End of a Century

 Breaking news: I WEAR PANTS!  Haha.  Most of you probably knew this, but it is a rarity in my world!  I am partial to vintage pants, and like vintage 70s maxi skirts/dresses I also plan on wearing a ton of 70s pants (both vintage and inspired by) to get me through the harsh days of winter.  I recently found these bad boys at my local Buffalo Exchange.  These and a pair of green and white stripped wide leg pants were in the "Halloween Section" back in October, which I smartly browsed despite not being in search of a Halloween costume.  I've noticed that a bunch of eBay stores were also listing a bunch of 70s goods as potential Halloween costumes.  All of this was music to my ears because these tend to be pieces they couldn't get rid of, so they're selling them for fairly cheap (I got both pairs of pants for a total of under $30).  Costume?  Try every day apparel!  Also, this was a post that was supposed to out within the past month, but fell through the cracks.  Hence the crop top despite that it's basically winter everywhere in the northern hemisphere :-p

I can't get over how well these pants fit and how comfy they are.  It's been actually really hard to not live in them.  When I took these photos I wasn't intending to have a photoshoot for an outfit blog post.  I was planning on seeing the band The Darkness (they're best known for their 2004 hit, "I Believe in a Thing Called Love").  All of my friends bailed (none of us had tickets because, um, it's The Darkness and they weren't likely to sell out) and I had a really shitty week and wasn't sure if going to a show would be the best thing for me or if it would be a little bit of too much real therapy to be by myself in the dark listening to music (yes, even The Darkness).  I wasn't feeling that great so I opted not to go at the last second.  BUT given that it was mid October and still Indian Summer but chilly at night, it was time for me to start exploring pants as realistic concert going options.  Plus, not having a concert going loved one meant I'd have to take pictures on my own.  So before I officially decided not to go, I took a few pictures of this outfit.  I compromised summer meets not-quite-summer style with a crop top, as I wear them if most of my skin (a la my legs) are not showing, but honestly I'm looking at little more like a Sabrina the Teenaged Witch extra than I am a broad going to a rock and roll show.  Whatever.  This is how I dressed in the 7th grade...and I guess I really haven't changed.
I recently picked up this book called The Undefeated Mind by Alex Lickerman, MD.  It's been on my Amazon wish list for some time now, but for whatever reason I was never up to actually indulge in reading it.  The tagline is "On the Science of Constructing an Indestructible Self."  The reviews were mixed, so I was a little skeptical.  So far though, I'm loving it.  I'm only 40 pages in or so, and this paragraph got me completely by surprise:

"...because strategies often fail.  Companies go bankrupt.  Sculptures sit unsold.  Teaches lose their jobs.  A mission, on the other hand, endures.  No matter how devastated we may feel when a strategy fails, no matter how much we may have loved doing it, if underneath that love also lies a commitment to the mission our strategy served, we'll eventually be able to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and find another strategy we love just as much.  Not that recovering from the loss of a strategy to which we're attached is easy."

I was on a stationary bike when I read this (stationary biking is either my Instagram or reading time, haha) and my friend who was at the gym with me sat down next to me right as I was finishing this paragraph and I immediately read it to her.  Sometimes in this "meme culture" we over simplify what it takes to be happy or how to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves.  We always need to examine our roots of our emotions and desires, and that's a lost art in this society.  The above paragraph, for me, hit so many nails on the head at once it actually freaked me out a bit.  I've read a few of the self-help type books before (none of us have a manual as to how to live and it's weird that genre of books is a stigma when so many are not "lame") and have generally gotten something out of it, but nothing that stopped me dead in my tracks like this before.  Sometimes life and happiness is about focusing on the end goal, and not the battles lost along the way.  That's something, in a less eloquent way, that I've been trying to beat into my skull over the past month or two.  My whole life I've been called "tenacious" or "tough" or "resilient", but I don't feel like I'm bragging telling you that because I've honestly never felt any of those things a day in my life.  My idea of trying to dedicate my life to my personal missions has kept me afloat though, and with these words from this book I feel more solidified with that plan as perhaps I have a more clear roadmap now.  Maybe none of this will make sense to most of you.  But on the chance that it does, I felt this quote and subsequent share/revelation would be worth saying.  

I named this post "End of a Century" after a Blur song simply because this outfit reminded me of fashions from the late (or "end of", har har) 20th century.  

I've recently added two pages to this blog, one that catalogues posts named after songs and another that catalogues all of the concert stories.  Click the links on to see for yourself!  Happy Friday!

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  1. Wow, this paragraph from the book amazed me too, it's great that you decided to share with it with us,dear. What about your outfit your pants look great on you, dear!


    1. I'm glad I shared it then! Thanks of sharing so! Thanks!

  2. Sweet mother I LOVE THOSE PANTS!!!! Very cute!

  3. Those pants are stunning! wow


  4. I hope you do a full review on the book once you're finished with it, would like to know your thoughts on it. And wow, I finally see you in a pants! LOL! It's a gorgeous one though, love that it's a wide legged.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. I wasn't planning on doing it, but I'm not against it either. Also, in 2016 I'll be including more books on the blog so some of that wish will come true ;) Thanks!

  5. Rad pants! I love the colors! <3

    - Anna


  6. These pants are amazing and they fit your body perfectly!


  7. Oh hell yes!!! I love seeing you in pants Lauren, the wide legged look with the crop top is freakin' fantastic in every way!

    "We always need to examine our roots of our emotions and desires, and that's a lost art in this society." I really love what you said here Lauren and I totally agree, I feel a lot of society takes things at face value and so do we as people, we don't look beneath the surface and face what's underneath and that is essential for growth, knowledge and wisdom!


    1. Thank you so much for all of your kind words!! XO

  8. Oh my gosh, i do the same! I find pieces in the most interesting sections of vintage and thrift stores and i will say, "What if only they knew". I want those pants!! Smart girl for keeping them and you did such a wonderful job with styling it, Stunning look.


  9. Hahaha I hardly ever wear pants either! Just love skirts and dresses so much. The pattern on these ones is awesome! I love that quote--such a difficult, but important, thing to remember.


    1. Yeah, you really don't! Twins, haha! Thank you!!

  10. I love these pants Lauren! They look amazing on you!

  11. It's a rarity, but I love you in your flared checkered pants!!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  12. your pants are so cool


    The 70s truly is your decade!

  14. What a gorgeous outfit, it makes me miss summer! Love the wide-leg printed pants!
    Fashion Soup

  15. What a cute 70s look! Haha, I haven't worn pants in like, 4 years so I know what you mean!


  16. nice pants !

  17. Those pants look great with the crop top! I definitely see the 70s vibe! :)

    Shame you didn't go tot eh concert, but I hope you had a good night anyway!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  18. Such great pants.I love them

  19. You are rockin these pants! They do fit you really well and look amazingly good with the crop top. I can't wait to see you wear some more vintage pants because seriously, these wrre made for you! I love that quote about a mission. Its true and can continue to drive us to further success


  20. oh those pants are amazing *_*

  21. What fun pants!! They look awesome on you and totally fit your style.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  22. You have really lovely hair :) The colour of it really goes well with your navy top! Lovely look and very unique. Laura www.shehearts.net x

  23. Thanks for the comments and great content


  24. Love this look! I'm glad you showed us some pants, they are so your style


  25. I was a skirts/dresses only person until about 2 years ago when I was persuaded by some friends to buy some pants and I was surprised how comfy and versatile they are. I now wear them quite often in the winter.

    You look great in pants


    1. I do like pants. I prefer dresses/skirts, but sometimes pants just call my name! I totally hear you

  26. Ok, those pants are incredible! I would wear them all the time too! They look so fun with your crop top!



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