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Greetings!  How do you guys deal with seasons changing and closet space?  I know many ladies who put away their fun summer clothes and prints upon fall or winter.  For me and my specific circumstances, that doesn't make a ton of sense.  For one, the way my home is laid out, it makes more sense to "store things" in the open.  Also, Colorado has totally crazy weather with 70 degree days in January after or preceding a cold snap.  It can also be chilly and windy in the fall and spring, and depending on how quickly we go into a heatwave, early summer can have moderate temperatures and  is even chillier at night.  My first year living in Colorado I tried seasonal storage tactics...and very quickly I was digging through the tupperware bins the next week during a heat wave looking for pieces I packed away because the weather shifted and everything in my closet wasn't appropriate for the weather!

Whether you have solid seasons, storage space, or whatnot, I thought I'd take some time out of a few posts talking about "winterizing" your summer clothes, starting with this post.  This flamingo print dress by Hell Bunny is probably what most people would consider a summer or tropical vacation outfit.  Black, brown, or white shades are always a safe bet for bringing some autumn or winter feels to a typically summer outfit, but sometimes if you look at the print you'll find they have a corresponding darker shade somewhere in there.  Upon inspecting this dress, I found hues of burgundy scattered throughout the pinks and teals.  Bingo!  I have a burgandy/merlot colored cardigan AND shoes (from Old Navy and Nine West, respectively) so I paired them with my flamingo dress.  Since we're in December but we're still a few weeks out from the official start of winter, this is actually a great shade to illustrate my point as it's both potentially a fall and a winter  look.

Rounding out this outfit is my flamingo Erstwilder brooch (from Pinup Girl Clothing) and Kate Spade bag.  It seemed appropriate to add another Flamingo to the ensemble via brooch and my Kate Spade bag matches the teals in the dress quite nicely.  I know so many people put away their summer outfits out of necessity, but I hope for those who can't or simply don't want to that this served as a means of brainstorming how to winterize your summer prints and dresses!

Like yesterday with the goofiness of the my dogs, I want to share more silliness.  It seems appropriate to laugh nowadays with so much depressing news everywhere, right?  I usually stray away from being too political on this blog (though I may oh-so subtly not hide some general thoughts in the coming months), but I feel like this is a safe soft ball I'm about to throw at you.  Can we all agree Donald Trump is cuckoo for cocoa puffs??  It's not even a left versus right thing as much as he's an egomaniac who isn't even a politician.  Plus, considering his tactic for "putting people in their place" is bullying them and name calling, I don't exactly want this man in charge of the nuclear football, ya know?  Rosie O'Donnell pointed out once that he had filed bankruptcy in the past and he went OFF on her stopping nowhere short of calling her "ugly."  Can you imagine another leader or country in general criticizing the US or him if he is afforded the kind of power that comes with the presidency?? That idea scares me to no end.  Say what you will about Carter, Reagan, both Bushes, Clinton, or Obama...none of them were school yard bullies on an ego trip.  I'm not even sure that's me being political when I say that as much as it's being logical...but whatever.  One of my all-time favorite funny people, John Mulaney, was recently talking about Donald Trump and it's pretty hysterical.  Mulaney's take on the world and ability to reduce it into comedic thoughts never ceases to impress me.  Plus, can we take two seconds to talk how adorable he is?  He's my type to a tee (dark hair, skinny, and awkwardly handsome) and I've had steadfast googly eyes for him since around 2006.  But I'm getting on a tangent now, so without further ado, here's him likening Trump to a cartoon character and being a contestant on Family Feud:


Beck has a song called, "Tropicalia" so I figured why not name a post about a flamingo dress after that song?  It's a super fun and island-y sounding song, which isn't necessarily what you would expect out of Beck, but then again since he's a musical genius and changes genres with practically every album, maybe you would expect that!  I had another post named after a Beck song, which you can read about HERE.

I've recently added two pages to this blog, one that catalogues posts named after songs and another that catalogues all of the concert stories.  Click the links on to see for yourself!  Happy Friday!

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  1. Love the dress, I live in California so we often have to leave our 'seasonal' clothes out as well! Love the Necklace!

  2. Flamingos! One of my favorite summer prints. Yu're totally right about this being able to be brought into the fall and winter seasons with the burgundy color. Definitely works! Mint is another love of mine so I'm especially crushing on this. Storage wise, my house is on the smaller side and my clothing amount is on the larger size haha, so I have to put the different seasons away into bins. Sadly lol.

  3. you have such a lovely smile!!! Love this look as always!

    Have a great day!
    Animated Confessions

  4. nice printed dress !

  5. I love how you've accessorized with that cardi and those red shoes with that Hell Bunny flamingo dress and Erstwilder this! :)

  6. This picture is stunning! You look adorable - love the bright red against the snow backdrop x

  7. Great mix of colors!
    Have a nice evening!
    Angela Donava

  8. What a gorgeous dress! It looks amazing on you :)


  9. I absolutely love the idea of turning a summer dress into something to wear for the winter, Lauren. You've done such a lovely job, and the colour palette is wonderful, too!

    May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin'

  10. Love your dress. I've been eyeing this one forever! The low cut back on it though always stops me from buying. I really love the print though. It looks great on you and the colors are perfect on you! I'm definitely a closet rotator. It's pretty much from necessity though since the door on my closet only shows half the closet... its a weird design but with bi-annual rotation it works. Plus, I love the feeling of getting out all my dresses and rotating them and seeing the ones that were in the back of the closet get brought out to the front of the closet. It's like getting new dresses all over again! :D Also, couldn't agree with you more about Donald Trump :(

  11. Ooo! You look fantastic, but isn't it to cold for your outfit? But anyway nice dress! Love.

  12. Loved your post, dear Lauren Blair! First of all, you look really amazing, I loved the dress and the cardi, and the shoes - all so perfectly combined and the bag is really a dream - you look so feminine and elegant! I totally understand your concern about Trump... the guy doesn't know when to stop sharing his opinions... By the way, the Tropicalia song is so, so very beautiful! Closet question: I don't do anything, cause normally if I put clothes in another place (boxes or up in a wardrobe) I forget I have them. It's bad, but it happens to me - I can't even put veggies in the bottom drawer of the fridge, because I forget about them :) I must see things :) Hope you have a very nice rest of the week and weekend!

  13. Beautiful look.

  14. Oh very cute dress darling!

  15. I love that green and red color combo Lauren! So bold and edgy!

  16. I love seeing what pattern/color combination you are going to share next. This is lovely!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  17. What a fun outfit! Loving the pops of red with the cute print on your dress. You look so lovely.

    - Liz @ Downtown Demure

  18. You look so elegant and pretty!:)

  19. This is my favourite Hell Bunny dress ever. Such a classic. Lovely outfit on you! I don't really "winterize" my wardrobe, haha. I wear most things year round, and just add a coat, and then run inside buildings/to my car when it's freezing out, ha.

  20. You look so lovely in this pretty floral dress! Love the vintage vibe too!


  21. What a gorgeous floral dress! Absolutely love it!
    Fashion Soup

  22. Such a vibrant outfit and I love it with the snow in the background! I love wearing my summer clothes but I do get excited to pull out my trousers, cardigans and coats after a hot summer! x

  23. This is tropical, but so holiday-ready with that deep pop of red! Nobody does cute dresses and pumps better than you.

  24. I loooove how you transitioned this summer dress for winter. And I love the color combination! Working green and red together can be difficult but you found two great shades :)

    And ugh, Donald Trump. I just cannot with this man. Sometimes I think what he is saying MUST be a joke because it's just that ridiculous. That John Mulaney clip was hilarious! Late night tv has some really good bits on him. One of my recent favorites has been SNL's cold open:


  25. I would love to see your flamingo brooch closer! I'm absolutely in love with your outfit, such a perfect color combination and you impress me with accessories all the time!
    Wishing you wonderful weekend!


  26. I like your blog!

  27. Great dress! I really love how the red pops against the print of the dress! So classy! =)


  28. I really like this look refined in every particular
    I love your blog. I hope you will like mine
    many kisses

  29. You look so pretty and stylish !!!

  30. oh soo festive

  31. First of all, love this outfit! The dress is pretty and the way the heels match the cardigans.. perfect! :)

    I just store all the clothes I have in one dedicated room. And I regularly just sell or give away clothes that I won't wear anymore. In the Netherlands, the weather is just as crazy.. so I need to be prepared for any temperature, wind speed and precipitation. :-P

    And yeah.. usually US political news doesn't really reach the headlines of the Dutch newspapers. Unless it's Trump who said something crazy. And his latest remarks... they're so scary!! I just hope for the sake of a normal presidential election, Republican primary voters will choose someone else.

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram

  32. oh this outfit is so beautiful :) the shoes match perfectly to the dress *_*

  33. Your dress is just the most gorgeous print
    I also love how well it matches your bag
    Garland Girl

  34. You look so preppy and pretty in this outfit. How were you able to resist the cold in this outfit? :)

    Have a great day!


  35. The bag and shoes are very nice.
    I put away my summer/winter clothes depending the season.
    Stella from a Looks & Travels

  36. That bag & print is stunning on you! I also don't dress seasonally for the most part because California weather just doesn't cooperate!

    Another fantastic look by you <3

  37. I love how you're wearing this tropical print dress against a backdrop of snow! It's adorable and good for you for wearing this even in cold temps! I would too!

    Love Mary

  38. Wow, love this dress dear! So cute and fun! Awesome find


  39. wow i love the colours, you look great
    Posts online about Australia, Rio, Amsterdam...

  40. I tend to put away all my summer clothes before winter, but on occasion it's nice to take them out and try and make them work during this time of year! Always love seeing all ur unique dresses! Have a great week:-)

  41. what a lovely post my dear
    amazing pictures, your style is so inspiring
    lovely :)

    with love your AMELY ROSE

  42. I Love this tropical colourful outfit and how it was paired with those accessories. You look pretty my dear

    xoxo - Style.. A Pastiche

  43. I love how u matched the red flowers to ur blazer/cardi. U look so fab dear.
    New Post on my blog, do drop by soon ,<3

  44. You look lovely, dear! Chicago usually has very cold winters... but this year it's odd. I haven't really busted out my snuggly warm sweaters yet... and by mid-december, I typically have... it's supposed to be 50 today... very unseasonably warm! So I've got my "fluctuating weather wardrobe" on hand, too!

    All the Cute
    Today’s Post: Beautiful Holiday

  45. love your bag! xo

  46. the dress looks cute ! pretty ! I love your bag !

  47. I love your purse and shoes! Burgundy is definitely one of your colors. You look amazing as always and I really like how you paired it with this minty color.


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