Holy worked overnight for me and for the past two days I've been fu…


Hey all!  If you're a fan of Pinup Girl Clothing then you know this week that it's Jenny January (#jennyjanuary).  The "Jenny" is a particular cut of skirts and dresses that you can find at Pinup Girl Clothing that is a complete fan favorite.  I'm such a fan that I had to divide my Gaga for Pinup Girl Clothing post into two segments and tackle only the Jenny skirts in the first post!  (Second post coming ASAP...!)
This particular skirt I discussed in the Jenny skirt post and I cited it as being a little more snug than the other Jennys in a size small.  I don't take that back, but I will say that every time I wear it it gets a little more flexible, so take that intel as you may!  (No, I haven't lost weight since purchasing the skirt).

I had a totally different color scheme in mind for today's post, but I decided to save it for spring when brighter color schemes are a must ;)  My brain is already in spring, haha.  I'm sooooo not a winter girl.  I&#…